China Airlines jet burns upon landing in Japan

China Airlines jet burns upon landing in Japan

A China airlines jet burns out of control while it sits on the runway in Okanawa Japan on August 19, 2007.

Associated Press

Updated: Sun. Aug. 19 2007 11:26 PM ET

TOKYO — A China Airlines jet has exploded in flames at an airport in Okinawa after arriving from Taiwan but there are no injuries among the 157 passengers.

Japanese broadcaster NHK says at least two crew members were rushed to hospital.

A Japanese Transport Ministry official and a China Airlines official in Taipei say all 157 passengers disembarked from the Boeing 7-3-7 before the fire began.

Fire official Eri Terukina says the two pilots escaped and NHK reports all six flight attendants also made it off the plane alive.

Transport Ministry official Akihiko Tamura says the fire started when the first engine below the main left wing exploded a minute after the aircraft entered its parking spot.

NHK showed footage of a squad firefighters dousing the plane with extinguishers as flames and clouds of black smoke billowed from the fuselage.

“After the plane landed, there were flames and I heard explosions a few times then saw black smoke,” airport worker Hideaki Oyadomari told NHK.

“We felt the hot air coming our way.”

The cause of the fire was unknown. Japan’s National Police Agency said terrorism was not suspected.

The Okinawa fire is a setback to China Airlines, which in recent years appeared to have improved on its formerly unenviable safety record among international carriers.

A China Airlines 747 crashed in 2002 as it flew from Taipei to Hong Kong, leading to 225 deaths, and some 450 people died in China Airlines accidents during the 1990s.

The soon-to-be renamed and rebranded Taiwan Airlines magically exploded after the passengers and most of the crew got off in time. I plan on using EVA Air, the REAL Taiwan Arilines, when I make that trip to the island in the coming months…This is just scary and shows why Taiwan Province is still a joke…


14 thoughts on “China Airlines jet burns upon landing in Japan

  1. If Taiwan is a joke, why even visit? It does not make any sense when you post 6 or 7 different entries against Taiwan and telling us YOU want to visit. Doesn’t matter its China or Eva or Korea. It’s a Boeing either way. I spent 13 years in USAF and I heard some biased comments, but yours sir. It is off the hook. Link me the blog to Brazil crash with no one alive. It’s not Taiwan so you do not care to post right?

  2. What’s with the personal attacks by using “dolt”? Am I not right for pointing out Eva and China use Boeing 747? Why dont you write something about AA, they use Boeing, too. It should affect you. If you have kids or your family members have kids, then Toys should affect you, but what do you do. You point your fingers at Taiwan for China’s own fault.

    Taiwan affect me, Pacific Battle Group affect me, China affect me. If anything happens, you bet your ass I’ll be on the front line. I dislike bully people around. Specially when the bully are so much bigger.

  3. I do write about those things. Americans being exposed to lead paint…this could be a reason why American children are getting dumber, though it may explain why President Bush is such a retard…

    Front line? Don’t you mean Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran? I am sure those are bigger priorities than getting dragged into a conflict provoked by Taiwan Province’s pro-independence rhetoric. Besides China won’t attack unless Taiwan declares independence. The US already has enough problems in Iraq to open another front in the Taiwan Strait

    I dislike bullying people around but that’s what you and the Taiwanese commenters are trying to do with your comments most of the time.

  4. I’ll be on the front line because US will be drag into war between Taiwan and China. Im just one of many troops already here, what you guys call Pacific Battle Group. There are even more heading this way. Do you think Pentagon would just send troops and blow money left and right? I hate to break it to you, With my information on hand as of last week. If China does use force. Many other countries would be involved. If that is the case. China would seek aid from North Korea and Russia. Specially after they have military exercise together. Im not there because i like war nor i have more friends at Taiwan then China. I’m where I am today is because I want to defend democracy. China isn’t. If China is democracy, then we wouldn’t be having this issue right now. Just ask people at HK.

  5. Don’t worry you’re just taking orders that can change at the blink of an eye.

    Your front line is Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran in the future because that is the reality. China won’t do anything unless Taiwan provokes war, which I have explained again and again. For some reason it’s not sinking into your head. I doubt there will be popular support for troops being sacrificed because someone wanted to provoke war for some local support. There is already next to nil support for Iraq.

    If you guys are really for democracy you would have toppled North Korea and Pakistan. So please don’t give me this empty rhetoric about freedom and democracy. Where was the US when Thailand’s government was being overthrown? Ruining Iraq as always. So don’t give me this crap about defending democracy because you and your Pacific Battle Group allowed the military juntas to take power or retain power because they are convenient for America.

