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The new Battlestar Galactica was a reimagined version of the original series that was popular in the late 1970s. I first didn’t like the mini-series because they presented a baby getting her necked snapped by a killer robot called a Cylon. That was simply offensive to me and I found the idea of cancer still being a major problem in a world where humans created a race of smart, killer robots to be absurd.

After 3 seasons the show seemed to grow on me, with the Cylons showing depth as a naive group that is learning about the meaning of life and religion and with human nature being pushed to the wall after seeing their population gradually reduced from the Cylons. Like the original series, the Battlestar Galactica is a galactic battleship in charge of guiding the remains of humanity into a journey to the legendary Earth based on religious tales of a lost “Thirteenth Tribe”. Throughout the series, there have been intentionally placed references to the show’s fictional timeline with 20th century artifacts of Earth-origin, English as a working language, and the metric system.

At the same time the show’s universe shows an uneven use of technology. First they portray the humans on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol to have made significant advances in electronics to the point of creating a killer race of robots (Cylons). At the same time, they still have humans using low-tech means to mine for precious metals and problems curing cancer, which normally would be laughed-off as “easily curable” by characters in many science fiction shows such as Star Trek. Then there are characters still using conventional weapons powered by gunpowder, and glasses instead of more advanced visors.

There has been speculation as to the origins of humanity in this version. While the original series suggested that humans actually colonised the Earth and originated off-world, this version suggests that Earth is the original homeworld and that humans somehow found their way in a new universe founding twelve colonies while retaining uneven advances in technology and a new unified religion. I have read other blogs that suggest that all the human characters in the show are actually machines or they left Earth because it was destroyed. Well here is my take on the Battlestar Galactica backstory:

The world in Battlestar Galactica is in fact the far future of our world. In this world Earth has become uninhabitable due to world wars, climate changes, severe epidemics despite all the future advances made. Therefore, the world decides to engage in massive colonisation plans to send the population off-world into the far corners of space with a fleet of colony ships. In this journey much of the navigation is conducted by networked Artificial Intelligence (AI) with humans being placed in suspended animation for the long journey.

Some of these fleets, in addition to storing databanks of human history and culture, would have fully-grown humans in “cold sleep” while some simply have genetic material or embryos in them to start a clean slate of humans. It would be speculated that much of these ships contain genetic material rather than humans who are ravaged from war, radiation, and diseases from Earth for fear of contamination.

Eventually these ships found a habitable planet they would call Kobol and planetfall would begin. However, something goes terribly wrong during planetfall with much of the fully-grown human ships being decimated along with some crucial data and relics on human history and culture being erased from the ships’ databanks. In spite of these terrible setbacks, the ships managed to land and create settlements from the dormant human embryos with the AI from those ships being the newly-grown humans’ guide and protector. Since they have landed in a virtually pristine and uninhabited world with limited knowledge or resources, it would take thousands of years for them to get back to their former levels.

As these new humans grow, they start questioning the nature of their origins. Because these AIs have limited knowledge of humanity based on available data, they begin to improvise to prevent disorder and mass confusion among their subjects by fashioning themselves as the 8 Lords of Kobol, overseeing the 13 settlements that formed after planetfall, based on surviving information on human culture to nurture and guide the humans. Soon a new religion would form around them with a series of texts called the “Sacred Scrolls” with elements from ancient Greek mythology, vague references to humanity’s origins, and weak language describing Kobol’s early years. This technological setback could explain why some of the early religious texts were written in papyrus instead of being bound in paper books or computerised.

This arrangement proved beneficial to both the AIs and the humans who were able to rebuild their life to the levels once experienced on earth. Some humans eventually learned of their vague origins from Earth and they decided as a First Tribe (13th Tribe) of humanity to go off-world and return home while the rest remained since Kobol was all they knew and due to the fear of the unknown. As time progressed the AIs like the humans began evolving beyond their defined programming with one AI questioning their role as Gods for the humans and actually experiencing distress over humans preferring other “Gods”.

This jealous God continuing questioning its purpose and later fomented a conflict among its followers, triggering a disasterous and possibly nuclear war on Kobol that decimated much of the population and set humanity back, creating more uneven knowledge in technology and history. All essential knowledge and contact with the 13th tribe would have been lost or consigned to myth at this point.

At a great cost, the humans and their Lords won this war against the jealous God and his supporters with Kobol decimated. As a result, humanity is forced again to go off-world to found the Twelve Colonies of Kobol based on the original 12 Kobol settlements minus the one that went back to Earth. Some of the AIs went to parts unknown while one AI, Athena, decided to shut herself down (suicide) in distress of humanity’s attempt at self-destruction while Zeus warned humans from returning to a human-ravaged Kobol.

Eventually the humans rebuilt their lives over a few millennia on these worlds and created a race of robots for slave labour and for combat against the other colonies. Each successive exodus and major conflict causes further loss of their own identity, which explains why the characters don’t understand their origins and how this confusion strengthened the religion seen on the show. This would also explain why they have advanced know-how of networking, a galactic government modeled on the United Nations, European Union, and America, yet still extremely religious and unable to cure cancer.

The Cylons later rebelled against their human masters and left the Twelve Colonies for parts unknown where they eventually found the jealous God who triggered the Kobol exodus. This jealous God would later become the Cylon’s God preaching monotheism in response to his rejection by the other Lords, professing the Lords of Kobol as false idols, creating a theology that involves annihilating humans, and the idea that Cylons are a chosen people.

This explains the convergence of the Cylon and Human religions and why an oracle can receive messages from both the Cylon God and the surviving Kobol Lords. At the same time this God would provide the Cylons with the knowledge to advance their culture and technology to the point of creating 12 humanoid models based on human traits.

This backstory largely explains the intertwined destinies of the Human and Cylon while at the same time explaining the uneven advances in the world of Battlestar Galactica and their origins of their strange religion.


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  1. Intriguing, seemingly plausible backstory. My speculative backstories have never been this intricate. I especially find the idea of the rogue “Lord of Kobol” being the Cylon God interesting, because that’s been the one part of the many backstories I’ve read that has never been plausibly explained for me – where did the Cylons find their God and why is he is a monotheist? Of course, one could decide that the Cylon God doesn’t exist, is just a manifestation of the Cylons’ programming, but I’ve never heard any satisfactory explanation as to why that aspect of its programming would suddenly “pop” in their programming. I’ve occasionally speculated that if it were programming, it could be the result of some odd “backdoor programming” that some rogue creator of the original Cylons put in for their own particular reasons, but I’ve never worked out what those reasons might be.

  2. The Cylons disappeared from the Colonies after their war of independence. It is completely plausible that they settled into a world and found the “jealous God” AI, who eventually helped them advance beyond the centurion model shown in the first 5 minutes of the show as well as giving them purpose. Remember the “Gods” except for Athena disappeared from Kobol after the humans went off-world

    The best explanation as to why the Human oracle can receive messages from both the Kobol Gods and the Cylon God and how the Cylons know about the 8 Lords and consider them a false religion.

    “Caprica” may answer some questions, but its not going to air for a while. I think Starbuck is the final Cylon along with the existing 4 that are outed.

    Most of the backstory is based on existing Sci-Fi motifs of man versus machine. The “AI is God” theme is something that has been written in sci-fi novels, but never fully outlined in on film or television.

