Taiwan urges consideration for allies’ lack of support

Taiwan urges consideration for allies’ lack of support

Taiwan’s foreign ministry is urging consideration for allies that failed to fight for Taiwan’s membership in the World Health Organization (WHO).Those words came Thursday, several days after Taiwan’s bid to join the world health body failed for the 11th time. On Monday, the World Health Assembly, which is the governing body of the WHO, voted 148-17 to strike Taiwan’s membership bid off the agenda.One of Taiwan’s allies — Costa Rica — voted against Taiwan. A foreign ministry official said Taiwan had protested to Costa Rica’s ambassador. On Tuesday Costa Rica also issued a statement urging the WHO to provide assistance to Taiwan.

Of Taiwan’s 25 allies, four were absent from the meeting, including Nicaragua, Panama, the Marshall Islands and St. Lucia. Haiti did not cast ballot. The Dominican Republic was not eligible to vote. The Vatican does not have a membership.

Foreign ministry spokesman David Wang said Taiwan should also be understanding of the allies’ positions. Haiti relies on the United Nations peace-keeping troops, while Costa Rica is seeking to become an elected member of the UN Security Council. Panama, is already a member of that council.

Taiwan has been trying to join the World Health Organization for the past ten years. But Taiwan’s bid has been blocked due to pressure from China, which sees Taiwan as part of its territory and does not allow Taiwan to participate in the international community.

Does Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama, Nicaragua, the Marshall Islands, and St. Lucia dare to anger Taiwan Province? It seems so.

This exercise by another province is just another wasted effort to gain some false sense of independence but is too stubborn to give up seeing this is their 11th failed attempt to enter the UN and its specialised institutions. Now the province is making another failed bid to enter the UN this time under the name “Taiwan”, which will reaffirm its attempt to breakaway from China.

It’s ironic that Haiti recognises that Taiwan is part of the largely defunct Republic of China despite the presence of Chinese UN Peacekeepers maintaining order in that country while the rest of the countries were simply bought off from Taiwan Province’s diplomatic slush fund, which was also used by Chen Shuibian for personal gain.

In any event, Taiwan continues to the world why it is a joke even if it doesn’t involve public fights in government buildings.


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