Ron Paul’s Martin Luther King Day Money Bomb: Epic Failure

Unlike the record-breaking money bombs on November 5th and the Boston Tea Party, the Martin Luther King Day money bomb is an epic failure. Barely raising $2 million in a 24-hour period, the Paul-endorsed MLK money bomb has failed in its goal in convincing America that Ron Paul’s supporters support Dr. King, and it is an indicator of the lack of funds from his remaining supporters.

Then there are the following factors:

1. Many White supremacists supporting Ron Paul have done all they can to dissuade other normal supporters from contributing on MLK day. These people make outlandish claims that Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist agent, that he was a polygamist, and he was a self-hating black man. Then there are those who make claims that he is simply a pinko liberal who values state controlled integration and was under investigation by the FBI for subversion. Some even tried to have non-MLK day money bombs last week as alternatives to giving money on the 21st of January. Some White supremacist-sponsored money bomb include the Benjamin Franklin money bomb, and the Lee-Jackson Day money bomb of last week. Both of these money bombs and racist rumours may have dissuaded just enough people from contributing.

2. A good number of Ron Paul supporters have simply called it quits. After the epic failure in New Hampshire many volunteers simply threw in the towel and proceeded with their backup plans (Obama). Those who remained were apprehensive over contributing any more funds that are still seemingly unused by the official Paul campaign while others are simply out of funds to contribute after investing much of their time and money into the Tea Party and success in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, many college kids and supporters feel that it is very easy to overrun a straw poll or spamming online polls, yet find it a struggle to simply get out of the house to spend at least 20 minutes waiting in line to physically give Ron Paul a real vote in the election. Sure, winning virtual or mock elections are great for internal headlines, but they are worthless if people don’t bother voting in the real elections that count. It’s like running a school election and getting chummy with all the supporters but always forgetting to teach them how to actually vote when the time counts.

3. Ron Paul’s racist newsletters. While it is true that Ron Paul never wrote those newsletters and he was extremely incompetent in overseeing what gets written in his name, the corporate media has picked up this issue to the point where it has alienated enough supporters. I am sure these newsletters were a sensation to the Ron Paul White Nationalist factions, but they managed to alienate the 95% of the mainstream supporters. There has been speculation that Lew Rockwell was the idiot behind those racists and homophobic writings, but no one is man enough to admit fault so that Ron Paul would be absolved of all these attacks by liberals, conservatives, and corporate whores. It is a shame that the writer of those Ron Paul newsletters is unwilling to come forward to help Ron when he needs it most.

4. Lack of funds. After the debacle in New Hampshire and Michigan many supporters are reluctant to give to the campaign. Instead they decided to spend much of their potential contributions funding local Ron Paul grassroots programmes and even that Ron Paul blimp. Therefore, these supporters are still contributing to the campaign in their own right at the official campaign’s expense. Plus, they feel there is some level of accountability over how that money is spent on local or regional campaigns rather than having uncertainty over what Ron Paul is actually doing with the money bomb funds. Ron Paul has even noted that much of his donors are the poor and college students who often give small donations.

5. All the above.

It’s unfortunate that this hyped money bomb has become an epic failure. I am a Ron Paul supporter but I also live in reality to understand the damage Ron Paul has taken in recent months and from his endless problems with racists, who are becoming a much greater liability to Ron Paul. Take for instance Randy Gray, the Ron Paul Michigan campaign coordinator:

A Michigan leader and member of the Knight’s Party faction of the Ku Klux Klan is involved in Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s Michigan campaign according to a recent article published at The Klan member–Randy Gray–was listed as campaign coordinator for the city of Midland.

Pictures from Ron Paul’s Michigan website show Gray with Paul:


Gray–who posts on the racist website–recently described his campaign activities on behalf of Paul:


According the post, Gray has gone door-to-door, organized rallies, and attended meetings. Similarly, the post makes quite clear Gray’s connections to the Ku Klux Klan, with it listing the airtimes for the “This is the Klan” program that he airs on Midland public access television as well as a reference to Michigan-based “Pastor” James Wickstrom. Wickstrom is a Christian Identity (a white supremacist religion) preacher who has advocated the annihilation of the Jewish people.

