Scientology Rules!

This is actually one of the greatest religions ever!  All the stars are members of the Church like Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, John Travolta, Kristie Alley, and even Lisa Marie Presley!  Who can go wrong with all these people being part of such a trendy religion especially the daughter of Elvis Presley!

Recently, an evil journalist by the name of John Sweeney went mad when a nice young man from Scientology tried to clear up some facts about his religion.  It was interesting how the Church was able to help Sweeney become cleared of his body Thetans and then upload their achievement on youtube earlier this week.  Here is a clip of that event in question:

Notice how he went off when the Scientologists were nicely asking him to be more objective after opening up to him and proving how psychiatrists helped create the Holocaust that killed so many people.  Nearly everyone on youtube showed support for the Church of Scientology instead of John Sweeney who risked his life going undercover to report on abuses in Zimbabwe when the BBC was banned from that country!

Here is the BBC episode of John Sweeney’s smear campaign against the legitimate Church of Scientology.  Please note that this report is as objective as those news reports presented on PBS’s Frontline or BBC’s Timewatch.

Tommy Davis was a professional who conducted himself in the most ethical and responsible manner.  The BBC is so biased that it makes FOX News Channel look fair! This is just absurd! Can you believe it?

This South Park episode shows us what Scientology is really about!

From Wikipedia:

he Church of Scientology is a controversial international network devoted to the practice and the promotion of the Scientology belief system. There are widely varying estimates of the number of Church members in the world. The Church of Scientology describes itself as a religious organisation, and it is recognized as such in some countries. While a number of governments now view the Church as a religious organization entitled to the protections and tax relief that such status brings, other sources have called it a pseudoreligion or a cult

Scientology Rules!


8 thoughts on “Scientology Rules!

  1. You are a bigger idiot than Sweeney. Psych drugs ruin thousands of lives daily. You probably own stock in Big Pharma. I’m proud of my religion and the good things we do. Hippocrites like you need to get a life.

    1. no good religion can teach people how to be nasty and ruthless with their ‘enemies’ aka all we have different opinions than yours. no good religion can foster mind narrowness and invalidate another’s view point. if you call that a religion, you haven’t cleared up that word, really.

  2. It’s ironic because only the official video showing Sweeney’s outburst is available on this blog. The description about Scientology is pulled from wikipedia so go and “Fair Game” them instead of harassing me for posting your Church’s video of Sweeney harassing Tommy Davis.

    I actually don’t like taking anti-depressants and please learn how to spell. Harassing people and overreacting like Sweeney really hurts your religion. There are actually many level-headed Scientologists out there believe it or not and you’re not one of them mister.

  3. psych drugs also help millions. No one forces you to take the medicines anyway, your cult forces people not to take medicines. Your cult has ruined more lives than psych drugs ever will.

  4. Incompetent psychiatrists and misdiagnoses also ruin lives. There are issues with anti-depressants and poorly-trained psychiatrists yet the CoS expresses concerns in such a way that it is rarely taken seriously by the public and damages the points promoted by other non-CoS affiliated organisations

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