Ron Paul was a Surprise

There were those who wished Ron Paul would had made at least 3rd or even 4th place in Iowa, but were somewhat disappointed at the final results. Although Ron Paul managed to break the double-digits at 10% and even beat Rudy Giuliani, he was trailing against John McCain and even Fred Thompson. Not surprisingly, the people of Iowa (Jesusland) voted for Huckabee, while the democrats were smart enough to pick Obama over Hillary. There were those who kept wondering how it all went horribly wrong in Iowa.

There were those who mentioned the so-called Paultards. Paultards are essentially individuals who are thuggish and ignorant. Paultards are those who often harass those who do not support Ron Paul and unwilling to reason with those with differing views over Dr. Paul. I am told they are most of the time no better than Giuliani supporters, who are practically modern-day Blackshirts who profess superficial American values. This may have been a source of disgust among many undecided voters and their actions are frequently used by the Huckabee camp to demonise Ron Paul and his views.

Then there are the so-called “Truthers”. These people are often associated with the “fringe” conspiracy theorists that the corporate media has been yakking about for months. This faction consists of 9/11 truthers, anti-zionists, non-conformists, tax evaders, and anyone who believes America is under siege from zionists reptilians who are out to form a New World Order with help from the Trilateral Commission. I truly commend the enthusiasm that these people bring to Ron Paul gatherings, but I honestly would not associate with them under normal circumstances.

The White Supremacists are really the worse out of these so-called “fringe” Ron Paul factions. They are actually bigots in disguise who try to present their racism through mainstream issues and pseudo-academic essays. Most of these white racialists are actually a huge liability to Ron Paul and it doesn’t help that many of them openly endorse Dr. Paul on their idiotic websites. If these White Supremacists were really racially superior as they often profess, they should have openly endorse a Presidential candidate they hated just to damage his or her reputation while secretly donating large amounts of cash to Ron Paul. I understand that many White Supremacists secretly donated money to George W. Bush’s campaigns while endorsing any potential opponents just to damage them.

So these factions in the Paul campaign should really make an effort to restrain themselves if they truly want to help Ron Paul and prevent the corporate media from finding golden opportunities to smear him. The Paultards need to learn to listen to people and to produce valid points for their support of Dr. Paul instead of just talking about him in forums or diverting cash donating by pressuring people to donate to the “Ron Paul Blimp (which is a waste of money)”.

The conspiracy or fringe factions should avoid talking about 9/11 inside jobs, the NWO, Zionists, and instead talk about mainstream issues such as tax reform, peace in the Middle East, and small government to draw support. Most of all, it would be best if the White Supremacists start making public endorsements to Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, and even Fred Thompson while still anonymously donating to Ron Paul if they really want to help the good doctor out.

In any event, we should look at some of the positives. First, Ron Paul did poll double-digits and ended up as a notable surprise despite being overshadowed by Thompson’s third place finish in Christian hillbillystan. Secondly, Paul managed to bring in a handful of disenchanted independent voters to actually make real votes unlike those so-called spammers who buy a dozen votes at straw polls or constantly refresh their browsers to make online votes. Thirdly, Ron Paul still has another shot in New Hampshire to make a tangible achievement despite this projected setback in Iowa. Last, the results in Iowa are a clear wake-up call to all those mainstream Ron Paul supporters to finally get out of their lazy-asses, stop ranting online and get out to cast a ballot for Dr. Paul.

Guys, this is your wake-up call. Don’t fuck this up.


7 thoughts on “Ron Paul was a Surprise

  1. I guess you are one of enlightened individuals who really has a grasp of the situation our country is facing, hmmmm, not!
    Ron Paul’s campaign is just starting to hit it’s stride. You might be faced with additional surprises as time moves forward, maybe not, only time will tell 🙂

  2. I’m a Paultard. I recently harrassed a kinda cool blogger who refered to Ron Paul as a lunatic and predicted he’d take 4th or 5th in Iowa. I’m an Alex Jones fan, I can list his absurd movie titles by heart. Martial Law Rise of the Police State, Matrix of Evil, 9/11 Road to Tyranny, etc. I have a B.A. in Philosophy, I teach college level chemistry. I hold signs by the freeway and dance around in a purple leather coat with my basset hound wearing a red sweater with at sticker that says “Ron Paul Revolution”. I love the blimp, but I agree it was a waste of money. Lets call it quits, and support Thanks!

  3. Love the witty sarcasm but votes are what count in this election. Funding blimps, making flybys, ranting about Alex Jones, or harassing random people just doesn’t fly. I like how you summed up the cross section of Paul supporters, but these people all need to vote or everything they do will amount to dick. Thanks!

  4. Paultards are obnoxious. But Hucktards and Mitt tards are even more obnoxious. Hucktards can’t carry a decent conversation. Mitt tards are full of pointing fingers and allegations. Obsama Husseintards swear like a mother, insulting any other candidates supporters. Billarytards just want change but don’t realize they can’t get it with her. Personally, I think they are all just retards.

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