Report: China may ask UN to vote on Taiwan as part of China

Report: China may ask UN to vote on Taiwan as part of China
Aug 11, 2007, 22:15 GMT

Taipei – China, to block Taiwan from seeking to join the United Nations, plans to ask UN members to cast vote on whether Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China, a newspaper said Sunday.

The United Daily News quoted The Nelson Report, a daily newsletter on policy issues in Washington, as saying that the US was shocked that when Taiwan recently applied to join the UN, the UN rejected the bid by interpreting Resolution 2758 as ruling that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Washington is worried that China may ask UN members to cast vote on whether Taiwan is part of the PRC. That would put the United States in an awkward position, because Washington will be asked to clarify its stance on Taiwan.

The US switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979, but it signed the Taiwan Relations Act, pledging to continue to sell defensive arms to Taiwan.

Since then, the US has maintained an ambiguous stance on Taiwan, neither supporting nor opposing Taiwan independence but leaving it as a matter for peaceful resolution.

The dispute over Taiwan’s UN seat dates to the Chinese Civil War, which ended in 1949 when the victorious Communists founded the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the mainland, forcing the Republic of China (ROC) government to move its seat to Taiwan.

The international community, refusing to recognize the PRC as the legitimate Chinese government, allowed the exiled ROC government to keep China’s seat at the United Nations.

In 1971, the UN General Assembly passed Resolution 2758, accepting the PRC and expelling the ROC, or the Taiwan government.

Since 1993, Taiwan has tried to rejoin the UN under its official name as the Republic of China. After failing annually, this year Taiwan decided to apply for UN membership as Taiwan.

President Chen Shui-bian has sent two letters to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon requesting UN membership for Taiwan. Ban ignored the letters, saying the UN abides by Resolution 2758, which says that Taiwan is part of China.

Chen argued that Resolution 2758 has solved the problem of China’s representation in the UN but leaves unresolved Taiwan’s representation in the UN.

Chen claimed that Taiwan is a sovereign nation, currently recognized by 24 countries.

Taiwan’s move is unlikely to succeed in the near future, as the overwhelming majority of the 192 UN member countries have diplomatic ties with China and accept China’s claim to the island. China is also one of the five veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council.

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This is a great and long overdue idea to formalize China’s claim on Taiwan Province.  Now Taiwan Province will finally get an answer from the world on whether it is a Chinese province or not while their American overlords will have to make a clear choice based on the UN vote.


29 thoughts on “Report: China may ask UN to vote on Taiwan as part of China

  1. Sure it will seeing as the world is voting on this question. In any event, the answer to this vote will be a benefit to all involved since it will finally answer age-old questions and develop new strategies based on the outcome.

  2. The debate would be interesting. Given Taiwan has no UN ambassador, Chen Shui-bian would normally be the one to put forward Taiwan’s case. China risks coming out of the situation looking poorly indeed.

  3. Taiwan has not been a part of China since 1895 when it was ceded to Japan by a legal international treaty. That ends China’s claims to Taiwan. Taiwan ceased being Japanese territory in 1952 when the San Francisco Peace Treaty took effect. The San Francisco Peace Treaty clearly names the United States as the principal occupier.
    The USA was and still is the holder of Taiwan’s sovereignty until there is another legal international treaty to supplant it. The opinions of the UN do not have the legally binding power on a level with an international treaty.
    The US allows the ROC to run Taiwan as a de facto independent entity for reasons of political expediency.The ROC cannot ever legally represent Taiwan. The ROC is a government in exile of China and also runs Taiwan on behalf of the US. There are strict international laws preventing any government in exile from ever becoming the normalized government of the place where they are in exile. The Tibetans can never claim Dharamsala, India as Tibetan territory, for example. The ROC does not hold the territorial soverignty of Taiwan. The ROC’s only legitimate territory are the islands of Kinmen and Matsu of Fujian Province, China. You could say that they are squatters on Taiwan.
    Despite the wrecklessly negligent way that the US has handled the Taiwan issue since 1945, they still hold the disposition rights to Taiwan. Ban Ki-moon’s comment that the UN considers Taiwan to be a part of China result from one of 2 possiblilities: Either A, he is utterly clueless about international law and needs to pull his head out from somewhere (unlikely) or B, he is in bed with the Chinese (highly likely). I would hope that the United States will set him straight in no uncertain terms.

