Taiwanese Presidential Candidate Acquitted of Corruption Charges

Taiwanese Presidential Candidate Acquitted of Corruption Charges
By Jacques van Wersch
14 August 2007

A Taiwan court has cleared the Nationalist Party’s presidential candidate of corruption and breach of trust charges. Ma Ying-jeou, a former Justice minister known for a squeaky-clean image prior to his indictment in February, says the case should never have gone to court. Jacques van Wersch in Taipei reports.

Ma Ying-jeou did not attend court to hear the judge announce the “not-guilty” verdict in his corruption trial, but dozens of his supporters cheered “Long live Ma Ying-jeou” when they got word of the decision.

“Well I think most people believe I am innocent. This is the most important driving force behind my cautious optimism,” Ma said.

Ma was indicted for putting about 330,000 dollars of special allowance funds into his own bank account when he served as Taipei mayor from 1998 to 2006. He stepped down as chairman of the Nationalist Party after the indictment and at the same time announced he intended to run as the Nationalists’ presidential candidate in next year’s election. Ma never disputed that the money was put into his account, but he stressed he had nothing to do with it.

“Actually, it was not handled by me in person. Actually it (was) all done by my secretaries,” Ma said. “I thought it was just absurd.”

The panel of three judges in the case said that the special account that Ma was accused of misappropriating was intended to be used flexibly, which is why he was not required to show receipts for half the amount of expenses he claimed. To return a guilty verdict, they reasoned, would have put unreasonable restrictions on all government officials with similar accounts.

When speaking to journalists, Ma said the case was a waste of resources. He later added that the decision in this case could benefit other defendants from what he described as the prosecutors’ “arbitrary selection of evidence.”

Prosecutors are also investigating Ma’s opponent in the presidential race, Democratic Progressive Party candidate Frank Hsieh, on similar allegations. Ma says he thinks prosecutors should stop investigating Hsieh and other special allowance cases in the light of his acquittal.

Prosecutors have 10 days to decide whether to appeal the verdict. The Taipei District Prosecutor’s office has said it will study the full text of the verdict before making a decision on an appeal.

This is good news indeed. The Taiwanese and their lesser pro-Taiwan foreigners must be making excuses about judicial corruption, or pro-China sentiment at this time. They lament Ma’s acquittal for corruption yet they proudly celebrate Chen Shuibian and his wife getting away with stealing their taxpayer money. Chen is not able to be charged because of presidential immunity while his wife simply feigned illness on her first day in court for alleged misappropriation of government funds. May double-standards prevail in Taiwan Province!


4 thoughts on “Taiwanese Presidential Candidate Acquitted of Corruption Charges

  1. Actually, Ma and Chen are accused of doing the same thing. The major difference is that in the Chen case the prosecutors have already determined that there is no money in Chen’s personal accounts — unlike in the Ma case, in which the money was there, more than 300K of it.

    Clearly what Ma did was illegal, but he pointed out, rightly, I think, that what the KMT intended was for the money to be an income subsidy. It is one of the ways the KMT corrupted the bureaucracy and ensured its loyalty. If Ma could not be convicted, no one can. How this bears on the Chen case is anyone’s guess; it can be read several ways.

    The sad part is that the System will go right on creating bureaucrats who treated the government as their own private ATM — just as Ma did.


  2. Michael,

    Always enjoy reading your counterpoints but I can’t believe you did what I thought you would do in my comment over the situation…

    Chen will not go to court to testify or clarify (in your view) over his misappropriation of taxpayer funds. His case isn’t settled yet

  3. They are both political cases, my friend. The Court here made a political judgment, and I think they made the right judgment. Now what everyone needs to do is put an end to these subsidies, and declare an amnesty for all past and present convictions and indictments.

    Although I admit that the idea of Ma being convicted of 300K worth of embezzlement, when other people walk around worth millions in government funds, did turn my stomach.

    I think too that ultimately this will work out for the advantage of the Greens. But it is really too soon to say.


  4. I am under the impression that you would like many political events to work for the DDP/Green based on your writings on your respective blog.

    Either everyone goes to jail or gets amnesty as you said. Since they let Chen’s wife off-the-hook it would only be right to get everyone off the hook. In this case you suggest this is the case with Ma and Taiwan becomes a bigger joke because of it

    Chen getting caught misappropriating taxpayer funds along with his own family was also disappointing to me given his background to say the least.

    Ultimately, the American overlords decide who will shape Taiwan Province for years to come. They seem to be leaning on Ma since he is expected to restore the status quo that was nearly eviscerated under Chen Shuibian

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