China to act on gender imbalance

China to act on gender imbalance
The Chinese government says it is drafting new laws to tackle the growing gender imbalance caused by the widespread abortion of female foetuses.

The practice is already banned, but new rules are expected to set out specific punishments for parents and doctors.

China’s Family Planning Association (CFPC) has revealed the extent of the imbalance – in one city there are eight young boys for every five girls.

Experts fear the phenomenon could have unpredictable social consequences.

Some believe that with millions of men unable to find a wife, there could be risks of increasing anti-social and violent behaviour.

Boys preferred

China’s one-child policy, and a traditional preference for male heirs, has led many couples to try to ensure that their single offspring is a boy.

Some pay for illegal ultrasound tests to discover the sex of a foetus, and abort it if it is female.

“The root cause is traditional thinking that boys are better than girls, especially in poverty-stricken areas,” Song Jiang, a population expert at Beijing’s Renmin University, told the Xinhua news agency.

“Those people expect boys to support the family.”

On Friday it was revealed that the eastern city of Lianyungang had the most skewed population. Among children under four years old, there are 163.5 boys for every 100 girls.

Ninety-nine cities had gender ratios higher than 125, state-run news agency Xinhua quoted the CFPA as saying in a report.

The UN recommends a gender ratio of no more than 107.

The One Child Policy was a bad idea in hindsight.  Soon, there will be sausage parties all over China and the only way to resolve this problem is through mass emigration or war.


4 thoughts on “China to act on gender imbalance


    The wife of a jailed human rights activist in China has been prevented from leaving the country to pick up an award on his behalf, friends say.

    Yuan Weijing had been due to travel to the Philippines to collect a human rights award for her husband, Chen Guangcheng, who was jailed last year.

    But fellow activists say the Chinese authorities revoked her passport and stopped her boarding the flight.

    Chen Guangcheng was jailed for damaging property and disrupting traffic.

    But his supporters say the real reason Mr Chen, who is blind, was sentenced for four years and three months is because he exposed violations linked to China’s one-child policy, including forced sterilisations and abortions.

    Prestigious award

    Yuan Weijing said the authorities told her on Thursday that they had revoked her passport, even though it was still valid.

    She said the authorities then attempted to block her journey both from her home in Shandong province and from the house in Beijing where she stayed in overnight.

    She was eventually detained at the airport and her luggage removed from the flight, friends said.

    Yuan Weijing had been due to collect the award from the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation in Manila – one of Asia’s most prestigious honours.

    The foundation had named Chen Guangcheng as one of seven winners for his “irrepressible passion for justice in leading ordinary Chinese citizens to assert their legitimate rights under the law”.

    Mr Chen, 35, has campaigned against what he says are abuses of the Chinese government’s one-child policy.

    Before being imprisoned, he accused local health workers in Linyi city, in Shandong province, of illegally forcing hundreds of people to have late-term abortions or sterilisations.

    China brought in its one-child policy 27 years ago, in a drive to curb population growth, but forced sterilisation and abortion are prohibited.

    My thoughts on this is Yes your right lifeinmotion. China is still developing country. How many unborn child do you have to kill enable to make your country “developed”? Wife got her passport revoked for what? I guess she’s “Taiwanese”. I wonder why Chen was jailed. Oh wait, it says “a jailed human rights activist in China”. China is a fascinating “developing” country I 100% stand behind you lifeinmotion. A country will never be developing when you are limited to what you can say, hear, do, and birth.

  2. It’s always nice to know that you’re just going to join the China-bashing wagon because you can’t find any legitimate ways to defend Taiwan Province without bringing up China. A class act indeed.

    Actually countries have developed despite having limited freedoms in the past and present. China is no different.

    It seems like no pro-Taiwan or Taiwanese can actually defend Taiwan Province without bringing up China in some fashion. It’s also unhealthy to obsess over Taiwan Province in discussions that are far removed from it or make no mention of it.

  3. I learn from my Master who actually blame everything on Taiwan. China makes it’s own toys, and it’s not made in Taiwan. What do you do sir? you point finger on Taiwan and said it’s their fault. Who’s bashing who? You point finger without anything. Im just saying since China is so great and protective to it’s citizen. That woman most likely is Taiwanese. I also point out why did Chen got jailed? Human Rights issues. You simply dont have the legs to stand on doesn’t mean I am bashing China. It’s on the news. and you said BBC is not biased news. I’m just pointing out for ya. I can tell you do not like it so much. Which is exact feeling Taiwanese gone though for 6 decades.

    Oh also. If you do not like what i said, then don’t be angry. You do not have to read it, or like you said “go do something productive kid”. If you want to complaint, go complaint to BBC. Their the one who wrote it.

    So what do you think of those Chinese miners? Are you going to say something against Taiwan on that? As I said, If you don’t like the heat, don’t go there.

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