Japanese say war sex slaves were just camp followers

Japanese say war sex slaves were just camp followers

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Japanese conservatives protested Friday against US congressional demands for a clear apology over wartime military brothels, saying the women were not sex slaves but camp followers.Lawmakers and academics gave the US embassy in Tokyo a letter saying they were “surprised and shocked” by the pressure for a fresh apology to the “comfort women.”

Shoichi Watanabe, history professor emeritus at Tokyo’s Sophia University said: “If America keeps saying this is a human rights issue, then what were the indiscriminate bombings on Tokyo and other cities? What were the atomic bombings? Compared with that human rights issue, prostitution in battlefields is only a commercial act.”

A US House of Representatives panel last month passed a resolution calling for an “unambiguous” apology from Tokyo for the up to 200,000 women who were in army brothels before and during World War II.

But in their letter to the US Congress, the Japanese activists say the resolution is based on wrong information.

“No sex slaves existed,” it says. “Professional camp followers were providing prostitution. There were only business organizations and prostitutes to make money from soldiers.”

Right-wing author Kimindo Kusaka said women from Japan initially went to frontline brothels, but a shortage led to Koreans recruiting women from the “low classes” on the peninsula.

“They paid when they recruited the girls,” he said.

“It was probably a severe blow to the girls, but it was their dads who betrayed them. It was their moms who betrayed them.”


I think it’s cool that Japanese politicians and academic hacks continue digging themselves into a deeper hole despite being in an election month and despite the passing of the non-binding resolution by the Americans condemning Japan for its use of comfort women during World War II. That way, they will continue spreading awareness of the comfort women’s plight, encourage the Americans to pass more resolutions censuring Japan for its wartime conduct, and bring awareness of the emerging right-wing nationalism in Japan, which seems to be downplayed by the Japanese power structure and their Japanophilic tools.

It’s also nice to know that Japanese politicians are more than willing to shift the blame to others unlike those pesky Germans, who directly confronted their actions. I guess sexual exploitation of countless women is just peanuts compared to wartime bombings and atomic attacks, and all the women were actually recruited from evil parents, which suggests the testimony from surviving comfort women were just politically and racially-motivated lies to tarnish Japan. Of course I am being sarcastic, but you’re an idiot if you thought otherwise.

I reckon if Japan claims that all comfort women were properly recruited and treated humanely, then the all the civilians killed in Nanjing were simply lining up to get raped and killed by the Japanese. With that said, we can also say that Okinawans never committed mass suicide but they were actually forced by the Americans to do so to inspire fear among the Japanese contrary to evidence showing the IJA forcing the locals to commit mass suicide. After all, all lies become truth if enough lesser minds adhere and preach the message and fortunately Japan has more than enough Japanophiles to make this happen.

They already convinced much of the world that Takeshima is Japanese, the comfort woman thing is just a racially motivated smear campaign perpetuated by the Koreans, the Rape of Nanjing is not a big deal since it’s also a communist Chinese-led smear campaign, and removing Article 9 will create a real defence force (even though they had one since 1952) supported by all. Most of all, they convinced the world that Japan is a modern-day Shangri-La and Japan is totally blameless with the critics being the sole source of all of Japan’s problems.


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