Bunny boiler: Kim Jong-il ate my giant rabbits

Bunny boiler: Kim Jong-il ate my giant rabbits

April 6, 2007

BERLIN: A German farmer who sold 12 giant rabbits to North Korea with the aim of setting up a breeding program to alleviate famine has said he was shocked to hear they were eaten at Kim Jong-il’s birthday banquet.

Karl Szmolinsky sent his oversized bunnies to Pyongyang to boost meat production. Der Spiegel reported that the 68-year-old breeder had been due to travel to North Korea to help set up the farm, but had received a telephone call last week from an official cancelling the trip.

Mr Szmolinsky told Der Spiegel that although he had no evidence, he believed his rabbits, which each weighed more than 10 kilograms, had been eaten at a banquet for the North Korean leader on February 16. “North Korea won’t be getting any more rabbits from me, they don’t even need to bother asking,” he told the magazine.

Among the rabbits sent to North Korea late last year was Robert, a monster who won a prize as Germany’s largest rabbit.

Pyongyang’s embassy in Berlin has denied the rabbits are dead.


We need to do more in saving giant German rabbits from Kim Jongil’s appetite.  It looks like all that news of developing a super-rabbit breeding farm in the name of Communist ideology was also a big lie since it was used as a substitute to luxury foods that Kim Jongil used to be able to easily acquire prior to UN sanctions such as truffles, gourmet pizzas, Hennessey, and even giant lobster.  I guess giant bunnies taste just as good while not thinking about the average Korean who is barely staying alive from boiled tree bark, grass, boiled water, dead rats, and even humans in rare cases.

But that’s ok because Both China and South Korea are doing all they can to keep the DPRK on life support so they won’t have to deal with it.  Imagine the level of refugees that would flood into the ROK and Northeast China if Kim Jongil’s entire power structure collapses.  The DMZ would be easily de-mined from all the random refugees who are willing to risk it all to make it to the wealthier ROK while those traveling to China will be shot down by PLA border guards in the hopes of also making it.  With another 50 years of separation, North Korea will become a completely different society with their intensifying propaganda machine and from their general ignorance of the outside world.  Until that time comes, the average North Korean can believe that they are relatively better off than their ROK counterparts who they think are regularly enslaved by Americans, the evil Japanese devils who try to steal their dignity again, and the warmongering American Imperialists…


Wen Urges Japan’s Leader to Avoid Shrine

Wen Urges Japan’s Leader to Avoid Shrine
Wednesday April 4, 2007 9:16 PM

AP Photo TOK805


Associated Press Writer

TOKYO (AP) – China’s premier urged his Japanese counterpart not to visit a Tokyo war shrine at the center of tensions over Japan’s past military aggression in Asia, a news report said Wednesday.

Speaking to Japanese media in Beijing ahead of a three-day visit to Japan next week, Wen Jiabao said that “individual Japanese leaders have visited (the shrine) numerous times and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people,” Kyodo News agency reported.

“I hope this will never happen again,” the agency quoted Wen as saying.

Yasukuni Shrine, which honors the country’s 2.5 million war dead, is a diplomatic flash point between Japan and its neighbors China and South Korea, who see the shrine as a symbol of Japan’s militaristic past.

Tokyo-Beijing ties soured under Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s predecessor, Junichiro Koizumi, who repeatedly visited the shrine despite China’s protests. Relations have improved since Abe took office last September, and he has not since visited the shrine.

Abe has refused to make clear whether he plans to visit the shrine and has said he will not confirm afterward whether he’s gone. On Wednesday, he repeated that policy of ambiguity.

“My position on the Yasukuni issue is as stated before,” Abe said.

Wen, who last month described his coming trip as “an ice-thawing journey,” said that China places great importance on its ties with Japan, and that he hopes Abe will visit China by the year’s end, Kyodo reported.

Abe visited Beijing shortly after he took office in September, and said last week he is considering returning to China.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki said the possibility of the visit would be discussed when Wen comes to Japan.

He is traveling there Wednesday, and is slated to hold a summit meeting with Abe and make a speech in Parliament. His visit marks the first such trip by a Chinese premier in eight years, according to China’s Foreign Ministry.

It seems that the CCP government is so eager to restore bilateral ties to the point where it is giving the Japanese Prime Minister fair warning to not do anything stupid before such a high level visit.  After all, China needs direct Japanese investment to help fuel their economic growth by creating jobs, infrastructure and partnerships for this local business to flourish while at the same time providing Japan with a significant market that is currently contributing to Japan’s rise out of their decade-long recession.  As my friend noted, Japan and China are interdependent for better or worse it is like a very bad gay marriage done out of convenience.  Both partners in the arrangement have strong, independent personalities with different approaches to a common problem.

Fortunately, Abe is smart enough to officially please his party and the Chinese government by not giving a direct answer to the Yasukuni visits just like he did in regards to the Comfort Women controversy.  It gives me the impression that the Chinese leadership believe Shinzo-kun is a feasible partner they can work with, but needs to be given friendly reminders to keep him from doing anything stupid similar to how the Americans and opposition give George Bush helpful reminders of the extent he is fucking up their country.  At the same time, Shinzo-kun really should not do anything remotely stupid since the Chinese have done all they can to downplay the controversy stemming from his views on Comfort Women among their countrymen and within their party.  In the end, money talks but stupidity can create tremendous problems.