Prison Break Season 3, Episode 2

The episode opens up with Michael lining up to get clean water, with Bellick trying to cut in front of the line but he is pushed away by a local inmate.  Eventually there is a small scuffle which forces Lechero’s goon to knock Bellick into the barrel of water, causing the week’s supply to go away.  Fortunately, Michael is able to get some clean water before this happens and proceeds to ask one of the pro-American inmates about James Whistler.  The inmate tells him that Whistler is in prison hiding for supposedly killing the mayor of Panama City and Lechero put a price on his head.

Michael later realises that Bellick had come into contact with Whistler and offers him some water in exchange for information.  Scofield later finds Whistler in the sewers and scared to come out of his hiding for fear of certain death.   Michael then has a visit with Lincoln where he gives him a note her found in his pocket so he can get information from the outside.

Lincoln begins his regular meetings with Company operative Susan, who tells him she understands the situation and it will be over once he gets Whistler out.  Lincoln then threatens her with the understanding the something will happen to her family if she does any harm to Sara and LJ.  Meanwhile, Sucre is shown buying a gun and goes to pay Bellick a visit for what he did to Maricruz.  He threatens Bellick with a loaded gun until Bellick tells him he never kidnapped Maricruz and all he did was just scare her with charges of aiding a fugitive.  Bellick then admitted to tricking Sucre into helping him and begs him to tell his mother that he is stuck in Sona.

Sucre then leaves the prison with plans to get back with Maricruz when he bumps into Lincoln at the bus stop.  Lincoln asks Sucre if he could help him get Michael out of Sona, but Sucre tells him he needs to get back to Maricruz.  As Sucre’s bus, Lincoln notices that the note Scofield gave him had a reference to a Bank of Versailles and they show Sofia also getting a ride to the bank as well.  Sofia later arrives at the bank to withdraw an item from a safety deposit box with Lincoln observing from a distance.  As Sofia walks out of the bank, Lincoln confronts her about the item and takes it out of her purse, which is revealed to be a book on birdwatching.  However, a company agent observes the entire exchange with Lincoln walking away from Sofia pointing out he is just another victim of the Company.

Mahone also gets interested in what Michael asked the pro-American inmate by pretending to be Scofield’s friend, who tells him Michael went to the sewers looking for Whistler earlier.  At the same time, Bellick bumps into T-Bag and offers information about Whistler to Lechero as well in return for clean clothes and food.  Mahone then makes his way to the sewers with the intention of killing Whistler with the false belief it will give him a trip to an American court.  He manages to smash through Whistler’s hideout but is intercepted by Lechero’s goons and later by Michael, who goes after realising Bellick got clothes and food.   In the confusion, Whistler manages to run away with Mahone after him.

Meanwhile, a prison riot, incited by a disgruntled inmate, is about to erupt.  Lechero feels that killing inmates will not do any good because they will regroup and the prison police refuses to give him emergency supplies.  Michael barges in to his office with an offer, but he is rebuffed after T-Bag tells Lechero that he is untrustworthy.  Later, Michael bribes the pro-American inmate with a $100 bill to help him get supplies to create a small-scale explosive that would detonate a clogged water pipe.  Mahone eventually catches up to Whistler and brings him to the courtyard.  Suddenly, Michael’s makeshift bomb goes off, and water flows freely from the public faucets.  Lechero agrees to let Whistler live out of respect for Michael’s actions and refuses Mahone’s demands for freedom.

Sucre on the other hand realises he cannot return to Chicago without ruining Maricruz after having an encounter with the local police.  He calls her to tell her he is sorry for everything and that he will be always thinking of her and the baby.  It is implied from next week’s previews that Sucre will help Lincoln out.  Lincoln returns to his hotel after confronting Sofia and finds Susan in his room.  She threatens Lincoln for straying for his tasks by investigating Whistler’s girlfriend and demands to get what he took from Sofia.  Lincoln hands over the book about birds, but it turns out to be a duplicate he bought earlier.

The episode ends with Lechero drowning the rebellious inmate who incited the riot in a bucket of water and with Whistler thanking Michael for helping him and asking him if he has any ideas on breaking out.   Next week’s episode is the episode when they kill off Sara Tancredi, because the actress portraying her has found better work.


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