Everybody do the mess around

That was an interesting week so far I may say.  After talking to Hide, he has informed me he is going to New Mexico for study abroad, while Hirozo will take a year off to figure things out after this semester.  Both were around when Wen Jinbao made his tour around Ritsumeikan earlier this month with Hide telling me that students were treating him like a celebrity while Hirozo and his friends were annoyed they couldn’t get any work done at the library that day.

Wachovia Securities blows goats. Not only is their customer service horrendous, but their mutual fund selections are limited to say the least.  It looks like I will have to make another trip to the bank tomorrow morning just to sort all this crap out.  Earlier, I received a copy of “The Queen” on blu-ray and it was a very good movie experience on high-definition.

Facebook is shitty as usual with security holes, poor customer service, and incompetent programming.  I really wonder if the company actually has any positive cash flow at all despite all the hype.  On a sad note, I learned that one of my colleagues has decided to quit Arbinet due to the lack of opportunities and from better job offers.   Semi-monthly salaries suck especially when I learned I am below the average salary of what a Marketing Coordinator should earn in New Brunswick.  One or two more years of work experience and then its time to jump into a new line of responsibilities that won’t give me ample downtime to go facebooking, track my investments and learn about personal finance/investing.


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