Chinese for Ron Paul (保羅醫師 華人網上後援會)

Chinese for Paul is a non-profit grassroots volunteer organization started by patriotic Americans of Chinese descent.

羅納德·歐內斯特·「罗恩」·保羅英语Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul1935年8月20日-)是來自美國德克薩斯州醫師眾議員、以及總統候選人,隸屬共和黨籍。從1997年起他一直擔任德州第14國會選區的眾議員,之前也曾於197619791985年間擔任第22選區的眾議員。


We are not a Political Action Committee.

We are not paid for, endorsed or authorized by any candidate or political party.

Our sole purpose is to spread the message of liberty through Chinese speaking people throughout the world using the power of the internet.

We support Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2008.

保羅醫師 華人網上後援會

等待期間請參觀 保羅醫師競選總統官方網站 

Ron Paul Revolution 2008!

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