Back in July, Media Mouse profiled Gray before he spoke at a rally in Kalamazoo organized by the prominent racist radio host Hal Turner. We documented Gray’s longtime involvement with the Klan and his history of racist and homophobic statements. As an example, it is worth noting that Gray has referred to people of color as “savages” and “animals:”

“… [S]o many of these savages, according to our statistics, they’re murdering our people, on a daily basis, and there’s nobody in our legal system that would dare say, “Bring back the rope! Bring back the electric chair!” Instead, they take our tax dollars and they feed these animals at the cost of our race!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have been lied to about diversity and multiculturalism. The immigration crisis that’s being pushed upon us by the race traitors of Washington, D.C. — they don’t care about our people, they’re too concerned about the homosexual rights! They’re too worried about protecting the rights of the Highlander communist school in New Market, Tennessee, that pushes this immigration, this race problem in our nation today — comes right out of the communist school. It was closed down originally in 1960 by the state of Tennessee, but they are in New Market, Tennessee, and we were up there yesterday taking photo pictures.”

Randy Gray also happens to be a Ron Paul supporter who organised the Benjamin Franklin money bomb in response to the official MLK money bomb. Something to take note as this campaign heads into “Super Tuesday”. Feburary 5th, will be the day everyone will figure out, without a doubt, whether Ron Paul 2008 sinks or swims.


29 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Martin Luther King Day Money Bomb: Epic Failure

  1. I would hardly say that raising 2 million in 1 day is an epic failure… quite the contrary!!!!

    You raise 2 million in 1 day and see how easy it is… are you taking into account that most of the donations were $10 donations?? That’s a lot of donators to raise 2 million.. wouldn’t you say…

  2. This money-bomb’s goal was for 10,000 people to give $10 (making a total of $1 million). Fewer people donated, but raised more money than $1 million, so I would describe it as neither “epic” nor “failure.”

  3. A failure?

    yea… nevermind the fact that it’s the 3rd biggest online single day donation in the country’s history… with the first two spots also going to Paul. lol

    The author of this article needs a cat scan, to determine the cause of the lack of intellect that propelled him to try to negatively spin a landmark in a record setting campaign.


  4. In the future, try not to use the word ‘epic’ so much. And it’s worth noting that the phrase ‘and it’s worth noting’ is no longer worth noting.

  5. Wow – This article is just silly. There has been no drop-off in Dr Pauls support here in Florida anyway, and I have never heard a racist word uttered from anyone involved or supporting the campaign. My brother is black for christsake and he is supporting Ron Paul. This is just propaganda from someone living in a fantasy.

  6. I don’t know one supporter who has bought any of the media lies about Ron Paul and who doesn’t realize that one cannot be in control of which people support one. In regards to the photo, I notice that you dub in or imply that Ron Paul knew the KKK connection to the man he let his picture be taken with. Or that this is more than a photo of him with an unknown supporter. Or that he should turn away a supporter. if the fellow is giving for the cause of freedom and helps Rn Paul get elected or to spread the freedom message, then amidst the other misdeeds, he has done this one thing very right.
    I cannot imagine that your intentions are good to have promoted Ron Paul failing as you have.

  7. Dear Lifeinmotion,
    Yes, Ron Paul supporters are tapped out and some have even lost hope consisdering that since Ron Paul kicked the living sh*t out of everyone in the last Fox debate, there has been a widespread media blackout, not only in all the cable news outlets, but even newspapers nationwide. Remember, Ron Paul came in second in NV and has beat Guilliani in the last 5 of six primeries.

    As far as MLK money bomb being a failure…you need to pull your head out of your a.s.s and consider that this money bomb occurred on a day that the entire world witnessed a mini global economic collapse with Europe losing over 150 billion alone and everyone predicting economic collapse here in the US TODAY! I was shocked that Ron Paul even made 2 million yesterday. Can any of the other candidates say that they raised that kind of money yesterday???. NOT!