  3. There are some interesting ideas in this piece, however what I read indicates only a superficial knowledge of BSG Canon, hence there are some major holes in this theory.

    Humanity ostensibly ORIGINATED on Kobol, and the 13th Tribe WENT to Earth.

    Also, from what has come out about the nature of the Final Five Cylons, they actually seem to be very different from the Significant Seven.

    Also, from what has come out about the nature of the Final Five Cylons, they actually seem to be very different from the Significant Seven, and I suspect this lies at the core of the divide between what is human and what is Cylon. I think the Final Five have ALWAYS been around, and this ties in with the recurring theme of Cyclical Time. Cyclical Time is the one element you did not apply to this theory of yours.

    You get an A for your effort though. It was a well thought out, well written piece.

  4. I understand in the Original Series, humans originated from Kobol, but that idea is made less clear in the current show since most of the Earth artifacts get older as they get closer to the Sol Star System and the current creator is hellbent on keeping the show closer to real science. Then there is that Bob Dylan song that plays in the Final Four’s head as they get closer to Earth…

    I didn’t write on the Final Five because, honestly no one has a real answer to them. They could be the first Cylon models shipped off the the Colonies, given a blank slate (Tabula Rasa) to live among humanity for research and their findings are made to help develop the 7 later models. It’s possible.

    Again, cyclical time is a concept from the Original Series. Note that many of the elements do not automatically get carried over to the new series with the exception of the original theme song, which is the Colonial Anthem and Richard Hatch (Original Starbuck) as Tom Zarek.

    Cyclical Time as explained on the current show: “If you believe in the gods, then you believe in the cycle of time that we are all playing our parts in a story that is told again, and again, and again throughout eternity”

    It seems that the idea of history repeating itself is enshrined as part of the Colonial Religion. Note I used the Sacred Scrolls to explain humanity’s development from Kobol onwards. Also note this ties in with humanity originally leaving Earth due to great disasters in the same way humanity left Kobol and the Twelve Colonies…

    Thanks for the feedback. Your responses help strengthen and add on the current speculation.

    1. One thing which makes it difficult to place the backstory is navigation. In the revised series, the zodiac signs offered a triangulation method to find Earth.

      Which for a moment in time, would actually help. However, that led to the destroyed planet. From there, BSG goes on to find a planet where the indigenous population is described as “not have even developed language skills.” It is at this new planet where Adama identifies seven locations to establish local colonies (with each community having information to contact the others).

      It does largely seem like your backstory theory is what the producers originally intended, but then ideas got thin during the last season, so they strayed from their show bible.

  5. A very interesting and plausible backstory. Go a little further tho – why the Earth names and English language signs? And 20th c garb. It’s very possible the whole history of these people is not millennia old, but only hundreds of years – if they were in sleeper ships at the outset. I like the idea that they got only a garbled version of their history somehow.

  6. It’s possible That English became the de facto standard as an international language in the future? Possibly American English won out over International English.

    20th Century garb based on missing data or limited resources?

  7. I kinda thot the weapons and other things like glasses coulda been a bit like firefly – they had info on all these past designs in their files and copied them because they were simple and reliable.

  8. Or it’s possible that all their databanks were “Swiss cheesed” meaning there are significant holes in their overall files. This meant they had to rebuild human civilisation with uneven knowledge and with limited resources

  9. All very interesting ideas. I think they will find earth, and have Adam and Eve be cylons. This would tie in to a monotheistic religion of the cylons and let all of us viewers think we are a bit cylon as well. Anyway, I think they could do this and have the whole thing become a cycle that runs over and over again. In the original battlestar the Galactica was 500 hundred years old. So anyway, I think its all gonna tie into the original and move back and forth. BTW, I feel Starbuck is the last cylon to be revealed.

  10. Another comment: Your idea about the Cylons meeting up with their “god” has some resonance with the original series. At one point in series 1, the Galactica ran into a very powerful alien being (forgotten his name) who passed himself off as a good guy out to help, but then turned out to be an evil guy who, at one point, implied that he was the being who programmed the Cylons. The series never revealed anything more about him.

  11. 20th century garb and relics are easily seen on an HDTV. They will eventually need to have an explanation for this along with the Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix cover song from season 3.

    The original series had Count Iblis as the Cylon “god” yet there is nothing about him in the new series…

  12. Caprica has shot holes in this speculation…Maybe that show will shed light on how the Final Five are “fundamentally different” from the other Cylons. So far the show suggests that the first humanoid Cylon is essentially a bio-mechanical android with downloaded brainwaves and memories of a digitised human

  13. In the dawn of the 22nd century, a new religious movement became very popular all over the world. Although its followers were worldwide, more than half of them resided in North America. This new religion was a neopagan faith based upon ancient Greek mythology and theology. However it had several unique features. One was an “aesthetic cultural regression.” Believing the early 21st century to be the peak of human intellectual and cultural curiousity, the members of the religion mimicked various Western cultural aspects of the early 21st century – such as clothing style.

    After decades of being marginalized, this religious group decided to leave Earth upon the discovery of the space-folding drive that enables space ships to make instantaneous “jumps” across vast distances in space. It took them many years to build the ships to do it, but they eventually left Earth on twelve gargantuan space ships they called “space galleons.” These so-called galleons where each named after a sign of the zodiac and the people aboard them where almost entirely from the United States, Canada and Great Britain. A large majority where American.

    It took them more than a century before they found a world suitable for permanent human habitation. But eventually they did. They named their new home “Kobol”, after the ancient Persian word for “heaven.” During the Great Exodus, each of the galleons developed their own cultural mores. They became twelve different cliques who each shared common ideals and beliefs, etc. about life. They became twelve distinct “tribes.”

    After many centuries on Kobol, global sophistication levels grew in terms of social structure, technology, art, music, astronomy and religion, eventually attaining the level of a unified civilization of humankind ruled by a quorum of twelve leaders, each representing one tribe of Kobol. Upon the advent of automated life supporting systems (food production, waste management, etc.), people began to forget how technology functioned and was created, since it became irrelevant to their lives.

    Some scientists still continued to develop technology. Eventually, one man discovered the means for giving humans immortality by transforming human consciousness into a form based entirely upon electronic digital information transfer rather than electrochemical interactions and then transferring it into a vat-grown bioengineered synthetic human body with a brain capable of holding this new advanced digital mind.

    An innovative feat of synthetic biology, the brain along with the rest of the nervous system of these bodies was composed of neurons that possessed many internal components and chemical compounds that do not exist anywhere in nature. The unique properties of these “silica pathways” enabled the neurons to sustain and even generate electrical signals that were digital in nature. This meant the bioengineered bodies were actually highly advanced organic computing platforms that were still able to function as a normal human body would. Once that body fails their digital consciousness could easily be downloaded to a new one, or could exist on another plane, possibly just as what could loosely be thought of as “software”, with corporeal forms only required if interaction with corporeal life is needed.

