Work was boring today seeing that there wasn’t too much going on.  Called up Sinan, Charney and Willmon with only Sinan being available to discuss plans for Memorial Day weekend.  There is too much uncertainty at this point if I am going to have a Memorial Day holiday seeing that there may be family issues in the coming weeks.

Sinan seems frustrated by his job search, but I told him to keep sending out his resume to expand his options and to take a law-related job just to keep his parents off his back for the interim…

Well, I am almost finished with reading NO LOGO a book documenting the growth of brand culture, globalisation and the problems with overseas labour/protest movements.  After reading most of the book, I feel more confident that marketing or brand managing will gain greater importance in the coming years when the US and other developed nations shift into largely service and information-based economies while the emerging markets deal largely with manufacturing with some services.

The market had another mixed day after Greenspan warned of an impending financial implosion in China and with new regulations discouraging oil profiteering and mortgage lending.  Malaysia is really a fucking volatile market while Singapore did a bit better with news of an M&A from Singapore Airlines.  It’s really hard to save up for the IRA while paying off student loans.


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