Miss Teen USA – Miss South Carolina Represents the Best of America

Here is Miss South Carolina’s response to a question during the final round

The question:

Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?

Her response:

I personally believe the U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh…people out there in our nation don’t have maps, and, uh, I believe that our education like such as South Africa and, uh, the Iraq everywhere like, such as and…I believe that they should, uh…our education over here in the US should help the US, uh, should help South Africa, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for us.

Can someone please explain what she meant by her response?  It sounds like something from Bush’s response in the first SNL Gore-Bush debates back in 2000.  Despite giving this incredibly retarded response, Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina, still made Third Runner-Up in the Miss Teen USA pageant.  This shows you how sad this pageant can become since a girl can win just for looking pretty regardless of intelligence or lack thereof.

Did you notice how Mario Lopez cut her off before she said anything dumber?

This should of been the response by the judges (from “Billy Madison”):

What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Regardless of the stupidity coming from Miss South Carolina, I am sure she will have a bright future as a “US American”.  After all a retarded man by the name of George W. Bush did take power in 2000 and went on to bring ruin and chaos to “The Iraq”.


29 thoughts on “Miss Teen USA – Miss South Carolina Represents the Best of America

  1. Haha, nice! Great quote from Billy Madison which totally applies here. I think we are all more stupid for having watched that response. Good point about Bush also!

  2. After spending a week watching people with PhDs turn into babbling idiots in front of a small hiring committee, I feel sorry for a sixteen-year-old who lost her ability to think while in front of a lights, cameras and a national audience. Anyone who has gone through a judging competition (music, dance, oration, etc.) knows what nerves do to you. I once attended an adult flute competition where the inarguably most talented and well-rehearsed performer broke down in tears and ran out of the room because she completely forgot the piece she was playing. I can understand a little girl who can’t formulate a spur-of-the-moment answer when stressed.

  3. FYI: Miss South Carolina is a college age woman, not a 16-year-old, despite acting like one. The pressure is high, but she had to have done these final questions enough times to make it as Miss South Carolina. Besides, she still made 3rd Runner-Up despite the above debacle.

  4. see i should tell you the right response that she should have given …
    i think that most Americans in school don’t really make it so important to learn about other countries because they don’t really matter in there everyday life, the reason people know that Africa exists it’s because Opera and Angelina and Brad Donate tons of money of there, and why they know where Iraq is, because there are Americans who are dying there and there is a unfair war there, and besides the American Educational curricular doesn’t teach modern history of any country besides Europe and what is relevant to the US and thats that … unless a person wants to know more thats when they discover other countries..

    1. Seriously…. u bother to know other locations on the map besides urs… WOW!!!
      What an explanation.
      If you took the same people that could not locate the US on a map of the world and asked them to point out Irag, i’m pretty they’d goof it BIG TIME! Let’s face it, things aren’t the way they used to be. Focus more on American Idol,Justin Bieber skins and Opera and that’s what u get (vain, conceited and sligthly unintelligent kids)

  5. and there is a logic that most teenagers don’t really think its very relevant to be geographically educated because it wouldn’t do them any good in there “practical life” that all that matters not anything else a real education is not the education of a profession an education is things you have to learn and have full knowledge of to survive the ignorance of this world.
    i think every person should learn a little about all religions, all histories, and kinds of literature,foods, and countries and what are they famous for. to provide a good sense of discussion at any time and any place.

  6. I stand corrected. The poor girl is 18. Well past the age when nerves and emotions should affect performance.

  7. Teen USA is usually for college-age girls. Don’t let the title mislead you.

    Besides, Miss South Carolina still made Third Runner-Up despite screwing up her final round

  8. The question was “America” specific. We do not live in a country known as America. We live in the United States. It has fifty sovereign nation states each with it’s own president (Governor), Ambassadors (Senators) and Legislators (Representatives). All of this operating under a binding agreement called the Constitution, and a meeting place Seat of Government DC neutral territory, as any state has the right to succeed from the rest. That is the concept of State’s Rights. The US happens to be located in North America. She answered correcting the judge by stating “US Americans” (not Canadian, Mexican or other Central or South Americans). She went on to correctly state that “people simply don’t have maps” world or north American maps in their homes (do you, I don’t). Although she did continue to say that “the US should help the US”, meaning our educational system should give geography a larger role in elementary school curricula. The rest I chalk up to being nervous and losing her train of thought – stage struck. Because of this she was not the right person to win, as she would need to maintain her composure throughout the rest of the year. The judge’s question was poorly written.