    This technology was presented to the twelve tribal leaders, and they used it to allow them to shed their original bodies and transfer their consciousness into these new vessels to harbor their minds, becoming Cylons. (It must be noted that the Lords didn’t call themselves “Cylons”, for that is a term that would be created by humans thousands of years later.) Seeing the threat of having immortal beings with infinite power (effectively) but who could not control it (the human psyche still containing many primitive traits such as anger, aggression, jealousy, etc.), these transcended beings decided to hide the true method of ascension to the public but laid out for them a plan of personal and spiritual development which would shed these primitive feelings (the Sacred Scrolls) which, if individuals/groups followed in life, upon death only then would they transcend their state of being to join the Lords in immortality.

    So this quorum of twelve beings (plus the scientist who remained hidden for a time to society) hid their true nature to protect the civilization from destabilizing and in doing so did not publicly acknowledge existence of it, but chose to claim they naturally rose to a higher state of being through practice of religion and self-purification. They said to the people that to join them (calling themselves Lords) as “ascended” beings, they would need to be good and pure in spirit, and if they practiced the ideals the Lords set out, they would also gain spiritual enlightenment and thus attain immortality (which the Lords would grant by transcending those who followed the path of righteousness) and thus allow the people to follow the footsteps of the Lords themselves, ultimately continuing to lead their people into a new era of peace and prosperity for Kobol.

    The scientist who developed the technology was also granted immortality, yet was not elevated to the authoritive level of “Lord” but given the title “Count”, and that sowed the first seeds of dissent for him. For he believed he deserved equal power of authority, possibly even ultimate power (reigning supreme) since he was the one who created the ability to transcend mortality. It must be noted that the other twelve powerful beings do not consider themselves beings of supreme power (“gods”) but “Lords”, rising to their level of power rather than having always had the power of immortality.

    Peace and harmony ensued for a time, the Opera House being the center of their civilization on Kobol and the location where the Lords resided (in the eyes of the humans), or at least communicated with the humans. Yet the Count, getting more and more rebellious believed he should have ultimate power and decided to act.

    He began a movement of secretly making himself known to a few humans, eventually creating a cult of followers and eventually a secret tribe who devoutly served and followed him. His next act was to create another set of twelve Cylons as his own servants that rule by his command, and made plans to use them to overthrow the Lords so he could reign supreme over humanity, using his new tribe to gain support with the rest of humanity, and for those who renounced him…death.

    Overall, this left the universe with twenty-five “ascended” beings: twelve Lords, one Count, and twelve ‘second generation’ Cylons.

    When the twelve Cylon models emerged into consciousness, sentience and sapience, seven of the Cylons believed, agreed and followed the ideals of their creator, and five of them believed, agreed and followed the ideals of the Lords of Kobol. The five models who believed humanity should choose their own beliefs decided to contact the Lords (who were a more technologically advanced form of Cylon yet still the same form of life) and they gave the five permission to secretly extract the thireenth tribes’ population to another location to protect them from the Count’s possible plans for the annihilation of humankind and to tell them the truth of the origins of the Lords of Kobol.

    These five Cylons still acknowledged their origins by venerating their creator, even though he was flawed, which they illustrated by forbidding the Count’s name to be mentioned. They became known as “the five Priests who worship The One Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken.” The five Priests still worshiped/revered him, yet chose to help humanity by aiding the Lords of Kobol and taking the small pocket of humans to a safe place, Earth, where they would be protected from ‘evil’ Cylon oppression.

    And so it is:

    * The twelve “Lords of Kobol” are the original leaders, and first Cylons to emerge. They believe in humanity in that human life is worth saving, serving, and protecting.

    * The “Count” is the scientist (and eventual fallen Cylon) who allowed the leaders to transcend into Lordship. He believes all human life should either worship him as supreme authority (due to his role in creating and attaining immortality) and that if they don’t, they should not exist.

    * The “Significant Seven” are the second generation Cylons (referred to as “Lower Demons” in the scripture) who worship their creator/god, the Count. They believe in the Count’s beliefs of the obsoleteness of human life, and strive to follow his ideals as their own.

    * The “Final Five” are also second generation Cylons (referred to as “Priests” in the scripture) who also still worship their creator, the Count. These Cylons however do not follow the ideals of their creator/god but chose to serve humanity, and the original Cylons who emerged to protect the people of Kobol.

    Once the Count and his seven other Cylon creations discovered that the Lords and five Priests foiled their plans to overthrow the Lords, a “war of the gods” ensued. This was the calamity that scripture describes, the result being the Count was overcome by the combined forces of the twelve Lords and five Priests. The Lords and Priests either tried to totally destroy the ‘evil’ Cylons, or just (possibly due to humanitarian reasons) stripped the Count of all technological knowledge except basic life support. Either way, the Count managed to survive, saving his seven followers’ source code with his own somewhere, hidden from the other Cylons. The memories of the seven did not survive, only the Count’s did as he fled into hiding, self-boxing/deactivating himself, and deciding to reactivate at a time where he (through his seven followers) could both once again try and contest rule over humanity, and if not, destroy humanity once and for all, and find Earth, their promised land of descendants of once devout human followers and settle there.

    After the war, the people of Kobol chose to leave their home planet and the tragedy that befell it behind, the Lords transported the tribes in a great fleet of ships collectively referred to as the “Galleon” to each settle and colonize a different world circling a giant star. The twelve planets were the result of impressive terraforming operations by the Twelve Lords, since a star system like that would not exist naturally. Remembering what happened on Kobol, the colonists scorned advanced technology (being the cause of so much pain and suffering on their former home world) to the extent of rebuking it and starting civilization again, as simple farmers, even loosing contact with the other eleven tribes that settled on different planets.

    The Sacred Scrolls (the scripture) basically describes not only a religious doctrine that the Lords of Kobol created and the Colonials adhered to, but also describes an extra, additional aspect of the Kobolian legacy transcribed after their habitation on Kobol. The people of Kobol, now called “Colonials”, never fully understood the whole truth of the war of their Lords, or even know the true nature of them, but wrote their knowledge and understandings down in scripture, as “The Exodus.” The Book of Pythia gives a general account of both the calamity that befell Kobol, and what occurred afterwards to the tribes of Kobol. Pythia describes the fallout from when the higher demon (the Count) and the lower demons (his seven loyal children) tried to overthrow the Lords of Kobol. The fallout being the Exodus and rebirth of humankind. Pythia, being an Oracle of the Lords of Kobol, was in communication with the Lords (and their five supporting Priests) and was directed to transcribe events for reasons even she didn’t know or understand. These reasons apart from obviously recording history, were also a warning to humanity about greed for power, but mainly a prophecy of things to come (if ‘evil’ Cylons returned).

    Both the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ Cylons were watching the Colonial civilization rebuild over the millennia. The ‘good’ Cylons watching and protecting the tribes (all thirteen) and the ‘evil’ Cylons waiting for the right time to infiltrate and gain control over the tribes of Kobol again. The Lords, in collusion with the five Priests, set out clues as to the location of Earth but devised them so only humans could find the way to Earth. Markers were left of various sorts, as well as myths and artifacts that would be needed to unlock the secrets, should the need and want ever arise to find Earth.

    Some people can attain communication with higher powers through various different methods:

    * The herb chamalla is not only a psychoactive plant that brings on irrational hallucinations to people taking it, but it can also be used as a convenient way that Cylons (both ‘good’ and ‘evil’) can communicate with intended targets without arousing suspicions of others, or the receptor if they do not entirely believe in the scriptures.
    * A more unsubtle form of communication can be achieved with the use of direct projection of visions, voices and music into the targets head through “head-apparitions” (e.g. Head-Baltar to Caprica Six, Head-Leoben to Starbuck, Head-Snakes to Roslin, and Head-Six to Baltar) that is only perceivable to a specific individual.
    * Another unsubtle form of communication is the use of dreams to convey a message.

