So I wonder

I started reading Monkey Business that Suresh lent to me earlier this week and it is a good read so far.  I never imagined the excessive amount of shit and fruitlessness that goes on in an investment bank.  Although they get at least a 6 figure yearly salary, the 80+ hours, the needless stress and asskissing are simply not worth it in the long run.  It was funny since many of the finance kids I know are currently working as analysts which are supposedly at the bottom of the food chain for investment bankers.  It was more interesting to note that many of the kids I knew actually cheated their way to those lucrative jobs they think they would leave behind once they get an MBA.

The second book was the Japanese language workbook.  So far I am under the impression that I will need a audio CD for some sections but that’s ok since I am trying to learn the literary language rather than pronunciation, which can eventually be fixed with field immersion and penpals at some point.   So far I do have some language exchange penpals from the old RONs people and from a few people on MIXI if I really needed them.  Foreign language study is a weapon for life and struggle and I have to make sure this cannot be used against me again in the future.

I visited my old workplace at the Sears in New Brunswick.  Most of the associates don’t exactly recognise me and those I saw were working very shitty hours that I read about on various SHLD forums.  I learned that all the management I worked under have either left or transferred to other stores with only Renee and Ray remaining.  Nothing has really changed at the store except they now stuff the electronics section with HDTVs and removed the toys section in the basement for more home fashion.  Many people there did not recognise me until I greeted Renee when I ran into her while exploring the store.  I truly don’t believe that location will last and that land will most likely be sold to Rutgers for new development.

“Crossing the Line” was a good documentary on the life and thoughts of an American defector in the DPRK.  He claims to have it well and is only happy because his kids have a relatively better life than he did although he appears to have some mixed feelings for his defection when talking about the past.  Kim JongIl and his power structure need to be destroyed eventually for everyone’s benefit.

At the funeral I bumped into Sean Soh from RONs.  He was there because my cousin’s invited his entire church to join in the morning, despite many of them being just immature kids who did not know his father.  He too did not recognise me and I simply ignored him the whole time I was there.  I have no ill-will towards him but I don’t have to be friendly to him in light of what had happened at Rutgers.  Regardless of my views, I think I would have been friendlier if he didn’t just abruptly cut me off from AIM or Facebook like the rest of those RONs bastards.

My cousin later tried to find out what the hell happened to make me ignore good old Sean, but I still don’t trust him enough.  However, I did tell him information that is already known to Mr. Soh and the rest of his gang.

I also bumped into some of my cousin’s high school buddies and they were still as Taiwanese as before unsurprisingly.  I stayed to see my uncle, his casket being closed and went to the funeral banquet.  I did find it strange that my cousin was hanging out with his church buddies instead of his childhood friends who actually knew his father.   In any case I think my relations with my cousin is going to continue as is despite this major tragedy.


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