Thinisu will be missed

It was not long ago that I was enjoying fusion Indian cuisine at Rutgers.  The food was freshly prepared, the prices were reasonable and the taste was unique and much healthier than the Indian food at the now-defunct Bombay Bistro.  Unfortunately, due to the changing market, the fusion Indian restaurant known as Thinisu has come to an end only to be replaced by another “Fat Sandwich/Pizza” restaurant that oversaturates Easton Ave.

It’s been approximately 4 years or around 1450 days or 286160 hours of Joyous ride of my life, which was intellectually Rich, stimulating, physically unimaginable, some times crazy but most times fun and I don’t know how many times a day I have laughed and how many more times a day I had thought of giving up but again and again I was back at thinisu and kept it going. I think I know why , 2 reasons – one the diesel heart of mine didn’t want to give up and two its because of all of you, ‘my customers’, I will be wrong if I call you guys’ customers, I should say Ravi’s friends; kept me going and going and going …. like the ‘energizer battery advertisement’ but Finally I thought I will have to move on with my life before the battery dies.

I still think any human being should be mentally rich rather then materially rich, that’s my achievement from thinisu, mental richness I accumulated is immeasurable and the experience was unforgettable.

I thank each and every one of you, the good, the bad and the ugly, the bold and the beautiful and I am really grateful and glad to innumerable friends I made who are priceless.

My future plans – I will take some time off and rethink what to do. Definitely will write a book on Indian fusion recipes , the title I am thinking of is ‘a Crazy cook’s recipes” and also may be a book on the inside of running a restaurant, will call it ‘why not to run a restaurant, WHY NOT?’.

My immediate plan is to get back in the IT world and may be one day in the future, want to get back to school and become a ‘PA'(physician’s assistant), I know I can’t become a doctor, I will be too old by the time I finish.

Thank you all once again and Love u all and definitely going to miss u. Please keep in touch and be part of the thinisu alumni, my email is, u can send me ur contact phone number or email address, I will definitely email a soft copy of my book ‘a crazy cook’s recipes’.


The restaurant, known as Thinisu, was originally founded by a man named Ravi who wanted to bring something new and different to college students after spending many years in corporate America.  Some of the regular customers were those who wanted a place to hang out and be intellectually stimulated in the lounge-like atmosphere that seemed to be lacking in a part of campus that had a reputation for drinking and other tomfoolery.  While there were also students who were tired of eating cheap pizza and fat sandwiches who wanted to try something new and different at reasonable prices.  Many people came and went in Thinisu, but it had built a reputation for offering R&R, good company and excellent food that was sorely lacking in that part of town.

I will miss eating my chicken biryani with tons of white sauce and the occasional Thumbs Up soda from India.


2 thoughts on “Thinisu will be missed

  1. i used to live right behind thinisu. when i moved out in late may i knew i’d miss it, but upon coming back to ru this fall semester as a commuter, it was a sad shock to see that thinisu is no more. my personal favs were the super fat thinisu w extra egg, the chicken biryani, and the month before i left i was goin’ heavy on the thinisu pizza.

    long live the chicken biryani!

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