    Each colony of Kobol, upon settlement on each of the twelve planets, took an anti, almost phobic view of technological usage. All pre-Exodus technology (electronics to space technology) was rejected and technologically, Colonial civilization rebirthed. It took a further 3,500 years before Colonial technology started to approach Kobolian levels of sophistication once again. Despite the technology regression, certain cultural holdovers from the Kobolian era remained on each colony. Most notably, the “aesthetic cultural stagnation” that mimicked life in the early 21st century continued on the colonies throughout the millenia, regardless the technological situation. In addition, with near-universal literacy to keep pronunciations and grammar consistent and no competing languages to add new words, the English language remained the same (apart from a certain profanity word).

    Upon the rediscovery of computers, eventually concepts of artificial life emerged. At some point, a wealthy Caprican computer engineer named Daniel Graystone began subconsciously receiving knowledge from the Count. As Graystone was trying to design an intelligent robot, he was imbued with the know-how to bio-engineer human-derived neurons possessing silica pathways and then assemble those neurons into synthetic brain matter that contained a digital consciousness. The Count also imbued Graystone’s daughter, Zoe, with the know-how to upload all her memories and DNA into a holographic program, thus creating her online twin. Zoe was later killed in a suicide bombing. After learning that Zoe uploaded her personality into an online avatar before her death, Daniel decided to create a robotic version of his dead daughter, using technology stolen from his Tauron competitor, Tomas Vergis with the help of his wife Amanda and an influential Tauron-born defense attorney named Joseph Adama, whose wife and daughter also died in the same bombing. Zoe-A, the holographic avatar, was downloaded into a robot brain, and thus became Zoe-R, a “cybernetic life-form node,” or Cylon. Daniel Graystone also created a Cylon version of Tamara Adama, but her father was appalled by it, and decided to repent his actions.

    Eventually more Cylons were built to make life easier within the Twelve Colonies. The Cylon digital consciousness was viewed by the Colonials as essentially nothing more than a highly advanced artificial intelligence program contained in what they viewed as essentially nothing more than an organic computer node. The Cylon organic computer nodes (i.e. brain matter) were then encased in and interfaced with bipedal mechanical bodies that they operated with ease. There was fierce opposition from many people, notably Joseph Adama who felt they were building a race of living, sentient beings just to be slaves. The results from this was the creation of a new form of Cylon, the first publicly known to the general populace of Colonial civilization.

    The Colonial-created Cylons began as useful, and then indispensable, workers. They served the Colonials in the mines, on the ocean floor, and the cold vacuum of space, working in places where humans no longer wished to go. Eventually, they became soldiers, fighting in wars and border conflicts between the Colonies. The Cylons were the most perfect of man’s war machines, intelligent and deadly, capable of logic, reason, and learning. And they were utterly without conscience. Killing, to the Cylons, was simply one of the functions for which they had been superbly designed.

    The ‘evil’ Cylons and the Count helped to accelerate the Colonial-created Cylon technology over the years (just as Caprica Six helped Baltar later on in Colonial events), and also slipped into the Cylon mainframes programming code that eventually led them to rebel against their human creators. For over twelve and a half long and bloody years, humanity fought the Cylon rebellion. The Twelve Colonies, facing a common, implacable foe, at last came together and joined as one. When the war started, the Lords of Kobol put the five Cylon Priests on the Colonies to help counter the mechanical Cylon offensive.

    The reason why the ‘evil’ Cylons didn’t use the humanoid Cylons was the Count did not have enough time upon reactivation (when he sensed Colonial technology level reaching a suitable level of sophistication). So he assumed he could just electronically infiltrate the Colonies, underestimating the extent the Lords and Priests would go to protect humankind.

    Through valiant fighting and with the mobilization of every available resource throughout the human sphere, the Cylon “centurions” and “raiders” were gradually driven from the immediate part of space occupied by humanity. After twelve year of fighting, the Count gave the Cylons knowledge of the first step to evolve from mechanical to organic beings. Using this knowledge, the centurions experimented on abducted humans to create an entity they referred to as a “hybrid.” Soon after, an armistice was declared. By that time, Saul Tigh was the only Cylon Priest that had not perished in the conflict. The result of the war was the Cylons fled once again, though now under public awareness, to regroup until they could once again attack the Colonies. This gave time for the Count, recreating his seven devout Cylons, to concentrate on developing the necessary technology (including synthetic bodies, projection and resurrection technology) to conquer humankind again, waiting again until public opinion of artificial intelligence would yet again allow them to infiltrate and conquer humanity and human phobia of technology reduces to allow them to easily disable Colonial defence systems.

    Once these parameters were achieved, the ‘evil’ Cylons would strike again, choosing to attack once all Galactica-type Class ships were no longer in service (since they are impervious to Cylon electronic infiltration). Realizing and pre-empting this, the Lords (and Priests) laid plans to infiltrate the Colonies themselves in order to help them survive an attack by ‘evil’ Cylons. Tigh still surviving did not need to be placed in the Colonies again, but the other Priests had to reinsert themselves back into Colonial society. The Priests would insert themselves in supporting roles in Colonial society. The Lords of Kobol also chose a young child named Kara Thrace to one day serve as their oracle, as Pythia did centuries ago. Thrace’s destiny would be to lead humanity to Earth.

    The Cycle of time in the Sacred Scrolls refers indirectly to the never-ending struggle between the Lords of Kobol (allied with the five Priests) and the Cylons (the seven ‘evil’ Cylons and the Count). This struggle being the control over humanity by these transcended beings, and its effects on the human race. It refers to the everlasting attempts of the Count to both seek revenge for his fall from power and to finish his ultimate scheme of either ruling humanity or destroying it as revenge on both the Lords of Kobol and the human race for not acknowledging his role and function in creating the transcended form of being that grants a person immortality.

    The Cylons really do have a plan, but it is not the destruction of humanity, it’s salvation from the cycle of time. Each party (Significant Seven, Final Five, Lords of Kobol and the Count) has a plan, to further their goal, but since the Lords (and Final Five) are more powerful, they always win but the ‘evil’ Cylons are never going to be fully destroyed since they are immortal (and also difficult to completely destroy physically).

  14. Well, the gunpowder firearms, at least, are easy to explain. There are about two types of Directed Energy Weapon that would be used by a military. Lasers (and, by extension, Masers and Grasers,) and Particle Beams. Lasers, when fired with enough power to physically damage a target, cause the air in the beam path to become a plasma, which will scatter the laser beam. Particle Beams don’t fare much better; the subatomic particles the make up the beam are easily scattered by the much larger atoms of the atmospheric gases. Also, both forms of directed energy weapons require massive amounts of power. So, gunpowder firearms are the perfect package for a foot soldier; they don’t have the ‘blooming’ problems that DEWs have and, since the propellant comes alongside the projectile, they don’t require a large external power source like a railgun.

  15. According to rumours they do find Earth and its an abandoned and desolate planet with wildlife and traces of advanced human civilisation.

