Prison Break Season 2, Episode 22

Prison Break Season 3 is Season 1 in a Panamanian Prison. Kellerman is dead, Agent Kim is dead, Sara is free, Lincoln is free, Mahone is in Prison, Michael is in Prison, Bellick is in Prison, and T-Bag is in Prison.

Kellerman arrives in court to provide his entire testimony that would free Sara along with relevant evidence. Because of his testimony, the judge concludes that Sara committed crimes under duress while Lincoln Burrows was set up for Kellerman’s actions. Afterwards, Sara receives a voicemail from Michael and proceeds to meet him in Panama. Kellerman is later killed by the Company while his prison van was on route to the prison.

Sucre later recovers from T-Bag’s attack and walks out of the hospital to help Bellick since he has Maricruz. He later calls the US embassy and makes his way to the police station but he is too late. He late falls unconscious due to severe blood loss thinking about Maricruz. While at the prison Bellick confronts T-Bag in prison, but T-Bag does not seem to be bothered by his threats. Once Bellick is escorted out of the jail, T-Bag later meets with the Company man telling him to spring him out in return for being Scofield’s bait after they caught him in Mexico. The Company man refuses to help him and it is implied T-Bag will be sent to a local prison.

Michael decides to meet Mahone to meet his demands of giving him the boat and the money. However, Michael then calls Sara with a set of instructions to plan around this problem and later hires a local pot dealer to help him. With the pot dealer’s help, they meet up with a local drug lord who offers to help after Scofield offers them cash. As this is happening, Mahone calls up Agent Kim to inform him that he has the brothers in custody and he later calls his wife with plans to meet up in Colombia. As Agent Kim prepares to leave for Panama, the Silent Man tells him that he needs to get one brother for Sona.

Michael later arrives at the docks where Lincoln is being held. He stashes the money in a corner near the factory and walks in to meet Mahone. After asking Mahone to release Lincoln in return for the money, Mahone then calls the local police to inform them that Scofield and Lincoln killed Agent Kim. Just as Kim arrives, Mahone tells him that his job is over and offers them the brothers, he then attempts to kill Kim but is interrupted by Kim’s agents. A shootout ensues with Mahone killing the Company thugs while Michael, Lincoln and Agent Kim escape. Mahone then leaves just as police arrive using Michael’s boat however, Panamanian customs found kilos of cocaine as he was about to enter the Panama Canal. It turned out that Scofield bought cocaine from the drug lord and planted it all over the boat he gave to Mahone. Agent Mahone later calls his wife and tells her to forget about their plans in despair.

Michael and Lincoln make their way to a prearranged meeting place that he planned with the local pot dealer. Nearby there is a boat waiting for them that was prepared by Sara. As they were settling into their replacement boat, Sara tells Lincoln that all charges against him are dropped while her father’s friend is working to help Michael’s crimes. Lincoln then decides to celebrate and leaves the handgun he took from the earlier shootout inside the boat. Suddenly, Agent Kim shows up and threatens the two brothers. Michael gives him the money but he kicks into the water telling him that it was never about the money. He then tells them that the police are on their way to arrest them for the shootout at the warehouse and was about to shoot Lincoln before he was shot by Sara.

The Panamanian police arrive and Lincoln, Sara and Michael escape into the woods. Lincoln manages to escape capture but Michael and Sara are hiding in a shack surrounded by police threatening to shoot. Scofield then tells Sara to give him the gun and then walks out pretending to hold Sara hostage and confessing to crimes he didn’t commit. Later Lincoln goes to Panama city to look for Sara, who just left the station after giving her testimony to the police, Lincoln then spots Sara and finds she is followed but loses sight of her.

Michael is being delivered to the Sona prison in Panama and bumps into Mahone who is also incarcerated in the same prison. As Michael enters the prison, he sees that it is lawless unlike the orderly Fox River prison with drugs, prostitutes rampant in the cells with no guards. While observing the sights in Sona prison he notices that Bellick has been reduced to a prison bitch by one of the stronger inmates. At the same time, a Company official informs the Silent Man, who turns out to be a general, in a military research facility that Michael is in Sona. The Silent Man finally speaks acknowledging that he expects Scofield to break out of Sona and the two walk into a laboratory.

It looks like Season 3 will involve Michael, Mahone, Bellick, and T-Bag working to break out of Sona while Sucre, Sara and Lincoln find ways to help them from the outside. I am concerned that Prison Break may become stupid like Lost in Season 3 since they are now adding a science fiction element into the series and the way they ended the subplot with the breakout and money was quite anti-climatic. The producers also suggested that Prison Break will now end at Season 3, which is a good idea since stretching it any further will lead to stupid premises and subplots that are currently plaguing Lost.

Next week’s previews show scenes from the new show “Drive” whose premise is along the lines of “Cannonball Run” with drama. One of the lead characters is the guy from Firefly/Serenity.


47 thoughts on “Prison Break Season 2, Episode 22

  1. cant wait for season 3 Michael is buff!! im still on episode 14 in england!!!lol

    love michael

  2. cant wait for season 3 Michael is buff!! im still on episode 14 in england!!!lol

    I love michael

    supposed to write “I love michael” instead it looked like my name was michael lol!!!!!!! that would be gay cos im not a boyl!!!

  3. Hi, my opinion on the series has really took a shine on me. Last year, i began watching it and my eyes were just glued to watch it eager to know what happens. I don’t think anything should be changed as i like watching it and it is exciting for me to actually watch it and i hope prison break never ends as each time I watch it something happens and i carry on watching it and my eyes are glued.

