Prison Break Season 3, Episode 3

So Sara does not get killed in this episode.  Much of this week’s episode revolved around Whistler trying to get information about Scofield and Michael trying to steal Lechero’s cellphone to talk to Sara.

The episode opens with a Company agent slipping some pictures of LJ and Sara in Lincoln’s room.  Sucre later sneaks up to Lincoln and tells him he needs the millions, but is upset when Lincoln tells him it’s all gone.  He tells him he is willing to help Lincoln out but he also has his set of problems, which Lincoln responds by showing him pictures of Sara and Michael.  Whistler later meets with Michael asking him when they are going to breakout but Scofield tells him he doesn’t care about him and the only reason he is doing this is for Sara and Lincoln.

Lincoln pays Michael a visit and tells him about the pictures.  He also tells Scofield about the book, which is filled with random names and numbers he can’t make out.  With the pictures, Michael tries to find a way to call Sara and first goes to Lechero for a favour, which is rejected.  Lincoln then arranges for Susan to make the call happen so that Michael will have a reason to help them.  Scofield’s pro-American inmate tells him that all the landlines are ripped out for copper since the prison riots and Lechero has the only cellphone.  Therefore, Scofield threatens to expose T-Bag’s past unless he helps him steal Lechero’s cellphone for him.

Whisler gets a visit from Sofia and learns that Lincoln stole the book he set aside for her.  As she leaves the prison, she notices that Lincoln Burrows had visited a Michael Scofield, who Whisler claimed was his lawyer.  Meanwhile, Bellick is in prison trying to get a missing shoe from the local gay barber and Mahone is having drug withdrawal.

Mahone later gets a visit from his defence lawyer who tells him he will get a trial next year, which frustrates Mahone.  He later begs the lawyer to get him some drugs to which he leaves in disgust.  Whistler later pays a visit to Mahone’s cell to try to learn more about Michael and we learn that Whistler is Australian.  Whistler later finds out that Michael is aggressively loyal to his friends but will leave his enemies to rot.

T-Bag manages to snatch the cellphone when Lechero goes to get a haircut from the gay barber.  He hands off the phone to Michael who talks to Sara for a brief moment.  She tells him in code that she is being held in an area called “Lost Cause” at 3 O’clock of the statue.  Michael then sends Lincoln off to try and find them.  On his way Lincoln is threatened by Sofia and tells her that they are on the same side.  He also asks her why they would kidnap his son just to get Whistler, a fisherman, out of Sona.

Michael tries to return the cellphone on time and is helped by T-Bag who stalls him.  However, Lechero notices that his phone was improperly placed on the charger and then calls Lincoln’s number.  No one responds on the other end so Lechero asks one of his goons to investigate the mysterious number.  T-Bag is later harassed by Lechero’s goons so he barges into Lechero’s office pretending to overhear people trying to destroy him and tells him he is afraid of talking since the “new guy” always takes the fall for the traitors.  Lechero then assures him that he will trust him and asks him to be his “ears”, which helps T-Bag maneuver deeper into his inner circle.

Lincoln manages to find the Company’s hideout after Sara throws out her shoe from the building’s windows.  However, Lincoln reaches them only to see LJ briefly before they are taken away.  Michael is later confronted by Mahone who suggests the Company kept him alive and led him to Sona to simply break Whistler out of prison.  Mahone then suggests that he plans to kill Whistler but Michael tells him his family would be in danger if he tried that since he seems to be valued by the Company.  Bellick overhears the entire conversation as he was trying to steal a shoe from the gay barber, Pistachio.

Whistler later comes forward and tells Scofield that he is really a fisherman in Australia who one day gave a tour to some businessman.  Not long after he was being followed by mysterious government agents and decided to move to Panama, where he met Sofia, to lay low.  Then somehow he got in trouble with the local authorities and has been stuck in Sona ever since.

At the hotel, Lincoln finds a drunk Sucre by his hotel door.  He then gets a call for Susan who doesn’t blame him for trying to find Sara and LJ.  She then tells him he will never try that again because something she left for him in the parking lot.  Lincoln then finds the bloodied box at the parking lot, which we assume is from either Sara or LJ.

Next week’s previews shoe Bellick telling Lechero about Michael’s plans, and Sofia coming to help Lincoln.


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