It’s a hell of a day today

Today, I went to work only to learn that my CEO has been replaced by an interim CEO and with a new chairman of the board. The previous CEO, was a nice person though he unintentionally rubbed people off the wrong way and his leadership decisions have brought about questions from many people. I don’t think he will have too many problems seeing that he was already quite wealthy before coming on board, but I am sure he is saddened by the loss of coming to the office and working with good company.

It was quite surreal since earlier last week he was grilling me on public communications and now he is out of the office. The only upside to all this is that the company is buying back all their shares in another attempt to get acquired by a private equity firm. I bet one of my colleagues was completely blindsided after coming back from a kickass vacation to suddenly learn that upper management has drastically changed.

I made another snap decision on Etrade investing in the ING CORPORATE LEADERS TRUST B (LEXCX), which seems to be a rare find in a sea of strong performing funds. Now I just need to find a good time to sell off the Amana Trust Income Fund (AMANX), which may be the end of the year, and reinvest that money to the etrade bank. Now I need to just keep saving for that IRA just to get some Vanguard Funds for this fiscal year.

The new ATT phones finally arrived, but they were too retarded to register all the SIMs before shipping them out. As a result, I had to spend nearly an hour with their customer service just to manually activate and register the phones. Well, I think cute Vivian is going to be upset seeing that I replaced my LG Chocolate with the new LG CU500v, which includes a microSD slot and 3G capabilities.

Fortunately, my LG Chocolate is an unlocked phone so I can still use it even with the new phone I for free with the company discount. The only downside is that ATT is cruel enough to force customers to pay an extra $30 to purchase the USB cable that is used to port MP3s or video files over to the LG CU500v while my LG Chocolate came with every accessory at no extra cost. The sad part was that my LG Chocolate was purchased by relatives from Canada through Rogers Wireless and I found someone to unlock it for use with T-Mobile and Cingular. In any event locking phones to mobile operators is a rather backward idea that is no implemented by other mobile carriers in the world other than North America, Japan and some parts of the EU.


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