11 school kids hospitalized after talking about ghost stories

11 school kids hospitalized after talking about ghost stories

UJI, Kyoto — Eleven junior high school students suffered hyperventilation and were rushed to hospital after talking about ghosts on a bus during a school trip Saturday afternoon, school officials said.

They are fully conscious and their conditions are not serious. Doctors said they suspect that the students suffered hyperventilation as a result of anxiety caused by the tales about ghosts.

At around 12:20 p.m., the Yakult Honsha Co. Kyoto factory in Uji made an emergency call to a local fire station saying some students on an inspection tour fell ill and asking for an ambulance.

Eleven of the 77 students from Sakai Municipal Mikunigaoka Junior High School who were visiting the factory were rushed to hospital in ambulances. The 77 were among 214 second-year students on a two-day school trip, and were to go back to the school later in the day. (Mainichi)

May 26, 2007


救急搬送:中学生11人 怪談話で過呼吸? 宇治市

 26日午後0時20分ごろ、京都府宇治市槇島町のヤクルト京都工場から「複数の中学生が気分が悪いと訴えている」と119番があった。京都府警宇 治署などによると、堺市立三国丘中学校の教師と生徒計77人がバス2台で工場に到着したところ、男女11人が過呼吸の症状を訴え、救急車で病院に運ばれ た。いずれも意識はあり、症状は軽い。生徒はバスの中で怪談話をしていたといい、不安感などで過呼吸になった可能性がある。


Must been one hell of a ghost story!


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