No Prison Break this week

The time was originally pre-empted for the World Series, which was won by the Boston Red Sox.  Let’s see in Prison Break, Sucre is being extorted by some guy, Sara lost her head, Michael is turning into MacGyver, and Whistler is a shady Australian.  I think this show has jumped the shark just like Lost with their obscure East Asian symbolism, drunken actors, and random numerology.

My last weekend out made me realise that I am missing something in my life at the same time I am capable of meeting nice people.  I am sure there are a good number of nice girls out there, the challenge is mostly meeting nice girls that are single and straight.  I think this may hold true for girls looking for confident, reasonable, and decent guys, but it’s much easier for them.  My core looked out for me when I was at my worse and they are great company, but sometimes I wished a few of them broke out of their shell…

It’s times like this I wish there were large and affordable Sugar-Apples around to eat.

Although they look like disgusting vegetables, they are actually quite sweet especially after they ripen.  However, they become obscenely sweet if you let them ripen too much.  Most of these large-sized Sugar-Apples were about $3-4 USD in Taiwan but cost about $7-10 USD over in America due to import duties, FDA quality control, and distribution.  All it involves is just a fork and peeling away the green peels to unveil the sweet, yellow fruit that lies inside that actually goes well with crushed ice.

Now that idiot Bernanke is again considering cutting the interest rates to just jump start the ailing economy from the subprime fiasco.  Bernanke should know that cutting rates will only help the hedge fund managers, the traders and the analysts in the short-term but it will do nothing to make this subprime bullshit go away anytime soon.  People start defaulting on their debts, this eventually spills over to consumer debt (eg credit card), then it affects goods and services in the retail sector which in turn affects the manufacturers and services themselves.   It’s even worse when all these bad commercial paper is lying somewhere in overseas investments.

The US economy is going to slow down in the next 1 to 2 years, even if it doesn’t end in a recession if we are lucky.  Worse of all the supposed rate cut will only further debase the US dollar against world currencies.  Already it is going to cost around $1.05USD to buy a Canadian dollar while $0.90USD can get an Australian dollar plus the Chinese Yuan is now hovering around 7.40 to the dollar.  If Bernanke does a rate cut, regardless of the basis points reduced, he is just going to cave into Wall Street instead of looking over for the people he professed to help when he acknowledged that a powerful Federal Reserve contributed to the Great Depression.   It’s times like this I wished ING or eTrade allowed for high interest savings to be kept in foreign currencies.


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