Oliver Klohzov

Peace Corps in China suddenly seems like a viable option.  Andrew is now promoted to a product manager and Manny will be long gone by Friday.  It looks like most of the original staff for Arbinet are phasing themselves out this year.  It’s no longer funny to joke about who is next because I could be next out the door either by a snap restructuring or by choice.

It looks like I am going to be sidelined in Marketing by the new boss, though I hope that is not the case.  One core function being swapped out for an existing function but with better tools.  I really am under the impression he just thinks I am the corporate trainer though I was doing much more before Chris left.  Andrew was frank about being reluctant to work on the creative process with Mark, but oh well.  STC is now already on bad terms with Mark, though they don’t know it which is the worst part.

Wishful thinking and overconfidence are not enough for me I am afraid.  This past week has been stressful and I now worry about hair loss.  Maybe the Rogaine will slow the inevitable.  Gran Turismo prologue needs to come out sooner.


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