Prison Break will not be seen tonight…

Because the series ended its run 2 weeks ago with our heroes trapped in Panama for various reasons.  There will not be a Prison Break Season 2, Episode 23 or even an Episode 24 for that matter.  Instead we have a show called “Drive”, a show that resembles “Cannonball Run” with drama, as a replacement until Season 3 returns in the fall.  There is much apprehension about the plot for Season 3 since there were science-fiction elements being alluded in the final episode.

It’s interesting to see how popular the show “Prison Break” is outside of the United States with viewers from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa.  However, today I’m not going to talk about Prison Break, but instead focus on the shootings in Virgina Tech in America.

As of this writing there have been 33 people killed including the gunman himself.  This was one of the worst school shootings in the United States for some time. According to preliminary reports, there were two different shootings that occurred in the University earlier today.

There were two incidents two hours apart, at a student dorm where two were killed and at an engineering building where 30 and the gunman died.

Officers said they were working to link the attacks and had not yet identified the gunman. Fifteen people were hurt.

Early reports suggest that the shooter was a 22-year-old Asian male that went on a killing spree because he was rejected by a girl.  Officials have not identified the shooter as of yet.  The shooter began his killing spree by walking into a dormitory and shot 2 people in their sleep and then proceeded to shoot random people in a lecture hall 2 hours later.  I find it disturbing that campus security did nothing to alert the student body until the killer struck again two hours later to bring the death toll to about 32 people.   Eyewitnesses at the scene are now stating that the shooter was a tall Asian male who shot all those students.

It’s also pathetic that the best the university could do to warn students was send a mass email to the students’ university email accounts.  This really isn’t the best way to prevent a bloodbath since A) not all students check (let alone use) their university accounts, B) a public announcement would have saved more lives, and C) not all students were in a position to check their university warnings.

Some eyewitnesses described the events that unfolded in their university: 

I live in West AJ on the third floor. Apparently it all began around 0700 this morning, when the gunman shot and killed one person on the fourth floor. He may have shot other people in the dorm too. Now the police are telling us at least 22 people have been killed (counting the shooter himself). This is very scary, and we are shocked that something like this could happen here in Blacksburg. It really is a very quiet, rural, small town in Southwest Virginia.
Josh Shiben, Blacksburg, VA

I am a student at Virginia Tech and was in my dormitory at 10:30 when I FINALLY got word about the shootings. I was on my way out to class when I was stopped by a hallmate telling me about what was going on. Students are now coming back to the dorms. I have a friend who is in the building behind Norris and is surrounded by students and faculty who were in Norris. One girl expressed how she saw many bloody bodies. We are being advised to stay in the dorm, but information from the University is slow, although the news coverage has been the best source of information. Why weren’t we warned after the FIRST shooting?
Bethany Zimmerman, Blacksburg Virginia

Its ironic how students from state universities such as Rutgers or Virginia Tech wanted greater visibility among the world and from their fellow Americans and to not dismiss their school due to their lack of familiarity.  Last week we had Imus making racist remarks towards the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball team and now we have a deranged Asian shooter taking out 33 people in Virginia Tech.  My condolences go to those who were seriously injured and killed from this crazed student.


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