Orangutan flees cage, goes on rampage in Taiwan

Orangutan flees cage, goes on rampage in Taiwan

Updated Wed. May. 23 2007 9:19 PM ET

Associated Press

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A hulking orangutan escaped from his cage and terrified restaurant patrons Wednesday, at the same Taiwan zoo where a crocodile recently chomped off a veterinarian’s arm.

The latest incident at the Shaoshan Zoo in the southern city of Kaohsiung began when the orangutan pushed his way out of his cage and wandered into a nearby restaurant courtyard.

It was captured on camera by Taiwanese cable news station TVBS.

As zoo officials scurried to bring the animal under control, he gleefully overturned picnic tables and motorbikes, forcing terrified diners to cower inside the eatery.

The orangutan was finally subdued when an official shot him in the upper body with a a stun gun. He was then carted off for treatment in the scoop of a small bulldozer.

Wednesday’s incident occurred just six weeks after a 440-pound crocodile chewed the forearm off veterinarian Chang Po-yu at the same zoo.

The limb was reattached in a seven-hour surgery.

Orangutans are native to the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. They have a shaggy, reddish-brown coat, long arms and no tail.


Why don’t they use stun guns on Taiwanese MPs?  I was told some MP in Taiwan Province was literally throwing shit at the opposition during a recent Parliament fight…They act like monkeys, orangutans, baboons, and gorillas so they might as well be subdued like them.  Taiwan Province is still a fucking joke to the rest of the world.

They failed to get into the UN, they failed to get into WHO, their recognised allies do not respect them, their President steals money, their politicians fight like girls, and they pissed and shat all over the Olympics.  It seems like everything coming from that province is a real-life gag reel and a waste of the world’s time I am sad to say.


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