    China does not have any more claim to Taiwan than Japan. They are both equal, both have already ceded Taiwan. The Chinese are BLUFFING

    1. Correct. But, I would like to add that China had never owned Taiwan. During the Qing dynasty, they were the same country because Taiwan did not exist. Then after the civil war, the losing party fled to the island now called Taiwan. Since then, they have kept all the flags and culture but are another independent country. China is the one who changed their flag and many other things. Just because the founder of Taiwan is Chinese does not mean the new independent country, Taiwan, is China’s. Canada is not England’s right?

  4. If Taiwan Province is legally American territory, then how come you don’t have the same rights as your Puerto Rican counterparts.

    BTW, the US does not support Taiwan independence in fact and in appearance. Good luck with your arguments

  5. How little the world, and for that matter the UN, knows about Taiwan and China.
    Taiwan was a part of Ching Empire, not Ching Dynesty, Not China, of either ROC or PRC.
    As a matter of fact, Republic of Formosa was established in 1895, although quickly defeated by Japanese Empire. ROC was not established until 1912, exactely 17 years latter, while PRC in 1949, some 54 years latter.
    Until Japan ceded sovereignty of Taiwan in San Francisco Treaty in 1952, Taiwan was part of Japanese empire, and has not have any territorial relationship with any “China”.
    When Japan ceded sovereignty of Taiwan, it did not name any receiver. Naturally, they go to the only legitimate, self governing, capable, and peace loving Taiwanese, and their own republic if they so wish to establish.

  6. Interesting,

    You have one group claiming Taiwan Province is an American territory based on international law and precedent, and you have another claiming the SF Treaty granted Taiwan Province independence haha.

    It would be best if you kids get your positions straight before you attack me for posting a news article.

    1. About all your previous comments: Taiwan is not China. They are completely different countries and are both independent.

      Feel free to open this topic and constructive discussions at

  7. Exactly, in Taiwan you can have different perspectives to learn, interpret, and debate politics, social issues, historical events, etc.

    That’s something you couldn’t do in China, lifeinmotion.

    In addition, in their discussion, nobody is attacking your position. ( I don’t even see what that is.) They did NOT even mention you. You pathetic self-centered emperor. guess that’s how you were educated.

    Good luck!

  8. Haha, I guess you have never been to China.

    Sure you guys are, ranting about Taiwan’s supposed independence with random tidbits. Only Michael Turton is a Taiwanophile that can be respected unlike you kids.

    You just made an attack haha. It’s quite sad you had to end a counterpoint in an immature and “taiwanese” manner.

  9. Can the average peasant in rural PRC move or travel freely to Shanghai, Hong Kong or Macau? If not, so what if Taiwan accepts the one country two systems scheme proposed by the PRC? Is it all just about Chinese nationalism and pride for the mainlanders though for most of them (even if they can afford it) can’t just visit the places I just mentioned in PRC and ROC without permission and proper documentation?

  10. Then again, the article isn’t about China’s problems. I posted articles exploring those problems if you kids actually looked for it.

    This post is about the world voting on Taiwan Province’s status as a Chinese province to answer the age-old question on the island’s status and help everyone develop new strategies around the final decision.

    Sure the PRC has problems from decades of communist, but the ROC is being destroyed from within for the wrong reasons.

  11. I doubt if that “Daiwanlang” has read a offcially published history book in terms of Taiwan. Just drop lines for your reference!!

    Japan launched a war of aggression against China in 1894 (20th year of the reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu). In the ensuing year, as a result of defeat the Qing government was forced to sign the Treaty of Shimonoseki, ceding Taiwan to Japan.
    In 1937 the Chinese people threw themselves into an all-out war of resistance against Japanese aggression. In its declaration of war against Japan, the Chinese Government proclaimed that all treaties, conventions, agreements, and contracts regarding relations between China and Japan, including the Treaty of Shimonoseki, had been abrogated. The declaration stressed that China would recover Taiwan, Penghu and the four northeastern provinces. After eight years of grueling war against Japanese aggression the Chinese people won final victory and recovered the lost territory of Taiwan in 1945.

