A Ron Paul Primary Party in New York

Well I managed to make it home in one piece despite tripping on a piece of metal lying around at the party last night. To be frank, last night’s party was nowhere near the levels it once was at the Tea Party money bomb and during New Year’s Eve. This wasn’t really a surprise since there were many who were sorely disappointed at the results in New Hampshire and Michigan. It would be safe to say many of these people have either gone ahead with their backup plans or simply gave up. Then again, I am sure there was much confusion over the nature of last night’s party in New York since it talked about precinct leaders and changed their schedules twice at the last minute. The rest of the supporters were stepping up their grassroots campaigning or decided to support Ron Paul until the bitter end, which is expected to be sometime after “Super Tuesday”.

It was fortunate that Ron Paul was able to make second place securing 4 delegates in Nevada while still beating out Giuliani in South Carolina. Despite many Giuliani supporters laughing at Dr. Paul or making incoherent rants on blogs or youtube about Ron Paul’s electability, reality shows that more voters support Ron Paul versus Rudy. That being said, the primary should be refocused as a war of attrition with Ron Paul constantly receiving enough cash injections for his campaign to outlast the cash-strapped Giuliani, Thompson, and possibly Huckabee campaigns. The optimists point out that Ron Paul will have speaking time at the GOP convention because he has delegates, but I am sure they will not air his speech on television. They also point out that the nomination process is extremely convoluted, which may give them a chance to disrupt the process.

Then there were some other interesting developments at the party. Most of it were genuine concerns and some were just misinterpretations over some of my writings. I honestly would not go out to portray any good friends or acquaintances I have met in a negative light in my blog entries but I normally drop names if they are portrayed in a memorable and positive light. So if I were to discuss people who have wronged me, I would talk about a liar (Sean Soh) in detail or go over how some petty and immature girls (Kathleen Phang, Chika Jaggard) used my kindnesses for their own ends and then spat me out like chewing gun when I was no longer needed. That being said, I would drop names if I either wanted to portray someone in an extremely negative light or in a memorable positive light.

So, there were some things that went down in the Ron Paul New Year’s Bash. If some of the things I discussed do not reflect you in any way, shape or form, then you need not worry or bother to be concerned. However, if you somehow feel those things are about you despite being about real drunk girls and guys from the club across the street, then there is a serious misunderstanding. I will leave it at that because those who took issue with my account of the New Year’s party are very nice, likable people.

Now, as an Asian-American like many conscious Asians in the great US of A, I do get incensed at the White Man’s stereotypes about how all Asians look like “brothers and sisters” or the ilk. My females friends get annoyed when people think they are my younger sister and vice versa. I had enough of this bullshit as like-minded Asians I have met online and in my travels also were annoyed at it and I was ticked when a fellow Asian mentioned it at a time when I had enough of that. With that being said, I will admit I did overreact to that “bro and sis” bit and I will leave it at that.

Then I am somehow a disappointment to the Ron Paul movement. I really have no idea what that is supposed to mean but I do know I am not part of the Ron Paul faction who thinks Zionist reptiles control all Fortune 500 companies and all international organisations. I also believe in the existence of a Holocaust where 6+ million people of the Jewish faith were gassed and the existence of HIV and AIDS. I am glad Dr. Paul gave the order for these factions to restrict discussion of these topics while further emphasising the mainstream issues such as the War of Terror and the economy.

Overall the party was Fabulous!!! –


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