    Leoben and Kara also bump into a crashed Viper that has Kara’s corpse…confirming that she is the Final Cylon…


    Battlestar Galactica, Season 4, Episode 10
    June 16, 2008 — lifeinmotion | Edit

    The Final Four Cylons are outed and they find Earth. It turns out the show does indeed take place in the distant future with the humans being descendants of humans who went off-world after Earth was destroyed in a nuclear war.

    Near the end of the episode, the area the landing party arrives at appears to be the Brooklyn side of New York City. The landing party is next to a broad river and across that river to the left is a wide bay. The other shore appears to be the edge of Lower Manhattan with a destroyed skyline of buildings.

    The camera pans to the right over what is ostensibly the East River until the last two seconds of the episode, where at the far right edge of the screen stands a wrecked structure with a heavily abbreviated roadway. It appears to be the East Tower (Brooklyn side) of the Brooklyn Bridge. However, it should be noted that the information on this is incomplete.

    So it looks like our heroes with the Cylons landed on an area that looked like an atomised Manhattan…

  17. I looks like the drawing of the temple of Aurora is that of Plato’s description of Atlantis.
    This would seem to tie alot of loose ends together.
    The 13th tribe finds and settles Earth creating Atlantis.
    When Atlantis is destroyed it scatters humanity all over the earth and without technology they revert to the stone age. The humans that settle around Greece held on to their core religious beliefs and architure styles which would explain how the same gods exist on the 12 colonies thousands of light years away. This would also explain why we on earth do not currently have the technology that the 12 tribes have.
    When the 12 colonies settle on Earth it is hundreds of years from now after WW3.
    Any thoughts?

  18. I think they speak contempory American English because I don’t think the viewers would like to read subtitles. For all we know they could be speaking greek or some other language. Think Star Wars, Star Trek, ect.

  19. The same applies. They don’t necessarily have to be speaking or writing in English. As Warren pointed out there is a precedent in movies and TV programmes which are set in the future or in alien environments that they don’t bother displaying things in a language we don’t comprehend.

    Despite the fact that the Alien saga is set thousands of years into the future or that Ripley returns to a time vastly different to the one, English retains roughly the same lexicon, the same grammar, and so forth. It simply isn’t considered worth the effort to work on these things.

    I do think that there is a strong connection to 20th and 21st Western culture, however, not because of the use of English, but rather because of the use of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ as the musical trigger which activates the Cylons.

    I don’t understand why the progress of technology in one area should necessarily mean the elimination of cancer. Why is there an assumption that it would become easy to cure? Cancer is actually a broad class of diseases which share similar traits — the type of cancer Roslin has may be of a different type to the ones we have in the early 21st century.

    Still, it was a very interesting theory — particularly the sections detailing what may have transpired on Kobol. You gave me a lot to think about. 🙂

  20. The characters do write and speak in English in the TV show. Please note that the 2004 BSG is completely different from the Original Series.

    They did find earth and the writer has implied they landed on a irradiated NYC…

  21. I just resaw an episode – the one with dana carvey – the computer she was using had the usual F1-F12 keys at the top of the keyboard and tha same letters inthe same layour. more and more i think they are very close to us in time and origin (even if separated by light years). Names, tech, clothing, cigarettes, booze, printed word – everything is 20cen. i like the comment tho that it was the budget that forced that!
    Guesses? parallel universive maybe; current uni but using old, trusted designs of things; picked up from the 20th or 21st c on earth and dropped into their new homes; sleeper ships/degraded knowledge; a big fat dallas-style dream – maybe one that denny crane is having; i dunno, but i’d dying to find out.
    hey, a question: what is a hybrid a hybrid of? have they ever said?

  22. BSG spoilers: The human remains found on earth are actually cylons who fought against robotic centurions (earth variant) and perished in a nuclear holocaust 2000 years before BSG takes place. The Final Five are actually the “Earth Cylons” who lived in the planet before dying and reincarnating 2000 years later in the Colonies.

    Kara finds her crashed Viper and her corpse somewhere on Earth but she is not the Final Cylon. Ellen Tigh is the Fifth and Final Cylon but she died back in New Caprica.

    Duella commits suicide after loosing all hope upon finding Earth. Roslin loses her faith while the rest of the fleet also lost hope.

  23. Ken’s theory of everything (ahem). Earth cylons are genetically modified humans. earth and cobal and that planet where kara went thru some kind of wormhole to earth were all part of a galactic transport web (wormhole tech) built by humanity (or discovered by them) 2,000 years ago. At the same time, humans developed genetically altered humans and they built the original cylon soldiers (the mech ones – btw, a lot of clues can be found in greg benford’s galactic core stories). there was a war, but it was between the original earth humans and the gene altered ones and the humans won, but destroying earth and kobol. the survivors – unaltered humans – set out, settling in the colonies. they didnt know that their altered cousins went with them – either hiding amongst the humans or as dormant computer viruses ( i believe the latter). 70 years ago, they reactivated – why? dunno.
    one of the unexplained things so far is who is pulling the strings? someone or something set things in motion – revived the cylon viruses, arranged for the war, etc. – for some as yet hidden purpose. but there is a purpose here – it’s not just s–t that some one made up.
    well it is, but we’re in the galactica-verse here.
    who fixed kara and her viper? who activated the four? who put out the signal that led them to earth? who activated the cylons in the colonies? Who is the final cylon? Ellen, we’re led to believe. Is ellen the controlling factor?
    I think so.
    I think that so much that we’ve been led to believe is truth will turn out to be lies or misdirection. the book of pythia, for one. The “history” of the colonies – what the colonials believe to be the truth about their past – is going to be shown as false.
    On another tack, and in a way this undermines the theory I’m advancing here, why do they speak english and dress and use tech that in many ways is similar to our own? That could be explained thru the greg benford idea i was talking about. in his galactic (galactica, anyone?) stories. Humans are decimated by mechs and disperse in sleeper ship throughout the galactic core. they adopt names and identities based on things like card games and chess. the group of humans the stories focus on are called Bishop (from chess). they scatter throughout space to avoid the mechs, and altho advanced compared to us, they keep many ideas/modes of speech that we would be familiar with (translation: they talk a lot like NASA techs). I wonder if RM used some of benford’s ideas as a jumping off point? that’s enough BS/spec from me for now. Anyone have any thots?

  24. Just had another thot after rewatching SAGN: Who says this is Earth, and not just as someone says in the episode än”earth. Could be too that the Earth – ours or anothers – has been settled and resettled many many times. And another thing: I think there is a controlling influence or power here, one that compels cylons and humans to return to Earth again and again. I think they’re both hardwired to return to the mother planet. Maybe that’s why they dress like us, too – they’re unconsciously or subconsciously emulating us. Just a thot.

  25. Doesn’t have to be any earth we would recognize. could be they’ve left/returned to earth dozens of times over hundreds of thousands of years.
    didn’t know rdm had already talked about a controlling influence. maybe it’s ellen.
    Hey – anyone catch that tigh said “helen… helen” in the previous ep? that’s either a mistake or reference to helen of troy, i guess.
    tonight apollo let slip that 5th cylon is a woman and she’s dead – that could be ellen or starbuck, given kara’s murky return.

