RON PAUL TEA PARTY 07 CONCERT FUNDRAISER! Saturday, December 15 at 8:00PM!


When- Saturday, December 15 at 8:00PM

Who – Everyone


NYC Ron Paul HQ
515 W. 29th St.
New York NY 10003

Event Description

Join us on December 15 for the Ron Paul Fundraising concert at the RPHQ.

The line up will be:
The Violets
The Dig
The Case of Gretta Conners

Bring all your friends, family, whoever is interested in the restoration of liberty and prosperity of this great nation.

Let’s make this moneybomb top the last!! Come donate at midnight and see your name on the wall projected showing the spike in donations at midnight.

300 people expected this time

9 p.m. to close (3 a.m. to 5 a.m.)

Midnight Countdown to Ron Paul Money Bomb
Come donate on our computers at MIDNIGHT and see your name on the projectors!

Come see the donations SKYROCKET at MIDNIGHT
We’ll try to stream live on Justin.TV.

BRING YOUR FRIENDS to the biggest political day in history.

CHEAP CHEAP Drinks. Raffles. Ron Paul Merchandise will be sold.

Suggested $17.73 donation 🙂


Good news: We just beat the $12 million goal so far. Keep the moneybombs flowing! We gotta drop bombs like Hiroshima!

Start dropping Moneybombs at


3 thoughts on “RON PAUL TEA PARTY 07 CONCERT FUNDRAISER! Saturday, December 15 at 8:00PM!”

  1. Hey Ya’ll !!
    Have a great time !! I can’t make the party, but Iwill donate $25 by Dec. 15th.
    Go Ron Paul !!! YEA !!

    73 year old grandma in Texas

  2. I’d go to that party if it wasn’t so late at night.

    However I can help to spread the word about it. I also have a way to increase the fund raising for the Tea Party on Sunday by giving gifts to anyone who contributes to the campaign this Sunday…

    Get gifts for contributing to Ron Paul this Sunday for the Tea Party.

    Please help spread the word. I’m looking for more people, or websites to contribute gifts.

    Here’s the link to see what I’m talking about and to get your gifts:

    Please spread the word, Roger Haeske

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