It’s that simple.

Much has changed in the past month with my uncle’s passing.  The funeral service was solid and everything that needed to be said was said.  I saw him at the service, when they closed the casket and for the burial.  There were many old faces I had seen at the funeral who knew him and there were those who I did not expect to see at all. I think these things will take sometime to deal with

This weekend, I met up with Willmon, Jehangir, Salman, John and Vivian to celebrate Vivian’s birthday at the Cheesecake factory.  It was hard to believe that she turned 23 this week despite looking a lot younger than 23.  It was a good time to catch up learning about new developments in the office for Willmon, and hearing about Salman’s insane adventures in Alaska and Montana for his business trips.

Later we saw “Ocean’s 13” will Will McG at the local theatre and it turned out to be an ok movie.  Much of the plot was pretty straightforward with Ocean and his team working to avenge Reuben by bankrupting his shady partner Bank, played by Al Pacino, on his casino’s opening night and stealing his precious diamonds.  It was interesting to see the villains from the first 2 movies back to plague the team.  Other than that, everything was pretty predictable with very little twists and it was a better movie without Julia Roberts or Catherine Zeta-Jones.


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