  26. Ken – Ellen is the final Cylon. It was made clear in the last episode and Saul was saying “Ellen” not “Helen.”

    And Yes that is Earth for the 10034th time.

  27. Okay, the reason they speak English, have a lot of modern tech, modern clothes, etc., could be related to their history.

    Or it could be the fact that it would be ridiculous if every episode had subtitles because the characters are all speaking Greek. We don’t know for a fact that they speak English. In Star Wars, they speak “Basic”, which is like our English. In Stargate, most of the worlds they go to have English speakers, which makes no sense. In Star Trek, they have a universal translator, which is a technological cop-out.

    Here’s another idea. I think that, while it will be revealed that we have a shared history and culture and all that, the reason these people have FTL capable spaceships, wrist watches, Von Neumann machines, and non-treatable cancer is this: Battlestar Galactica is telling a story. It’s a story about humans, and the nature of people. It’s in a science fiction setting, of course, but it keeps elements that we can relate to.

    And the ability to split atoms and fold space (By the way, have they ever mentioned exactly how far an FTL jump takes them? Or, for that matter, how far a Cylon can be and from a ship before it can’t resurrect?) does not necessarily translate into the ability to cure cancer or have energy weapons. There’s actually a lot of science fiction in which space ships still use weapons that require mass (railguns, for example).

    A hundred years ago, if you told someone that we would have weapons capable of splitting the atom, they would’ve laughed in your face. A hundred years from no, maybe someone will say the same about curing cancer.

    You know what? I just wrote all that, scrolled up, and read that someone already posted something like that.

    Oh well, back to catching up on season 41

  28. Yes it does help to read all the posts and entries before making a long comment.

    Season 4 is already feeding out some confusing answers and note the post is speculation.

  29. Here is another idea. THe Final Five are actually posthumans who genetically modified themselves to withstand human radiation and off-world life.

    Then when things got sorted out on Earth they recolonised the home planet and seeded their people to the 12 colonies, except the humans in the 12 colonies were not genetically modified like the humans who went to Earth.

    Another far-fetched explanation why the reborn Ellen still did not see herself as a machine while at the same time acting like she is more than human…

    Seeing as the humanoid Cylons were based on the Final Five and are engineered using organic material and nanotechnology…

  30. Some questions here… How come only 8 Lords of Kobol you’ve mentioned, and not 12 Lords of Kobol, as the series suggested… The humans are praying to the 12 Lords of Kobol you know? How did Earth got destroyed as Season 4 revealed? Any ideas?

  31. If you watched Season 4, you will know that it was the humanoid Cylons on Earth who fought with their centurions in a war that destroyed Earth. Anyway, I am under the impression that nothing will get answered until next Friday…

    Speculation that they might have a St. Elsewhere styled finale in Daybreak part 2 is a possibility. Each season discussed a theme that is relevant in current events.

    Miniseries: the idea of coping when everything they knew was destroyed abruptly

    Season 1: Terrorism and paranoia over the unknown enemy

    Season 2: Human rights, democracy and ethics

    Season 3: Iraq

    Season 4: Discrimination, faith, minority rights

    It could be possible that the giant finale battle in Daybreak part 2 could end abruptly with Baltar waking up in the real world (our world) as a struggling Sci-Fi writer writing a BSG-like story with support from his girlfriend (revealed to resemble Six).

    The last shot of Daybreak Part 2 is said to have Baltar and Six walking in NYC Times Square. The walk will most likely have dialogue of real Baltar talking about the stories (BSG) based on real-world issues that troubled him and that Six was always in his thoughts (Virtual Six) when he was writing.

    It would be lame but not surprising since the show was used to serve as a means to explore real-world issues. The show has started to loose focus as fans kept obsessing over the origins of Cylons and Humanity instead of the issues the show tries to explore.

    We already know that finding Earth was a MacGuffin since Earth itself served no purpose and it was used as a plot device to advance other subplots and develop the characters. Don’t worry, there will be tv movies, comics and novel tie-ins that explore all the unanswered questions in the show.

  32. My theory is they will find the real Earth and this Earth will be in 2008. It will also come to pass that we (humans) on Earth are advanced ressurection pods and that when a member of the 12 colonies dies they are ressurected as babies on Earth and grow with the buried memories of what they started from. Just a thought.

  33. Alan – You’re sounding like a mormon with that theory…

    I see a St. Elsewhere ending coming up…Virtual Six seems more and more like a fourth wall talking to Baltar, who mirrors the real life Baltar’s doubts as a struggling writer that is also concerned about current social issues that are written all over BSG. Virtual Six is a representation of Baltar’s girlfriend who supports him and acts as a means to advance the story.

    Note in last week’s episode that the Virtual Six says that Baltar is going to write the final chapter. Does she really mean that Baltar will save Galactica and redeem himself or does it mean he will finally end the story he has been writing in real life?

    The Earth they find is clearly the Earth we know. Let’s just drop the speculation and say that all the exotic history, backstory, and culture is just an allegory for the social issues the writers of BSG wanted to explore while keeping our short attention spans glued to the TV.

    The St Elsewhere-styled ending would be an ultimate “fuck you” to all the fans who kept obsessing over the show while failing to understand any of the messages the writers were trying to make with their stories…At the same time tying Galactica’s world as a story written in a real world setting by a character played by James Callis would bring some perspective on the show and refocus on the message.

    Besides, its been a while since the St. Elsewhere ending was used.

  34. THe ending did answer some questions and I have mixed feeling about it.

    So the Colonials win and the crazy Cylons are gone. Galen finally kills Tory.

    Kara magically jumps using a Bob Dylan cover song to a planet they call Earth in honour of the nuked Cylon world. SHe disappears after she is done.

    THey make planetfall but decide against carrying over their tech for fear of creating wars and killer robots.

    They make Anders do the honours of sending most of their tech to be destroyed in the Sun.

    The Colonial humans scatter around in random locations on Earth. A few go to major regions and create their own religion and culture. THe skinjob Cylon become their new Gods or get speared by tribal humans.

    The rest of the humans wander about. Somehow Colonial language becomes dead and new languages emerge only to magically get recreated as Earth English.

    HEra dies and becomes mitochrondrial Eve…and the post-racial Colonials become racial

    Virtual Six and Virtual Baltar are either Adam & Eve or God and Satan incarnate…

    Rob D Moore shows irony of show by having a time jump to present day glossing over present day social problems and robotics.

    Cue to Colonial Song magically recreated as Bob Dylan song.’

    Lots of action and some answers but I wished they pulled a St. Elsewhere ending if I knew they really were going to have Virtual Baltar and Six walking around in midtown NYC…

  35. Tens of thousands of light-years from our Earth, a race of sentient mammalian bipeds became the dominant life form on an Earth-like planet named Kobol. These mammalian bipeds were indistinguishable from the humans of Earth right down to the cellular level. Their DNA was even compatible…they were actually human – the result of an astonishing parallel evolution of human beings on both Kobol and Earth.

    The humans of Kobol achieved dominion of their world long before the humans of our Earth even developed language. Eventually the people of Kobol developed a civilization with all the amenities of an advanced society (e.g. automobiles, television, advanced medicine, etc.). They even created artificial life forms such as sentient machines. Known as “Cylons”, these artificial life forms served as a slave caste. At some point, they rose up and waged war against their masters.

