This is the bit

All internal networks were down today at the NJ office, which meant I had to work at home for the rest of the day.  Last weekend, I watched “Boiler Room” for the very first time and it is one of the better movies to be viewed alongside Wall Street.  It was about a college dropout who decides to join a brokerage firm as a way to get out of running an illegal casino.  However, he soon realises that the brokerage is nothing more than a boiler room, selling fradulent shares for shell companies to screw the average investor over.

In the end, the main character is caught and works with the SEC to bring the boiler room down.  In addition, he manages to secure some IPOs to sell in the open market as a way to help an investor he had screwed earlier.  It was interesting since the alternate ending had the same investor prepare for a shooting rampage at the shady brokerage.  Speaking of markets, today was a mixed day for the Dow Jones losing points while the S&P hit a record high today.  I think the ultimate issue of the investor is not so much finding good investments but having the resources to acquire such investments when the time is right.


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