Ron Paul has a Problem (And It’s the White Man’s Fault)

Recently, Fox News and several GOP opponents have learned that White Supremacists, who profess to be White Nationalists, have been donating large amounts of money to Ron Paul. Like most people their reasons are simple: Ron Paul supports free speech, minority rights, and reducing America’s presence in the Middle East. However, the fact that these White Supremacists are bigoted against African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, homosexuals and other minority groups have made them a liability to Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign for the GOP nomination.

Yesterday, Neil Cavuto from Fox News interviewed Ron Paul asking him about receiving a $500 donation from Don Black, the webmaster of If you don’t know is actually a White Supremacist forum, formerly a functional website, that is designed to gather racists, “White Nationalists” and other persons of racial intolerance to discuss various issues and to promote White power.

Although Dr. Paul has pointed out that it is impractical to screen all of his donors and that the money would be better off in his hands rather than be used for White Supremacist causes, it looks like the donations by Don Black and like-minded individuals may compromise Ron Paul’s bid for the nomination. Paul has also pointed out that he does not personally support the White Supremacists’ ideology in any way, shape or form.

If these “White Nationalists” were as superior or intelligent as they claim, they would have realised that their open contributions to Ron Paul would only harm him and that they should anonymously donate to Paul to protect him from these now-rampant accusations of racism by the corporate media and right-wing and liberal bloggers.

It doesn’t help that Don Black and his son have actually met and taken pictures with Ron Paul:

Thank You ex-Grand Wizard Don Black for significantly tarnishing Ron Paul’s campaign with your open contributions and by publicly associating yourself with an honest, honourable man. Now you have encouraged similar lesser-minds to express their supposed connections with Dr. Paul…


2 thoughts on “Ron Paul has a Problem (And It’s the White Man’s Fault)

  1. When Ron Paul receives a donation, he promises no special favors to the donor. He would also accept without question, donations from HILLARY Clinton, or Bill O’Reilly. Is this so hard to understand?

  2. Not at all. It is still sad too see how the neocons, liberals, and prudes are jumping all over Ron Paul just because some White Supremacist was dumb enough to openly donate to his campaign without realising that he could be a liability to Dr. Paul

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