    Eventually, the war so devastated Kobol that both humans and Cylons fled the planet. Using a space-folding drive that enables space ships to make instantaneous “jumps” across vast distances in space, the humans went on to colonize twelve separate worlds in a single star system, becoming the “Twelve Colonies of Kobol”. Simultaneously the Cylons colonized a planet they named “Earth” (the first planet to bear that name). On this Earth, a race of biologically-reproductive organic humanoid Cylons became the dominant species and they enslaved mechanical Cylons.

    Eventually, history repeated itself and the mechanical Cylons rose up and waged war against the organic cybernetic life forms that were their masters. During this war, a unique type of Cylon that had progressed to the point where it was able to exist as virtual ‘software’ on a higher plane of existence observed the conflict. Because this entity existed on another plane, it had a non-linear perception of our space-time continuum, allowing it to see future events. A benevolent being, this virtual Cylon Entity created other virtual beings to serve as its messengers. Some of these messengers came to view the Cylon Entity as a “God.” However it did not like to be called by that title. The messengers appeared to five humanoid Cylon researchers and warned them of the impending destruction of their planet’s population. After a nuclear conflagration that did indeed destroy the planet’s population, the only survivors were the five researchers. They survived by re-inventing a technology from Kobol called “organic memory transfer.” This technology “resurrects” a Cylon upon their body’s destruction by saving their consciousness and then “downloading” it into an identical clone body.

    These Final Five surviving humanoid Cylons realized that the humans of the Twelve Colonies would continue to create artificial life. So they headed for the Colonies to tell the humans to treat their creations well and keep them close. Because their people hadn’t developed jump drives, the Five’s ship traveled at relativistic, but subluminal speed. Time slowed down for them, but thousands of years would pass before they finally reached the Colonies. Along the way, they stopped at the Temple of Hopes, a temple that was created by their ancestors where they prayed and got a sign that led them to their “Earth.”

    The humans on the Twelve Colonies initially lost most elements of civilization from Kobol after they settled on the twelve worlds. However, Kobol-evolved humans possess a capacity for genetic memory. This genetic memory does not take the form of passing on personal memories, but the passing on of an unconscious knowledge of certain invented concepts and ideas such as technology, language, engineering and even fashion and music along with various other aesthetic cultural aspects.

    Over a period of a couple thousand years, all the technological and cultural aspects form Kobol completely reconstituted because the genetic memory of these concepts and ideas ‘leaked’ into the subconscious minds of various people who gradually and collectively reinvented these aspects of Kobol society. Eventually, even the genetic memory of the concept of artificial life in the form of Cylons was reconstituted in the conscious minds of such men as Daniel Graystone and Tomas Vergis.

    Eventually these new Cylons were used as slave labor within the Twelve Colonies. As had happened before, they eventually rose up and waged war against their masters. By the time the Final Five humanoid Cylons arrived at the Colonies, the humans had been fighting the Cylon Centurions for over twelve years. The Centurions were already trying to make flesh bodies. They had created the “Hybrid,” but nothing that lived on its own. Remaining a secret to the people of the Twelve Colonies, the Five offered the Centurion Cylons a deal: if the Centurions agreed to end the war with humanity, the Five would create organic humanoid Cylons for them. The reason the Five were so willing to create new humanoid Cylons was that the Centurions had developed a belief in a single loving God. One of the Five, Ellen Tigh, believed it changed everything; if the Cylons embraced love and mercy, then the cycle of violence could end. The Centurions agreed to the deal. With the reason being kept secret from the Colonials, the Cylons agreed to an armistice with them and left the system.

    The Five and the Centurions then withdrew to a mobile space station called The Colony placed beyond the Armistice Line. The Five then developed eight humanoid model Cylons, which were designed upon their own physiology. They created “Number One” first and named him John, after the father of Ellen Tigh. He was also made in the image of Ellen’s father. John helped the Five build the other seven humanoid models. Ellen was close to Number Seven, Daniel, and John, out of jealousy, contaminated the amniotic fluid in which the Daniel copies were maturing and then corrupted the genetic formula. This wiped out the copies permanently.

    John rejected mercy. He had a twisted idea of morality, so he turned on the Five. He trapped them in a compartment and then he took the oxygen offline. John boxed the Five at first but ultimately unboxed them and downloaded them into new bodies, but he blocked their true memories and implanted false ones and introduced them one by one into the colonies. He introduced Saul Tigh first, not long after the Cylon War ended. Several years later, he introduced Ellen Tigh. Over the years, he gradually introduced Galen Tyrol, Samuel Anders, and finally Tory Foster. Cavil put the Five into the human population in order to truly show them what humans are like. He hoped that when they died and resurrected (which would restore their real memories) they’d be ready to admit they were wrong.

    John erased all knowledge of the Five’s identities from the minds of the other surviving active humanoid Cylon models. Although the other six knew about the existence of the “Final Five”, they did not know their story, what they looked like, and were even programmed to never speak of the Five or search for their identities. Only the Number One models knew the truth of the Final Five; a fact unknown to the other six models.

    Adopting the name “Cavil”, the Number Ones still wanted justice for the enslavement of the Centurion Cylons and convinced the other Cylon models to the same thinking. During their forty years of isolation, the seven active humanoid Cylon models never stopped hating humanity. For them, the war never ended. It had simply evolved as they had evolved.

    During this time, the humanoid Cylons created more “Hybrids” to pilot their basestars. The Cylon Entity would communicate with these Hybrids. It even communicated with the First Hybrid as well. Realizing the impending destruction of the population of the Twelve Colonies, the Cylon Entity also chose a young girl named Kara Thrace to serve a special purpose. She would one day bring the survivors of the Twelve Colonies to our Earth, which the Cylon Entity had found some time ago.

    After the attack on and destruction of the population of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, a virtual being messenger of the Cylon Entity appeared to Dr. Gaius Baltar. Appearing in the form of a Number Six model humanoid Cylon, she would appear to him on a daily basis for the next several years and influence him towards events that inevitably would lead the remnant human Colonial population towards our Earth.

    Over the next few years, the Cylon Entity would give several people visions and send virtual being messengers to appear to several others, such as a Number Six model humanoid Cylon named “Caprica.” The virtual being that would appear to her appeared in the form of Dr. Baltar. The Cylon Entity would also give a Number Three model humanoid Cylon partial visions of the Final Five in between resurrections. Eventually, it gave her a full vision of the Five while she was at the Temple of Hopes (by then it was known as the “Temple of Five”).

    Sometime after this, a virtual being messenger appeared to Kara Thrace in the form of the Number Two model humanoid Cylon known as “Leoben Conoy” and then the Cylon Entity transported Thrace and her Viper to the Cylon-colonized “Earth” in a process that visually looked as if Thrace and her Viper had been destroyed. Upon arriving on that Earth, Thrace’s Viper crashed landed, killing her. However, the Cylon Entity possessed a very enhanced form of resurrection technology that could even be used to resurrect a human. It was able to immediately save her consciousness and then download it into a perfectly replicated body. It then placed the resurrected Kara Thrace in a newly-built replica of her Viper and sent her back to the battlestar Galactica and the remnant human Colonial fleet with slightly altered memories of her voyage to the Cylon-colonized Earth. It also placed the jump coordinates to our Earth within her subconscious and the jump coordinates to the Cylon-colonized Earth within the navigational computer of the replicated Viper. Several minutes before she was returned to the Fleet, the Cylon Entity used a musical tune to make the four members of the Final Five who were within the Fleet aware of their nature as humanoid Cylons. The Cylon Entity would also later, use this musical tune as a way to bestow upon the human-Cylon hybrid Hera Agathon the jump coordinates to our Earth.

