Prison Break Season 3, Episode 5

Turned out there was no episode 5 last week but I am still unnerved by Sara’s gruesome demise. Apparently, the producers decided to kill off the character after they were unable to secure a new contract with the actress playing the character. They first gave her space so she can tend to her newborn daughter so they had her character get kidnapped then they had difficulties getting her back to the show. Some said it was the tough schedule while others claimed it was the need for higher pay. In any event, nothing was worked out and the producers decided to kill off the character.

For those who think I am making up Sara’s demise, below is a screenshot of what Lincoln Burrows saw at the end of episode 3 and in a flashback in episode 4 when he opened that bloodied box.

With that said, the subplot between Michael and Sara along with Sara’s quest for revenge against the Company are effectively over. Episode 5 largely involved Michael, Mahone and Whistler finalising plans to breakout of Sona until Michael’s carelessness compelled the guards to seal off his escape route and march into prison.

Lincoln and Sofia bond over their common goals and gives time to have Lincoln properly preserve Sara’s severed head and bury it in an undisclosed location in beach on Panama. Also in Sona, Dominic Keating from “Enterprise” and “Heroes” joins the prison as an inmate who knows about Whistler’s past, which implies that Whistler was a Company agent and more than a fisherman.

In 2 weeks, Prison Break will be back with a two-hour episode and it looks like something changes. I am not sure if I really care anymore but I am sure this will be the final season for Prison Break.


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