Playing with Willmon’s Wii

This Satuday, Willmon, Jehangir and I were able to get together after months of inactivity.  Willmon was able to get some extra Wii controllers and WiiPlay for this occasion and for long-term benefits should he host social gatherings.  The initial rounds of golf, boxing, baseball, tennis, and bowling on the WiiSports was quite fun with boxing obviously taking the most energy.  Bowling seemed to the best game for Jehnagir since he pointed out that the simulation mirrored his performance in an actually bowling ally while my favourite was still boxing and golf.  However, I had the most trouble playing baseball in Wiisports since I could not get the timing or hits right for the pitches.  We also made our own Miis on the console.

The next game we tried was WiiPlay which was an extension of WiiSports but with different challenges.  The problem was Jehangir, Will and I had to beat all the stages in the game before we can play the one minigame we wanted, which was tanks.  The first game was a challenge despite being a shooter since the Wiimote was increadibly sensitive, while the second game was similar to concentration and the last game was table tennis.  The funny part about Table Tennis was that Willmon actually lost the round to Jehangir despite being the President of the RUTTC and being Rutgers’ best table tennis player.  Now I know how Tiger Woods felt when he was unable to achieve a solid performance on golf for the WiiSports.  The challenge after that involved laser hockey, where Jehangir’s controller kept crapping out on him followed by a game where you match up with bubbles.  Then the next game was billiards that I didn’t realise was supposed to be played in order and followed by a racing game to attack scarecrows.  I think fishing was another fun minigame that I played Jehangir somewhere in that order.

The final game was tank and it required the nunchuck to play.  Although it seems easy,  the aiming was a struggle and it took sometime before we even got to a position of coming close to beating it.  Overall, I think WiiSports and WiiPlay are good games for the casual gamer and I would get a Wii if it was around for the retail price.  The next ideal game for Willmon’s collection is Warioware and possibly MySims…

After spending hours with the Wii we went to Applebees for dinner where we had fun discussing Asian cinema, James Bond, and investing before we called it a night.  Good times indeed.


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