    Actually, my friends in HK tell me things are relatively the same as before except all the White people are gone LOL. Hong Kong was never a democracy to begin with and just because all the White colonial elites left doesn’t mean Hong Kong is going to the shitters. It was the mainland government who bailed HK out of a financial crisis during the late 90s and in the early 2000s.

    Double-standards are double-standards. You bitch and whine about China yet ignore what is happening in Thailand, and Pakistan. You would say something about Vietnam but those guys kicked your asses back in the 70s

  6. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Iraq is by Pacific Ocean. I don’t understand which part of PBG you do not understand. Let me put it this way. PBG will respond if any “countries in Asia are using or unwanted and large military activities”. If you think Iraq is in Asia, then more power to you.

    I didn’t bitch and whine about China. You bitch and whine about Taiwan, so I have to stand up for Taiwan. If you said Taiwan is good on whatever, I would say bad things about Taiwan that China is good at. It’s not my fault China’s toys, food, paint and god knows what had/has/ having been recalled.

    I admit Vietnam War US battle plan was terrible. With first few weeks M-16 jamming like raining cats and dogs. Our technology today can actually destroy most China’s military missiles and armors before they even take flight to Taiwan or US base. I been into war zone, I know what it feels like. I’ll say this. No one wants war, but no one can stop WW3 in the future. It’s only matter of time. I personally think it wouldn’t be to long before US deck it out with China.

    If you think China is so great and so strong. Why do billions from around the world trying to apply for US citizenship instead of Chinese? It doesn’t make sense. Specially when a big “great” country wants an island that is 20 times smaller then State of California. What is it China wants Taiwan so bad? I know it’s not money because Taiwan never gives China money. If China wants to steal Taiwan’s technology. It would’ve been a wasted if they blow Taiwan up. instead China have to rebuild it. I’m not smart like a communist, so I can’t think like one either. If I’m Chinese, I’d threaten Taiwan with toys with lead in it.

  7. Your Sinophobia becomes more apparent with each subsequent response. You don’t support Taiwan because you love the island, but because of your dislike of China and everything associated with it.

    As I mentioned before, China will not go to war unless it is provoked by Taiwan Province. What part of that did you fail to comprehend.

    The National Guard is assigned for domestic defence and disaster relief but that didn’t stop Bush from deploying them into Iraq. I would not be surprised if much of your battle group was rushed into Middle East in the near future.

    You say you’re against war, but your antagonism towards China and your last post suggests you want to go kill some Chinese in combat.

    China is the 4th largest economy in the world. Businesses are establishing a presence there and influencing the way the country operates for better or worse. China has been exporting finished goods to the world for over 20 years now, this scandal involving lead paint is exaggerated in the media to scare people like you.

    Billions don’t go to America because they love the US of A. Besides, the USA doesn’t like immigrants seeing as they have increasingly made it difficult for people to get naturalised or enter the country. Those that become naturalised only do so because their status as a noncitizen makes it difficult for them to live normally in America.

  8. “This is just scary and shows why Taiwan Province is still a joke…”

    You know, if you are actually going to Taiwan you would do well to learn a little of its history and understand why “Taiwan Province” is such a condescending and unnecessary way to address the island. You don’t need to support Taiwan independence to behave with respect and understanding toward the legitimate aspirations for democracy and self-determination of the Taiwanese people.

  9. You’re right. Democracy is great for the island, but it is being ruined by a current power structure that is still corrupt and antagonising relations in the region. Besides, the world recognises that Taiwan is not a country, hence Taiwan Province

  10. Well, I disagree with everything you say. There is no evidence that democracy is being ruined by anything, and as for antagonising relations in the region, the only thing doing the antagonising is China’s 1000 missiles.

    And as for “Taiwan Province”, how often do you hear people say that? Almost never. So I am not so sure whether the world doesn’t know that Taiwan is as much of a country as anywhere.

    Are you Taiwanese? What’s your interest in running the pro-China line so strongly?

  11. Then you haven’t been following current events in Taiwan Province I see. You must be unfamiliar with the grassroots protests against Chen Shuibian’s misappropriation of funds and nepotism in his government. 1000 missiles? 4 years ago it used to be 800 missiles.

    You can only point so many missiles and it looks like the Taiwan province government is manipulating the number of missiles to bring fear to their population. Taiwan Province is a fair description of the island as part of the now-defunct ROC or PRC.

    Are you Taiwanese? Why do you have an interest in my views?

  12. Grassroots, my baloney. Try KMT-sponsored. And look how they turned out.

    Taiwan was never part of the PRC, and while technically a province of the ROC after 1949, the provincial designation was effectively dissolved with constitutional reform in 1992.

  13. Shih Ming-teh is a DPP chairman who was oppressed by the KMT in his youth. He did it out of his own concerns for his lawyer. Grassroots movements attract a strange pool of people.

    The Taiwan Province website still exists and it is still a province in fact and in appearance.

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