I finally saw “Superbad”, a high school comedy about three friends who have a wild night out trying to smuggle alcohol into a friend’s graduation party. Most of it involves the randomness of these characters in their misadventures to get closer with girls they like after they were invited to a graduation party.

One character, Fogel, decides to get a poorly made fake ID that only has one name to buy alcohol, but winds up being taken for a night out by a pair of corrupt cops. The other group Evan and Seth, decide to go on a long adventure first in a drunken college party, and then running from the same corrupt cops before meeting up with Fogel.   Most of the story was around the friendship shared between Evan and Seth and the seemingly large changes that happen after high school.

Everything comes to a head at the house party with some fun surprises. Superbad was a funny movie that touches on the awkwardness that most people endure in high school, from the relative isolation to the lack of confidence due to the perceived social pyramid that exists in that time.

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