The Laws of Attraction

According to “The Secret” and New Age philosophers, the law of attraction states that anything that I commit myself to thinking of will eventually come to me in unexpected ways whether they are positive or negative thoughts.  It seems that idea is complete bullshit since earlier today at the Auto Show I saw a girl I had a high school crush on while walking to the next exhibit.  Most of the time, I was actually having ideas about fighting some RONs kids and breaking their arms in the process with MMA, not the girl I liked back in High School.

Her name is Melody and she looked more or less the same the last time I saw her in high school, which was weird.  She was there to accompany her boyfriend/husband I am guessing to the NY Auto Show.  For a moment there, I didn’t think I would be recognised seeing that I had longer hair and metal glasses back in high school while my fashion sense was not so good either at that time.  It really didn’t bother me since I A) don’t really know her and B) I was a different person back then.  Maybe it’s the fact that I actually saw her and still recognised her after all these years that made it weird and of the least expected places as well.

I believe in the past, I would have been upset at the fact that she was married or with someone, dwelling on it as some sort of failure.  Fortunately that isn’t the case because I don’t feel upset and negative thoughts have not cropped up since I made that weird encounter.  For the most part, I think I am in good terms with her as an acquaintance like with a good number of John P Stevens alums with some exceptions.  In any event, I doubt that I will have such encounters with her and other JP alums in the near future.

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