Bladestorm – The 100 Years’ War demo

The demo was released today in the Japanese Playstation Store as a free demo, which was about 1GB in size.  In this demo you are only allowed to create an edit character that can play in up to 2 missions.   This edit character can be either a male or female with a series of preset faces and voices.  For my demo, I chose to make my character to have the face that resembled David Beckham.

The first mission involves a basic tutorial where you learn to take control of an army in a battlefield.  The armies you can use are swordsmen, knights, archers, longbowmen, and pikemen.  Unlike Kessen, which was purely a strategy game, Bladestorm allows you to directly participate in combat and command your troops at the same time with orders to charge, charge up and perform a special attack.  Your troop’s ability to generate kills and combos will directly impact your ability to command certain number of troops, troop type, and reputation among the NPC characters.   At the end of the basic tutorial you are deployed to a battlefield where you must take enemy bases.

The second mission is more of the same except you can control pikemen in addition to your existing troop types.  Much of the basic strategy involves staying in a safe distance while letting your troops do all the work with the occasional command to make special attacks coming from you.

The only gripe I had with the Bladestorm demo were the inability to skip through any cut scenes and for having only 2 missions despite being a 1GB download.

Some games I look forward on the PS3 are Metal Gear Solid 4, Time Crisis 4, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Civilisations: Revolution, and now Bladestorm.


2 thoughts on “Bladestorm – The 100 Years’ War demo

  1. Interesting.

    The only console games I become addicted to was Winning Eleven.

    After so many years, I’m still stuck in PC reminiscing Starcarft and the old version of Civilization games.

    Maybe it’s time I move on… Will need more time for such leisure.

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