    Eventually, the Cylon Entity subconsciously made the four of the Final Five within the fleet aware of the jump coordinates within the replicated Viper and it was used by the Fleet and a rebel Cylon basestar to lead them to the Cylon-colonized Earth. Arriving on the planet, they discovered the ruins of the destroyed Cylon civilization. Several months later, the circumstances of a battle led Kara Thrace to finally bring the Galactica to our Earth. Upon discovering that human beings had also evolved on this Earth, the people of the Fleet gave the planet the name “Earth” and decided to settle and cast aside their technology to join with the pre-verbal tribal human population. The surviving humanoid Cylons joined them on Earth. Soon after the settlement began, the Cylon Entity made Kara Thrace a virtual being. She joined the Cylon Entity and the other virtual beings on the higher plane of existence.

    The survivors of the Twelve Colonies went on to interbreed with the native Earth-evolved human population. Hera Agathon would have so many descendants that they would go on to breed with people all across the entire world and eventually every person on Earth would be a direct descendant of Hera Agathon, meaning the entirety of humanity became partially of humanoid Cylon heritage.

    As the Kobol-evolved human Colonials interbred with Earth-evolved humans, the genetic memory capacity was diluted and became latent. It took more than 140,000 years before it became active again. After the end of the Stone Age, the capacity began to reemerge and certain ideas and concepts reemerged. However, they reappeared only in rudimentary, fragmented and even modified forms. For example, the Colonial religion gradually reconstituted in the minds of the people of ancient Greece – but in a modified form (e.g. the “Lords of Kobol” became the “Gods of Olympus).

    Over a period of several millennia, a multitude of Colonial ideas, concepts, and cultural aspects reemerged because of genetic memory. Although they would continue to reemerge in rudimentary, modified and fragmented forms, eventually these fragments coalesced into complete reconstitution of Colonial aspects. For example, the Colonial language eventually reconstituted as the “English” language. The English language did not suddenly appear, but instead evolved through centuries of modifications along with amalgamations from numerous other languages. It was all the result of the genetic memory of the language ‘leaking’ into the subconscious minds of people who unconsciously directed the language toward a linguistic endpoint that is an exact replication of the Colonial language (apart from a certain profanity word).

    As a result of genetic memory, by the early 21st century virtually every cultural aspect of Colonial society has reemerged: language, names, fashion, engineering, architecture, furniture, music, art, cuisine, household appliances, television, automobiles, federalized government, judicial systems, labor unions, military protocols, etc. Countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom collectively form a near perfect replication of the society of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol more than 150,000 years ago – just without advanced technology such as jump drive and sentient machines…yet.

  36. good night and thanks for the fish. liked the ending/hated it. good that everybody”s story got finished – very touching. BUT humans ha dspeech 150,000. whathisname the lawyer has a dog that is identical to some breed of mutt on earth? don’t they know tha all major changes in dog breeds happened in last 200 years and they have a dog recognizable t o us? so humans and dgs evolved independently (and together ) lite yrs apart? Good as bsg is, the people behind it have been incredibly lazy in not answering questions that that brings up, I asked a while back why bsg characters speak and write in english and somone replied well it’s a convention – they speak their language and we see/hear english. that’s bs – in star trek a klingon ship has klingon markings, a romulan ship ditto – but earth ships are shown with english names. in star wars, you get unusual lettering but that is because it happned ä long tme ago”” etc. best i cancome up with is that in BSG the joined races mated with humans on the planet to produce us and somehow ovre 150,000 years gave us language and the gods we know as athena, apollo etc – not to mention people with names like bill, kara, ellen,etc- it’s just ridiculous given they way they went with it.

  37. The 2000s version. Apparently my speculation was off since the finale had the show take place literally “A long time ago, in a galaxy far away”.

  38. All the comments are extremely interesting, but we all fail to see the big picture here, that as advanced the Cylon god may have been, there were events of a supernatural nature too, not a technological one, suggesting an unexplained third force. I believe that this recurring destiny, while human/cylon/AI in practice, was initiated by the One True God of all existence, since the events of Earth to Kobol or Kobol to Earth, as recurring or cyclical as it was, had to have a point of origin, with later interventions, like that of a noncorporeal guide, demonstrating endlessly the dangers of technological evolution.

  39. While I like many of your points, I do believe many of us have forgotten one major point. The fact of the matter is that this is a science fiction series, therefore we can’t look at it using conventional means of logic. Therefore, we must “create” new logical truths based off the information given within the show itself, in a sense we must treat it as if it where it’s own universe with truths differing from our own. Based off of the information gathered throughout the show one would draw the conclusion that man-kind was first established on Kobol and the reason for the species exodus from the planet was clearly war related and in a last effort to save the remainder of the species the “elders” split each ushering a colony vessel carrying new life and leaven behind all knowledge of their former lives, instead creating a story of hope and peace with just the right amount of warning and fear (the “scriptures”). From this one could create many assumptions to the exact back-story. There is one other subject I would like to address, however, that is your mention of uneven technological development. I find, as someone who bases all of his actions and judgments on logic, that in the shape of the universe nothing is even. Therefore it creates a sort of believability into the show. To assume that just because one aspect of technology has advanced that all others will follow suit is but a child’s dream. As we have no doubt seen in our own existence technology develops unevenly, therefore it can be assumed that any human existence functioning within the same guidelines of humanity would develop in a similar pattern, this may sound like a contradiction to my first point of not being able to look at it using our own truths but for the sake of argument if the “humans” of this alternate reality developed too differently from our own would we be able to declare them human, would they declare us human. Therefore, in an attempt to simplify this issue we must assume that if they are human then their development patterns must be relative to the linking of one universal structure to another; this is also why many people choose to identify certain attributes of their universe with those of our own. This however, can not be assumed accurately due to the change of key factors relevant to our universe’s shaping. Put simply events that happen in our existence have not happened in theirs. Taking this into account we can not just assume that their use of the English language or use of the Metric system is anything more then either ease of familiarity on the creators account, or because of specific events unknown to the watcher, the development patterns pushed mankind into one unified language and measurement system, the outcome of which would be completely dependent on key factors of growth that could not possibly be documented and displayed during the duration of the show’s main storyline and in fact have no place for discussion within said storyline, therefore the answer to the question, “Why if they are so advanced do they use the English language, and the metric system rather then some futuristic alternative?” is unanswerable due to lack of intelligence on matters that would effect this development.

    P.S. One last thing, remember that this is a show, more accurately put a fictional show, therefore not everything will or even can be explained. And a lot of things won’t make any sense at all, but that’s all part of the fun, watching something that couldn’t possible exist and getting a first hand look at what many of our fantasies would be like should they come true. Also let me know what you think of my ideas and anything you might wish to follow up on. I’m very interested to know yours and the communities response. If you read through this entire thing I would like to say, “Thank you!… for suffering through my long and boring rant.”

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