    1. The question was America specific?! Do you really think these contestants differentiate between “America” and “United States”? Even educated Americans don’t differentiate between the two. I’m not saying “America” and “U.S.” mean the same thing, I’m just saying they are synonymous terms that Americans use when referring to themselves. And why shouldn’t they? The demonym for anyone living in the U.S. is “American”, not “United Stateser”, or “United Statesean”, etc.

      It is obvious that Miss Teen South Carolina clearly hoped for the only question she remotely studied for–current events in Iraq. And when she didn’t get it, she just went with what she “studied” about America’s current events in the Middle East anyway (I don’t know where South Africa came into play–of all the African nations she picked, South Africa is one of the most erudite). She should have stopped after the first part of her response when she mentioned most Americans not having maps–that part actually made sense–and because it’s true. After she said that, it appeared as if she disbelieved her response, and felt she needed to say something else–hence the remaining incoherence.

      To say that it was a poorly written question is ludicrous. Teenagers in the U.S. translate “Americans” into “people who live in the U.S.”, regardless of the true meaning of what “America” is. Do you truly believe that Miss South Carolina thought of America as two-continent entity, and as a result struggled with her questioner’s geographic specifications? Do you really think her response was the result of a question she deemed poorly-worded? She fit the stereotype of a typical teenage girl. If she was asked a pop culture question she would have had no trouble voicing her opinion.

      You give her far too much credit. She was CORRECTING the judge’s question?! That’s hilarious. I can’t believe you’re trying to justify her inane response with the notion that she might be smarter than the questioner, and/or that her babbling response meant “our educational system should give geography a larger role in elementary school curricula”.

      Notice how wonderfully executed her response was afterwards on the Today Show–when she had time to fully prepare her answer, with full knowledge of the exact question. I’ve faced interview panels where I’ve been asked questions I’ve prepared for, and some that have partially blindsided me. And even with the unexpected ones, I was able to make an educated response, because I studied enough of the similar material that would have been part of the interview. Her response was a clear indicator that she had no idea how to answer that question. The fact that she got an applause–and finished THIRD–is mind-boggling (OK, I guess in that atmosphere, any response other than “I hate America”–I’m sorry, I mean “I hate U.S.”–would have received an applause).

      I just wish these pageants would be a little more honest with their contestants. Let them know when they screw up, and more importantly, WHY they screwed up. At least that way, they can understand what they did incorrectly, and learn from their mistakes. It might teach them a lesson and make them stronger as a result. I guess that’s just the near-perfectionism I expect to see in a 3rd-place contestant.

  9. The Judge is a teenager, but Miss South Carolina was smart enough to understand her question before screwing it up after the first sentence.

    Yes she did point out maybe public schools don’t have world maps or globes in her classroom for some odd reason before rambling on to an incoherent mess on live TV. Even Mario Lopez had to cut her off just to save her.

  10. FYI: Americans normally refers to people of the US of A, not Canadians not Mexicans. No sane person has yet made the call to put the “America” in North or South America

  11. Can I just point out that nerves are not a good excuse for what is obviously just plain old ignorance and stupidity. It wasn’t exactly a tough question was it?

  12. I only watched the clip once, and it was so obvious that Miss S. Carolina really did lose her train of thought. And she became more flustered with each passing second. I do think she heard the question correctly, since the beginning of her answer made some kind of sense. (I bet when she replays this embarrassing blip in her life, she’ll wish she’d been able to laugh off the question with “Maybe y’all just don’t have any maps!”)

