The Ladder Theory

The Ladder Theory makes a great deal of sense in recent months. According to this theory, women look for the following men in their significant other:

We can clearly see that about half of the interest revolves around money or power. Money can be defined as simply being wealthy to just having a credit card depending on the girl’s perceptions at that particular time. The same holds true with power in the sense it can be anywhere ranging from being the company CEO to being one of the leading brothers at the fraternity. Again, it is largely based on perception by the said girl and it’s all relative based on the circumstances.

It’s possible to act “as if” one had power and money but sooner or later one will need to back up these claims with tangible proof…

While it may be true that girls claim that none of these things truly matter to them the fact is far from it. When a girl says she just looks for a man or woman with “confidence” she means she wants someone who can exert a great deal of influence, meaning power. When a girl says she is just looking for a guy to treat her right or from a good family, she implies she is looking for a guy who has his financials together or comes from a well-off family.

So basically half the interest will come from just having money and power alone, but the other 40 or so percent revolves largely on attraction. Just about 20% is attraction drawn from physical attraction, which largely speaks for itself. Someone who resembles Brad Pitt will clearly have a better shot than Tom Green at meeting that girl.

The other 8% is going to involve some sort of competition. It has been said that a girl will lose all interest in you the moment you express a modicum of interest in her instead of acting like a challenge. Some girls seem interested in guys that don’t express any real interest in favour of hobbies, other girls, or even their current priorities. It’s strange that this actually seen by the opposite sex as a way for guys to express their self-confidence. Play it too cool, and you just might lose the girl.

Another 8% goes to having some sort of novelty. This could range from being an ethnic minority to being able to beat the shit out of anyone at will. One would think that girls just want a regular guy who doesn’t act like crazy frat guys who are official taste testers for their house’s “jungle juice”, the guys who regularly smuggle out Dos Equis out of bars and drink in public or even guys who smoke ganja out of their cousin’s “Pikachu” bong. Well that is just bullshit because girls, like guys, actually want some excitement in their lives and this partly explains why you may see some attractive young girls dating 60+-year-old corporate executives, getting rammed by the asshole fraternity brother near Stone St. and even rappers.

The rest of the attraction are other factors. They could be just things such as being a Bible thumper, to being a minority, or nothing.

The next 10% are things girls claim they don’t care about but really do. For example a girl could claim that she never worries about money, but she does. So if a girl ever says she never worries about a guy going bald, the guy should tell her he will try to not stress out and will even take Rogaine just to be safe. Most of what they say they don’t care about are just white lies. When a girl says she doesn’t care about money or power, it’s just her way of saying she would love to have it and might even leave you if it doesn’t happen.

Another thing to watch out for is the code words women use. Here is a translation guide for dealing with women.

Says: I want a man who is motivated and has goals.
Means: I want a rich man

Says: I want a man who knows how to treat a woman.
Means: I want a rich man

Says: He’s from a really good family.
Means: He’s from a really rich family.

One more thing: if a guy finds a girl attractive, it’s going to be impossible to be real friends. The only way to find out is to hypothesise whether you would have sex with the girl if she suddenly goes into the bathroom and comes out naked begging you to have sex with her. Only two things will come out of this situation: either you do it or give an excuse about being fearful of ruining that special friendship. When in doubt just ask that question and you’ll know that friendship is impossible, but you will need to be honest with yourself.

What to do (now the truth is known)

Relax About Women (Preferably, the rest of your life)

Work Out (Optional, helpful)

Above All Else, Never Give Up


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