Pretentious kids are truly unsophisticated

Work was slow with a job interview around 5:00 PM at Keyport, which seemed like a nice small town.  There I learned that my benefits would decline and I would be mostly working on lead generation.  It seems like at some point the head interviewer was probing questions as to why I wanted to switch jobs when I had so much responsibilities and similar work to what they were describing while the other interviewer asked hard questions because she didn’t want to work with me.  In any event, I don’t think I will be getting an offer from them anytime soon.

I had heard from a Ted Hart not too long ago because I accidentally sent him a group invite.  Still as pretentious as before, he tried justify inter-racial marriages by implying they will produce culturally superior children.  It’s ironic because I am under the impression he knows very little tagalog and thinks the Philippines is a backwater compared to Japan.  Plus, I think he already decided to lean towards being White at another point.  Well his pretentious response only reaffirms to me that he is indeed narrow-minded and compensating for his actual limited sophistication.  I think I have moved on from associating with narrow-minded Japanophiles and immature Japanese-Americans.

I also think my tinted glasses worked against me in the Smith Barney interview since it was at odds with their monolithic corporate culture.  At the same time, the glasses seemed to make me look more youthful with the iCIMS crowd.  Hopefully things will pan out when Mark becomes my boss within the end of this year.


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