    I do agree with Bob in Maine about the whole “US Americans” thing. (Hearing ourselves called that might sound funny to a lot of us in the USA, but it doesn’t sound so odd if you think of the world as actually extending beyond our borders.) It was another clue to me that Miss S. Carolina, for all that she was floundering in those precious seconds, actually did know more about geography then her brain freeze was allowing her to show.

    To lifeinmotion: Your assertion that “Americans normally refers to people of the US of A” just reinforces the image other countries have of us thinking that we’re the center of the universe. We are part of North America…if Canadians wanted (though I very much doubt it) to call themselves Americans, they’d have just as much right to it…and so would people from South America, etc.

    I hope people soon tire of making fun of the poor girl…anonymity on the Net sure makes people mean–you’d almost think none of these people had ever gotten nervous in their lives! Whether she’s 3, 18, or 90, people make mistakes. No one wants thousands or millions of people laughing at them…

    (I decided to put my 2 cents in on this thread because you folks seemed the only ones taking the time to make thoughtful comments about the issue, and not just an excuse to bash one of the beautiful people.)

  13. The world refers to people of the USA as “Americans”. Canadians would not want to hijack the term while many Mexicans would be more than happy to identify as Americans, but are discouraged from Americans.

    People who rarely travel outside the US of A let alone their town may think referring themselves as “US Americans” is necessary when it’s not.

    Despite rambling herself into stardom, Miss South Carolina, aged 18, did make 3rd place or Third Runner-Up in case many of you did not know that or never bothered to read my post.

  14. Ok people lets not waste time on an event like this. The more we talk about it just makes her more famous. Yes I believe that she understood the question although she told people on national television the opposite. I mean everyone gets nervous no matter how many times they have done such a major event. The problem for her was that she tried to answer the question that she understood. Now for a person with a 3.5 GPA and trained so hard to be in the peagent she should know when she is blabbing stuff out. She could have caught herself being an airhead and stop and organize and do it again. So I think the judges are more stupid for listening and gving her 3rd runner up. So I guess miss teen america is not about the combinations of brains and beauty any longer. How sad. The Bush thing I agree, good business man worst speaker and leader ever known.

  15. lifeinmotion….sorry, it looks like you got some of the 1/5 of americans that can’t find our country on a map, posting here……(some of these answers are down right scary), first of all why are we still having these “pageants”, …you would have thought the “meat market” mentality would have gone out with slavery…..not to mention that the con game behind this charade is supposed to be that we are supposed to be choosing the “BRIGHTEST and the best” to represent that generation………
    but I really am totally blown away by the fact that people do not realize that the name of our country is the “United States of AMERICA” and i am afraid i was out of class the day that we studied “Canada of AMERICA” or “Mexico of AMERICA”, how about Brazil of AMERICA”…….being a citizen of the USA, I guess i was just under the assumption that the term America was actually a part of the name of our country AS WELL as a part of the name of our continent…..
    Bob of Maine….i find your statement of maps quite odd, first of all i do have maps, and globes in my house (and frankly i think it is odd that you don’t), but you’re analogy is off,….i mean that’s like saying “i don’t know how to drive, because i am not sitting in my car.” or “i can’t spell because i am not reading my dictionary”……
    frankly what really surprises me is that people aren’t livid that so many people within this country can not point out where our country is located on a world map……
    and frankly the “ugly american mentality of narcissism” although it does exist, does not apply when US citizen refer to themselves as americans….frankly i missed the entire “earth shaking pageant” because i was too busy trying to keep up with the fires in Greece…….and ditto lifeinmotion re: bush and his companies……..thanks for the post it was a real eye opener…….t

  16. This is the same country who appointed an expert on Iran, Paul Bremner, to run Iraq during the early phases of the US occupation. Most of the foreign policymakers never got their passports until recently. Go figure.

  17. hahaha…whats up this girl…Did anyone hear what she said…must be all the hairspray getting to her brain….if any has an arguement for blondes it would ne Miss Cal. Some one should actually make sure that she finished school based on her grades not her looks…therez only one word for that Miss…Miss Im a ditz

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