Time Crisis 4 is great!

So after coming back from work at the end of a long trip, I find Time Crisis 4 delivered on my doorstep.  It is a step up from Time Crisis 3 with a FPS mode and a new feature to attack enemies on multiple screens.

The biggest change was working with the new Guncon 3, the official PS3 lightgun, which allows for shooting and the new first-person shooting mode.  Unlike the Wii Zapper, the Guncon3 does not use bluetooth to track its gun calibration.  Instead it uses two LED sensors to figure out where to shoot on the screens, which means I had to use up two PS3 USB ports for the game.

Overall, it is a fun shooting game that allows me to practice my basic shooting skills and to occasionally release work-related stress in a fun and controlled environment.  Pretending to be Eurotrash secret agents shooting up American terrorists has never been more fun!


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