Tortured by temptation, turned-on teacher traps untainted teen

Tortured by temptation, turned-on teacher traps untainted teen
Uramono Japan (February)

Several sensational stories from the States have appeared in the Japanese media about pulchritudinous pedagogues pouncing on precocious proteges. Now the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak.

“Seven years ago, I was seduced by one of these ‘ero-teachers,'” confesses Shinya Nito in Uramono Japan (February). “There may be some people who would envy what happened to me, but frankly, I’m not proud of it.”

Nito, now a 20-year-old university student, relates what occurred when he was in his first semester of 7th grade.

His new homeroom teacher, Yukari Takahashi (a pseudonym) was 28. Although her face was quite attractive — slightly resembling TV performer and model Kaori Manabe — she adopted a stern demeanor and came across as a strict disciplinarian. The kids found her a bit intimidating, calling her “Iron Yukari” behind her back.

Kaori Manabe

The school year began the first week of April and about a month later, after the students returned from their “Golden Week” holiday, Nito noticed a subtle change in Yukari’s attitude toward him. She became more indulgent, and once, when passing him in the corridor going the opposite direction, she brushed up against him in a manner that could have only been intentional.

After his phys. ed. class, Yukari would try to get close to him for a whiff of his adolescent pheromones.

One day, Nito received a mushy note from one of the girls in his class, and the two sat together and chatted while eating their box lunches.

Seeing this, an infuriated Yukari bellowed, “What do you think you’re doing? Don’t you know it’s against the school rules for boys and girls to slide their desks together and eat like that!”

Nito was ordered to report to the detention room after class, where Yukari stood waiting, nervously tapping her foot.

“You should be devoting time to your studies!” Yukari ranted at him. “What do you think you’re doing, spending time with that girl?” she exclaimed, delivering a sharp open-handed slap to his cheek. He cringed.

“As your punishment, I want you to strip completely! Come on — do it! Now!”

Nito stripped to the buff and standing there naked, face downwards and trembling, he noticed a sensation of redness and swelling in his groin.

“Is your widdle ‘chinchin’ getting bigger, Nito-kun? Hmmmmm?” she teased, maliciously.

Humiliated, he could not produce so much as a word in response.

With a mischievous smile, she slid back his foreskin and began yanking on his swollen member. In a matter of about 10 seconds, he was spurting seed.

Nito notes that he had heard of the word “onani” (masturbation) before, but at this point said he had yet to experience it himself. His reaction to this was not unlike a girl who had just lost her hymen: he began sobbing in shame and embarrassment.

“Awww, I’m sorry, did I make you cry? Well, we can overlook it this time, but make sure you don’t tell anybody. You’d be expelled, and wouldn’t be able to go to high school either.”

Unable to tell even his friends, at the age of 13, Nito became his teacher’s pet in the worst possible sense.

“Ejaculating lots of sperm will make you smarter,” she would exhort him, popping a porn production into her DVD player, and then proceeding to repeatedly bring him to orgasm by oral, and manual, means.

Finally, Yukari took Nito home and on her bed they went all the way. His initial instruction in illicit intercourse turned out to be the opening shot of a sexual marathon.

“Just like those stories about American teachers who seduced their students,” Nito tells Uramono Japan, “she would demand sex from me constantly, not only in her home, but in the classroom, in her car and in public parks. I was under the impression that there was nothing on her mind except sex, sex and more sex.”

The end, when it came, was totally unexpected. Nito had just collapsed in exhaustion after getting off for the third consecutive session.

“I’m quitting my job at the school,” she informed him abruptly. “I have a baby in my stomach. Your baby … He’ll be a gorgeous child who’ll look like you. And after he grows up, maybe I’ll love him just as much as I loved you.”

So by the time he was ready to enter his 2nd year of middle school, Nito recollects, his first love had not only called it quits, but left the teaching profession.

And what became of Yukari after that? Nito would only sigh and say, “Whether the reason she told me for her leaving was true, or if there was some other reason, I don’t think I should know — and don’t want to know either.”

(By Masuo Kamiyama, contributing writer).
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(Mainichi Japan) January 12, 2008

Off-beat news from Mainichi Japan really is off-beat! Either “Nito” is making this completely out of his ass or he is really lucky to be the “chosen one”.

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