Former Taiwan president tells Japan that Taiwan is ‘indispensable’

Taiwan’s security crucial to Japan: Lee

HONORED GUEST: The former president, who was presented with an award for his contribution to democracy, urged Japanese leaders to consider Taiwan indispensable

Saturday, Jun 02, 2007, Page 3 Taiwan’s security in its standoff with China is crucial to Japan, former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) said yesterday in Japan.

“Japan and Taiwan are mutual partners. If anything happens to Taiwan, Japan will quickly feel the consequences,” he told reporters in Tokyo.

Lee, who arrived in Japan on Wednesday on a cultural visit, said the standoff between Taiwan and China had serious implications for Japan.

“The Taiwan Strait problem also greatly affects Japan,” Lee said.

“I urge politicians to … keep up Taiwan-Japan relations with the understanding that Taiwan is indispensable for Japan,” he said.

On Wednesday, Beijing accused the 84-year-old former president of using his 11-day visit to push for Taiwanese independence and trying to undermine China-Japan relations.

At the same time, China warned Japan that Lee’s trip could damage relations between their nations. Japan maintains official diplomatic relations with Beijing, but not with Taiwan. China regularly opposes visits by Taiwanese former and current officials to countries with which it has diplomatic ties.

Earlier this week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed that Lee’s visit was private and that he did not expect it to hurt Tokyo’s relations with Beijing.

Lee was yesterday awarded the first Goto Shimpei Prize by a Japanese publisher for his contribution to Taiwan’s urbanization and democratization.

The event was organized by Fijiwara Shoten’s Goto Shimpei Organization to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the late Japanese colonial administrator Goto Shimpei. The prize is awarded to people who have contributed to national or regional development.

Delivering a speech titled “Goto Shimpei and I” during the ceremony, Lee said that Goto made a great contribution to Taiwan’s modernization during his service as the chief of civil administration under the Japanese colonial government in Taiwan between 1898 and 1906.

Lee said that although his life hardly overlapped with that of Goto, he has been profoundly influenced by Goto’s achievements in Taiwan and his extraordinary philosophy of life.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that Taiwan’s development has moved forward along the track paved by Goto,” Lee said, adding that his Japanese education had allowed him to become mayor of Taipei City, governor of the then Taiwan Province, vice president and even president.

Lee said what he prides himself in most is his success in the transformation of Taiwan’s political system from a military dictatorship into a democracy without a single drop of blood being shed in his 12 years as president.

There are two kinds of politicians, he added: those who engage in the pursuit of power and those who aim to serve the people.

He said that politicians who were not subject to the temptation of power did not become corrupt.

Just like Goto, Lee said, he exercised self-restraint and was always ready to relinquish power during his presidency.

Saying that faith was one of the most important qualities of a leader, Lee added that love and justice are what he believes in as a Christian.

Lee further said that although he and Goto may be different in terms of their religious beliefs, having strong faith is what they have in common and what connects them spiritually.

This is Lee’s third trip to Japan since his presidency ended in May 2000.

Lee Tenghui continues on his journey in his false homeland imploring Japan to protect its “good colony” from the PRC to the point of deluding himself by overstating Taiwan Province’s importance to Japan. He is also under the false impression that the Japan SDF will actually intervene when China liberates the wayward province despite the fact Japan’s SDF is restricted to national defence and the fact that Taiwan has not been a Japanese colony for over 50 years (much to Lee’s dismay).

Someone should take the initiative and tell Lee that Taiwan is no longer Japan’s model colony and that Taiwan is completely on their own as a rogue province. Lee needs to learn that the good days he remembered as a sellout with the likes of Kin Birei and other slaves are long gone and only in their colonised minds.

It’s really no surprise that Lee would get the Goto Shimpei Prize seeing as he is still a loyal Japanese colonial slave and everything he has done in his life is only for Japan. Everything he credits is somehow related to his days as a colonial citizen, as an IJA war veteran and as a sellout to Taiwan Province and Chinese people as a whole. I would not be surprised if the “Goto Shimpei Prize” was originally designed with sellouts like Lee Tenghui, Kin Birei, Ko Bunyu and all proud colonial slaves from Taiwan Province in mind

The only redeeming remark that Lee made was his jab at Chen Shuibian, who was caught stealing taxpayer money as head of Taiwan Province. At least Lee Tenghui was able to get away with corruption and people only learned of his corruption long after he was out of office and no longer the head of the KMT. Chen on the other hand, could not properly launder money even with his family’s help so he deserves to be caught by the authorities.

I am so glad there are no Korean chinilpa who would do such stupid things in their lifetimes. Then again, most of the chinilpa already immigrated to Japan where they are continuously mistreated as zainichi Koreans until they completely sellout to the Japanese system.



19 thoughts on “Former Taiwan president tells Japan that Taiwan is ‘indispensable’

  1. You’re a fucking idiot.
    Please explain what you mean by liberate Taiwan. Liberate it from who? The Taiwanese people?
    Am I wrong? If you have no reply I must just assume that you’re just a fucking idiot.

  2. Why do Taidu supports always sidestep the issue and attack the author like immature/retarded children? Taiwan Province needs to be saved from itself I am sad to say.

