The New Year’s Eve Party in NYC

I am still hammered from last night’s New Year’s Eve party.  I arrived at the city around 6:30PM before meeting up with some other partygoers for a visit to Times Square and 8th Ave.  After walking around in all the craziness and seeing all the randomness, we then returned to our building to party for the rest of the night.  There was some house music, some hip-hop and it somehow went downhill when a hippie DJ decided to just play classic rock and lounge music (particularly bossa nova).  We saw the ball drop and everything went wild from there.

I wound up staying at the party until around 5:00 AM drinking, smoking cigarettes, and just relaxing with good company until the NJTransit trains were back in service.  While I was at Penn Station, I noticed that there were crowds of people who were sleeping there waiting for the train as well.  Most of these people must have missed the last train from the night before or simply could not find a spot in the already crowded trains.  I can imagine how chaotic it must have been after a drunken night of reveling in New York City.  Anyway, it was a good time and I would definitely do it again.


Some things we observed from all the activity in the nightclub across the building:

1. Most of the Asian girls would always be with some skinny, seemingly-feeble White guy.  One White guy in our party noted that he could easily beat the shit out of him without even trying.  Another friend and I realised that these kinds of Asian girls usually go for the lesser White guys because they believe they can better control them because the White guy is very weak-willed due to his Asian fetish

2. If an Asian girl notes that you and her resemble “brother and sister” or “siblings”, just cut the bitch out and don’t expect anything.  It is unfortunate that some girls in America actually believe all the stereotypes they were exposed to during their time in the great US of A.

3. Most of the girls who came out crying or in mood swings actually threw up at the club several times and were embarrassed at being caught vomiting and for believing they ruined the night out.

4. House music and Red Bull can keep a party going all night until the early morning.  Plus this music makes it seem like there is always a great party or club in the building.

5. The cops were scoping our street the entire night for fear of drunken brawls, illegal marijuana use, and craziness from mad women who were ejected from the clubs.   Sometimes life isn’t fair and it’s a sick world, but we have to make the most of it.


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