Where do I start?

My memorial day weekend was extremely unpleasant.  Everything that has happened will not hit me until the following weekend.

As a result of using t-mobile, important calls were not able to be made at the most crucial moments.  A direct response would be to switch over to Cingular in due time since I have a company discount from my employer.

Work was rather unpleasant today and I appreciated how my boss and colleagues tried to keep me in good company after that weekend.  Things were complicated as clients decided to skip out on scheduled sessions, some decided to act like complete retards despite getting explanations in basic English, while a few were just spazzing out because they dislike working in a corporate hierarchy.

An attempt was made to go on as is, despite preparing for some time for what happened that weekend.  Went to the gym for a good hour before heading home, where I tried experimenting with the new HD upscaling features on the PS3.  For the DVD upscaler, I watched clips from Tron, Run Lola Run, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which all looked clearer with the new upscaler.  I had mixed results playing PS1/PS2 games with Yakuza and Tekken 4 having serious problems with their video resolution and display alignments while Gran Turismo 4, Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur 3 looked sharper with the PS upscaler.

I also got the chance to participate in Warhawk Beta for the Playstation 3.  So far the game seems fun with the ability to play as a soldier, a tank, a war plane and even a turret, but the downside is the game locks up at any instance of lag.  It would be smart for Sony to include a single-player mode so players can practise playing the game so they can have a more challenging multiplayer games online.  Also, they should consider making serious improvements to their servers to reduce overall lag.

Also downloaded the FolkSoul trailer from the Japan Playstation Network store.  Based on the trailer it appears to be some action-rpg that takes place in another dimension somewhere in Ireland…


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