I am now a US Citizen

The process pretty much took up the entire day today but I finally have US citizenship which allows me to not vote for Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani next year, the right to work in the Federal/State government, and even attend jury duty.  In addition, I can still retain my Canadian passport since Canada allows for dual citizenship while the US of A actively discourages it, which means I can also be a US Citizen as a Canadian citizen.

Now the payoff is to 1. Actually gain more opportunities for work coming from the US government and multinationals who are fickle at hiring non-US citizens, 2. gain whatever benefits for being a US citizens without the prior limitations as a US resident and 3. no longer get shit from Homeland Security either through INS or US Customs.    Now I will have to apply for a US passport as soon as possible, since the government likes to take their sweet time, around 2 months, to issue a passport to US citizens.

On another note, the markets made a turnaround today thanks to strong gains in several sectors, and my credit limit has increased as well.  I am sure the markets will go down again thanks to either investor-induced correction or randomness from the world.


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