And Now from Weird Japan…

It has come to my understanding that I have written too much about the Bad Japan with subjects exploring Abe’s stupidity, the Yasukuni Shrine, right-wing nationalists, and even the Pacific War. Although I have praised Blu-ray and use MIXI, my criticisms of the PS3 and praise of the Nintendo Wii have not won me any fans either. However, it is just too easy to discuss anything remotely weird that comes from Japan. I mean even the BBC has a programme called “Japanorama” that is devoted to poking fun and exploring all the weirdness that exists in Japan, which is currently on its 3rd series on BBC Three.

Last weekend, Japan had one of their first unified local elections in the country. One of the contested prefectures was Tokyo which is currently headed by Ishihara Shintaro, who is known for right-wing views denying the Rape of Nanking, his anti-foreigner stance, and his glorification of militarist Japan. Some individuals challenging him for the position were a DPJ candidate, a quirky inventor, and an anarchist named Toyama Kouichi.

According to fanboys, Toyama Kouichi is a local anarchist and it out to advocate the complete destruction of the current power structure of Japan with help from the minority. He is also a convicted felon that somehow managed to gain around 15,059 votes in the election to become a Tokyo Governor and finished in 8th place out of the eligible 14 candidates on the ballot. Below was his election speech that was aired on NHK.

Toyama Koichi, self proclaimed Mussolini Style Fascist, and leader of the Kyushu Fascist Party has run for Tokyo Governor. lol.

When he is not absorbed in his path to overthrow and destroy the nation of Japan, he works as a musician playing songs for tips on the side of the street.

This is an official campaign broadcast. Every candidate in Japan is given the right to have their speech aired under equal conditions, according to Japanese law. Broadcasting companies are not allowed to edit them, and thus not responsible for the content of speech.

Leave him fan mail at…
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Kouichi’s official blog is located at, which contains numerous entries about his life, some youtube clips of his music and his email address ( Please feel free to send Kouichi an email!


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