The 12/15 Ron Paul Tea Party Fundraiser in New York City!

“Moneybombs Detected.” – Ron Paul’s Tea Party

I repeat the Tea Party is in play! The NYC Ron Paul fundraiser Party was a success!

It was covered by both CNN and the local NY1 News channels. Over 125 individuals turned up and began bombing funds when it struck midnight. The next phase of Ron Paul 2008 is in play! We already broke $12 million as of this writing. Keep it up guys!

You guys gotta go to your local Ron Paul meetups! They are a lot of fun and it’s great to have dialogue with so many interesting people.

We had Brazilians, Canadians, Germans, Filipinos, and many others who wanted to support Ron Paul. A cross-section of NYC’s most diverse were there to lend support and bring their friends to the message!!!

If you live in the NYC area please stop by the NYC Ron Paul campaign headquarters!

NYC Ron Paul HQ
515 W. 29th St.
New York NY 10003

Good news: We just beat the $12 million goal so far. Keep the moneybombs flowing! We gotta drop bombs like Hiroshima!

Start dropping Moneybombs at


4 thoughts on “The 12/15 Ron Paul Tea Party Fundraiser in New York City!

  1. John Edwards has received Kevin Bacon’s endorsement for his candidacy. The race is over. Kevin Bacon has influence and control over every American through his six-degrees of contact. It is over folks. Will Paul return the money?

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