The Incredible Hulk is interesting

The Incredible Hulk is an intellectual property owned by Marvel Comics and created by comic book writer Stan Lee.

The Incredible Hulk is also an emerging cocktail drink that was created by mixing Hpnotiq and Hennessy over ice and popular among hip-hop circles.

The drink was created at a Hpnotiq launch event by a restaurant bartender at Sean Combs’ New York restaurant, Justin’s. A Hpnotiq employee noticed many women but few men drinking his company’s liquor, because the men considered the blue, fruity drink to be too effeminate. Victor Alvarez, a bartender at the restaurant, mixed Hennessy with Hpnotiq to dilute the fruity flavor, resulting in a green beverage that quickly became a hit.

My drink was much greener than the one shown here.

Today was my first time trying the Incredible Hulk just for the sake of treating myself after a grueling flight to Orlando and a long shuttle trip to the hotel for a business trip.  The bartenders were surprised that I would order such a drink since I don’t fit the stereotypical demographic and I was impressed that they were able to serve this cocktail.

Much of the hotel is very nice with great and pricey food.  Even the deli is expensive with $2 fruit juice and $5 pizza despite being poorly prepared compared with the standard fare I can get in local restaurants and fast food joints.  Then again, I can always expense all these costs.


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