  3. Now I wonder if you read beyond the reference to liberating Taiwan Province before going on a retarded rant laced with ad hominem attacks. So typical of taidu supporters and their ilk

  4. Saved from itself? What do you mean?

    China is a per-head poor country where people can’t make up their own minds. The government tells them their opinion. Taiwan is per-head in ppp richer than many western European countries. It is a place where people can read any side of a story, express any opinion and think for themselves.

    Are you aware that 99.9% of Taiwanese people hate China’s government and want nothing to do with it?
    Are you also aware that Taiwan is in all practical purposes an independent country? It has far more independence in ruling itself than any country in the EU.

    So again, liberate Taiwan from Whom?

    P.S. I regret calling you names rather than just engaging in debate and I apologise.

  5. Saved from the Taidu groups if you know what that means. Then again, this post was not about Taiwan Province’s independence but about Lee Tenghui so I see no surprise that you are sidestepping this issue over my discussion of Lee’s Japanese adventure to advance your agenda on Taidu.

    Are you aware that 99.9% of Taiwanese people hate China’s government and want nothing to do with it?
    -Do you even have any raw data to back this up or are you just making random assumptions based on your personal views?

    Taiwan an independent country? Tell that to the G8, the EU, the UN, and even National Geographic Society…

    Again Taiwan needs to be saved from the taidu power structure and sellouts like Lee Tenghui

  6. “Saved from the Taidu groups if you know what that means.”

    Please explain what that means.

    What is the Taidu power structure? Is it not democracy? Is it not a reflection of the opinions of Taiwanese people? Are you therefore not saying that Taiwan needs to be saved from the opinions of Taiwanese people and democracy?

    I say 99.9% of people because every political party in Taiwan and every pressure group in Taiwan hates the Chinese government and wants nothing to do with it.

    You said in your piece that Taiwan will be “liberated” by China. That is the part of the piece that I am taking issue with and I’m afraid that your answers so far have, to put in your words, sidestepped this issue.

    Do you deny that Taiwan is in all practical ways an independent country?

    Congratulations on becoming an American citizen. You now have the opportunity to visit Taiwan. Would you like to come and visit? Do you not think that you may learn something more about the place and thus be in a better position to comment about it? If you decide to visit I’d be glad to show you around. I have a spare room as well.

  7. If you don’t know what Taidu means in Mandarin, then you have completely missed the point. This is surprising seeing that you live in Taiwan Province.
    This entry is about Lee Tenghui not Taiwan independence. I already pointed out who needs to be liberated. In any case, Taiwan is not a country and that is the reality.
    It seems Taiwanophiles and independence groups do the following on anyone that says the contrary:
    1. They whine about being offended by the fact that Taiwan is not a country
    2. They rant about how Taiwan and China are separate and all the fun facts about it…bla bla bla
    3. They disregard whatever was originally discussed and start making personal attacks or obscenity-laced rants to the writers
    4. They continue with their agenda and insults after the writer made a response.
    5. Repeat steps 1-5
    I think this covers it and we’re done.

  8. You seem to think that my post indicates that I don’t know what Taidu means. I was asking what it means in reality not in English. You’re not that bright are you 🙂

    I find it amusing that you won’t answer any of the questions in my post. Are you scared? Or are you just too stupid to engage in debate?

    Go on mate I dare you!

    Why are you scared of Taiwanese people wanting to be an independent country? Why do you want Taiwan to be part of China?

    Answer if you’re brave enough.

  9. It seems Taiwanophiles and independence groups do the following on anyone that says the contrary:
    1. They whine about being offended by the fact that Taiwan is not a country
    2. They rant about how Taiwan and China are separate and all the fun facts about it…bla bla bla
    3. They disregard whatever was originally discussed and start making personal attacks or obscenity-laced rants to the writers
    4. They continue with their agenda and insults after the writer made a response.
    5. Repeat steps 1-5

  10. Not very brave are you 🙂
    I’ll take your lack of response as an acknowledgment that saying “when China liberates the wayward province” (what was “originally discussed”) is amusingly ridiculous – especially from an American. I think you know that as well.
    You can be a much more patriotic Chinese by thinking more.

  11. Yes, I’m often treated with the 5 steps you mentioned when discussing the political future of Taiwan with people who believe that Taiwnese are not Chinese.

    And I’m sadden by the fact that people don’t or won’t have a argument without making personal attack first. What happened to critical thinking? What happened to understanding of the fallacy of ad hominem?

  12. It’s a Taiwanese and Taiwanophile thing I suppose. Some people are just naive to think anything in Taiwan is superior and all critics of Taiwan are just evil idiots.

  13. “What happened to critical thinking?”

    I’m intrigued that you guys manage to complain so much about those nasty taidus without ever actually engaging in a discussion on the difficult questions with them.
    Go on! Be Brave! I gave you some starters for 10 earlier on. Lots of critical thinking to be had there.

  14. Might I also point out that being unable to intellectually defend emotive phrases in ones own writing (say “liberate Taiwan”) is a pretty good definition of “ad hominem” writing.

  15. Oh dear God! Why, Ben Findlay, do you have to go “You’re a fucking idiot” and “Go on mate I dare you!” to all who don’t agree with you? Do you realise how much of a mindless, ridiculous, self-absorbed retard you’re making yourself sound like? Why do you accuse of Lifeinmotion of not replying intellectually, when you yourself throw personal insults at everyone? It’s people like you who start civil wars. May I suggest professional help?

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