I feel fine.

Time Crisis 4 is a great way to relive stress. I can target practice and enjoy myself in a productive manner while releasing any work-related frustrations in a controlled manner. The first person shooter mode is a bit clunky but manageable, although it is not as fun as the traditional rails-on shooter. The storyline about the US Army creating a race of mutant bugs for weapons is a bit absurd as well as relying on two Eurotrash secret agents for saving America.

On another note, it was more surreal learning that the person who I replaced is working at a related company that I work with. It’s surreal and it shows how we sometimes live in a small world even without connections from myspace and facebook like most people these days. I think this can be another red flag for me and my career path.

Soul Plane 2 can be a very bad movie if it was ever brought on film:


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