    1. No. Taiwan is not China. The Chinese did not fight for Taiwan back, the Japanese unoccupied it after the Second World War. Taiwan is a democracy, China is not. Taiwan kept their own flag and symbols after the losing party of the civil war fled to the island now called Taiwan. China altered their flag and symbols. Different countries, indeed.

  12. Taiwan was never China’s and will never be. China is taking advantage of its rising economic power to blackmail Taiwan by “letting it” join the UN as long as they admit they belong to China. The Qing dynasty is over, Taiwan is independent. Many points can support this argument. Taiwan: democracy, own flag, own nationality, etc. China: communist, theiy changed their flag after the losing party of the civil war fled to the island now called Taiwan.

    Please offer constructive discussions regarding this topic.

  13. Taiwan is neither indepedent nor a country. Please stop spamming a 2-year post; it won’t magically create an independent country called Taiwan.

    1. It doesn’t need to be magically created, it already exists. You need to explain HOW Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan has its own FLAG, NATIONALITYand CAPITAL CITY. It even is a DEMOCRACY. Have you studied geography, familiar with countries of the North(rich) and the ones of the South (poor or developping)? Taiwan is part of the NewIndustrializedCountries. On international maps, China and Taiwan are different colours.

  14. Taiwan has its own FLAG, NATIONALITYand CAPITAL CITY. It even is a DEMOCRACY. Countries of the North(rich) and the ones of the South (poor or developping)- Taiwan is part of the NewIndustrializedCountries. On international maps, China and Taiwan are different colours. After the civil war in China, the losing party, Zhang Kai-Shek fled to an island now called Taiwan. He started Taiwan’s independence. Just because his background is Chinese does not mean whatever he creates belongs to China. Don’t be greedy ,something good created by others, you find any excuses to make them sound like it was you who created them. Canada does not belong to England!

    1. The only country that does not recognise South Ossetia as a country is Georgia because it once belonged to them! They are not happy to have lost their own territory. Jealousy. Same thing with North and South Korea. As well as Taiwan and China. Life in Taiwan is different of the one in China. Taiwan has already declared independence and just because it is not part of the UN does not mean it is not. As I said, Taiwan is part of the NICs, not China. In recent educational system (e.g. France, Canada, Germany…) textbooks, Taiwan is in a different colour and is mentioned as Taiwan or R.O.C. China is maentioned separately. Moa Zhe-dong the creator of China accepted Taiwan’s independence and Taiwan is just like Canada, a country that was founded on a later date by other countries. (Canada is not French nor English! but has their background) Same thing for Taiwan.

      1. Uh no. Taiwan is not independent and not a country. Taiwan is as real as South Ossetia. Unlike Canada, Taiwan is not a recognised country. All real countries are in the UN and Mao never recognised Taiwan independence.

      2. That is because China, a rising superpower, is not letting Taiwan be in the UN. The U.S., selfish and obviously are friends with any country with power, accepts this. There are a lot of politics involved but that does not eliminate the truth and history. Anyways, you still haven’t explained how China owns Taiwan, explain with historical references. All of what I have told you above characterizes an independent country, especially if Taiwan is part of China, the riches of the North (Taiwan) does not go to the South (China) for free. Again, Taiwan has its own government, flag, etc… it is part of the NICs, it has culture, food & dining, etc… during the course of history, China never owned Taiwan, after the civil war, the losing party fled there to start their own country. Just because Zhang Kai-shek is Chinese does not mean Taiwan is China’s! You need to prove your points with liable historical references like me!

  15. You have no facts Flulffy just conviction.

    Both the Republic of China (ROC; commonly known as “Taiwan”) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) claim sovereignty over the whole of China, stating China is de jure a single sovereign entity encompassing both the area currently controlled by the PRC and the area currently controlled by the ROC. The ROC is currently recognized as a state by 22 UN members and the Holy See. All other UN member states do not officially recognize the ROC as a state; some of them regard its controlled territory as de jure part of the PRC while some others have used careful diplomatic language to avoid taking a position as to whether the current territory of the ROC is part of the PRC.

    It’s not legally a country and has less recognition than Kosovo. BTW, Taiwanese are Chinese.

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