  4. Prison break has caught the eyes of Kenyans in Kenya,Even his Excellency is watching.Believe me….Kip up the good work gyz.Dnt let it jst end.Kip us on our toes 24/7..

  5. i think that prison brake should not end . it is the best program ive ever watched (wentworthmiller and domnic purcell i think you are great and fit i think u two are made for the part i am so obssesed with prision brake i cant miss an episode lol

  6. I really didn’t want there to be a third series – this second series is SO gripping – I can’t miss an episode either + we’re nearly at the end (tomorrow being episode 20 in England). I didn’t want there to be another series because this one SEEMED to give us a conclusion + it would spoil it to go on. Finish on an enormous high I say. Having said that, the acting is superb, especially from Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, William Fichtner, Rockmond Dunbar + Robert Knepper + it is one of the most exciting programmes I’ve ever seen + I can’t beleive that my favoraite two programmes at the moment are both American! (The other’s ‘Ugly Betty’)

  7. i luv mike scofield he is soo fit!!!!
    i’m so glad that mike is gunna break out ov prison again and i hope that he doesn’t die! plz plz plz plz say he doesn’t die!!!!!!!!!!!
    prison break is da best show in the world! if mike dies i will so not watch it and i will cry for days on end! !
    so make the finale of season 3 memorableand happy please! i would like mike, linc sara and l.j to sail off into the sunset on a beautful boat and never look back! cuz if one ov da bros dies then the show will be a disaster! cuz the show PRISON BREAK is about them!
    so plz writers make it a happpy ending!
    thank you!!!!!!!


  9. I love Michael!!!!!
    Wentworth you are soooooooooo hot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the ad in the jeans!!!!!

  10. hey d, juwan, jackie,ruth , siiitooo, helary, lucky, brain ,carrie and eveybody else wentworth miller is mine and ther is nothing else to talk i never missed an episod and you better back off missys . now time to talk about wentworth miller, he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, dont leave me micheal we belong together

  11. prison break is brilliant..but its too much of a drag…like the cliffhangers are too much that it kills the climax..i agree that i hope that it doesnt turn out like lost 3…and oh,i love michael too 🙂

  12. well i also think de movies prison is an excellent work by all standard and i’ll say keep it as to characters dey’re just something else,what! Dey are just soo good in what dey do.Kudos Micheal,Linc,T-Bag,Bellick,Alex,Kellerman among de rest.
    I can only say dat De writer and de Producer should not add a sad endings.De 2 brothers,Sara and I.J should all live happily ever after at de end.
    The entire nation of GHANA is watching thus Bravoooooo.



  14. i think pb is sooooooo GREAT i am hooked, i bought everything you can buy of pb my favourite character is michael scofield it is hillarious T Bag makes me laugh, i am happy when it is on rte 2 because it is my local channel. LJ is very screwed up its great to see him like this. i love belleck his mothers voice is soothing. sara made her way out of rehab with flying colours, Lincoln was sooooo innocent how did he end up like this??? but who cares. Is pb based on a true story please tell me? sucre ,where r u? Haywire, needed someone to love him. Benjemim franklin miles think about the children, have to go pb is on rte2 peace to all pb fans hope to meet you all at the reunion

  15. very disapointed that next series of prison break & also lost have been moved on to sky 1 or uktv gold which I cannot receive not having the sky channel. Is it possible that these may return to channels 4 or 5 sometime?

  16. hey, all the michael fans are cool and actually have taste, isn’t he just the best. i’m in kenya, which does not prevent me to have the right to think he is the best. he is so good and also so good looking, may i say. he was born with the talent in his blood, 4 shizzle!

  17. it’s me again, a very big mike n sara(the cutest couple on earth) fan. they did great to make it end cause too many series might make people think theyre bankrupt and striving 4 mo money, but not my mike! three cheers for mike and pb!!!!!!!

  18. pb is fun to watch u can get screwed up on the couch wile watching it without loosing concentration

  19. Hi all fans of P.brk! i love da whole story and big up to the directors! T-Bag makes da whole thing interesting i hope he ll be out too.Mahone and Mike you mek a good brain.

  20. Does anyone know the japanese voices of the characters in Prison Break? I only know Norio Wakamoto as T-Bag. I wanna find out who’s voicing Sarah and Michael. Anyone knows?

  21. The season 3 finale of Lost was the best television I have EVER seen. Prison Break does not even compare.

  22. without prison break am dead! prison break is THE BEST MOVIE EVER robert kneepers “t bag”, micheal, mahone, bellick U r great characters….and please pls pls let t bag live….coz to me is the best actor.I mean his voice, turners, i mean everything excellent….T BAG, U R THE MAN!…I Heykal in uganda feel yo!

  23. mike,t,bag,sucre” has any woman said they would luv a man just like u?i just like the way you guyz kip itclose.u michael ” the pretty one”and his brother r just real!! i loveu all!!!!!!!!!!!! m ……mwah!!!!!!!!!

  24. i wish to comit a crime so i can go to jail and be like micheal and Abbruzi. my models

  25. hey guys keep up the good job and pliz guys tell me how i can chat with “scoffield” and hey i need to know if the 3rd season it is having the its debut. say high to the whole crew of prison brake.

  26. i think the 3rd season is already out, almost every one wants to cha with mike online and so far, i dont kno how many have succeeded. but uve all gotta admit that pb is lyk one of the best things to ever hit ur television set. it is like the bomb or love, ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I’m watching prison break season 2. I got the whole season 2 DVD. Still need to finish 10 more episodes for this season. It’s brilliant. I love Micheal…!!!…

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