The reality of it.

There are days when work is great and then there are days that are just shitty.  I don’t like feeling sidelined after being inactive for nearly 4 months although Mark explained that things will change and its part of literally being independent.  While this is true,  I am fucking bored half the time and feeling as if I lack a place.  Then again, there are more positives in this situation as I will eventually get enough content to create metrics on the resume.  With that said, I can make another bid to get out of this company.

I am officially off training as of tonight.  Once that is done I am going to grab a beer and finish up that GTM video.  So it looks like I am not going to Hawaii but it will be unpleasant if I am not going to the next GTM in June, which is possible.   So Monique started her new job in Philly and she will succeed as an independent woman; so I wish her the best.

I think people have some idea about how I feel about my current work.  I said that I would eventually know when it’s time for me to go and it seems to be the case.  The disgruntled cat is me in this instance.


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