    And one more thing…you show Ron Paul standing with this KKK guy. Do you know how many people get their picture taken with candidates???? You can’t do a background check on everyone. This reminds me of the article stating that Ron Paul was benefiting from some MLM scheme involving that Ron Paul limo and then the other day, a youtube came up when Ron Paul saw the limo for the first time. He was grateful, but also shocked that there was even a large limo transverseing the country with his name on it. He had no idea.

    Two days ago I signed up as a precinct leader on ronpaul2008 and I am amazed at the success that I am having in my own little neighborhood. I just started out walking thru my neighborhood and most often people are relieved that I am not there to sell them something or ask for money. With their guard down, I hand them a slim jim and ask if they have heard of Ron Paul. About half say No, but seem interested. The other half either have heard of him thru family or have seen him in the debates. Those who know him always light up and are excited that someone is out supporting him. I tell them to watch the debate Thursday and to vote for him. In two hours, I had 4 people agree to put signs in the yards, each on a different street in my neighborhood. It is so easy and fun, mainly because of the huge response I am getting.

    I am sending this email out to thousands in response to this article. Let’s see if lifeinmotion has the balls and integrity to leave my reply to their article on their site. If they don’t, then that goes a long way in telling you what kind of people they really are.

    God bless America and God bless Ron Paul!!!

  8. You guys do realise I am a Ron Paul supporter? Right? I recommend you guys actually take the time and read the article instead of acting like the stereotypical Paultards the Giuliani kids keep whining about…Jesus…

  9. Lifeinmotion,
    If you are a Ron Paul supporter, then why write a negative article? Negative thoughts, creat negative outcomes. If you are a supporter and live in a state that has not had its primary, then get out there and canvass your neighborhood, dude.

    I am not happy about the newsletter stuff either, but I believe in free speech and I believe in the message of freedom that the Ron Paul movement represents. It is not about his past or who he has associated with. My GOD, you could write books about the negative affiliations of all the other candidates.

    Please just present a positive message. That is all we ask.
    all the best,

  10. If you’re a Ron Paul supporter; I don’t want you! We did read the article and that’s the problem. What do you believe someone who’s never heard of RP would think with if they strayed to this site? Do you think they would come away thinking you were a supporter of RP? No, you’re a chump and I think you’re taking up precious oxygen that could be put to better use. What a joke!!!

  11. Well I am glad some people did read my 2 cents of the low funds raised on MLK Day and of the ongoing problems with White nationalists/racialists being a liability to this campaign. Those who resort to insults are no better than Rudy Giuliani supporters.

    If people did read past posts then they are aware how much I have been slamming Giuliani and the other corporate whores. In any event, I am somewhat disappointed that any constructive criticism that would better the overall campaign is being met with ridicule. To those who have read and made valid counterpoints to the MLK bomb, I’ll take what you said in mind going forward…

  12. Epic Failure?? What crazy word are those! Count the money of the other one running, they are nearly broke. They can’t do a moneybomb at all. huckebee got only $95,000 in a 24hr period for his christmas moneybomb. He was hoping to get a lot more. No one supports their canidate more than Ron Pauls supporters. We put our money were are mouth is. I also can’t believe you are any RP supporter, if you were you would see thru the newsletters that Rudys people came up with- and realize RP rocks any of the others running. Do you remember what the constitution stands for buddy?? hello

  13. Yes, he does need more than 2 million this quarter, but keep in mind that there’s still plenty of time to raise more and he has plenty of cash that hasn’t been used from last quarter. Can the same be said about the rest of the GOP candidates? He’s in a better financial position than any other Republican candidate. If you’re going to write an article as a “Ron Paul supporter” then maybe you should try a different angle, because the one your using sure looks derogatory, whether it’s intended that way or not.

  14. rant \”rant\ vb 1 : to talk loudly and wildly 2 : to scold violently.

    My last comment hardly falls under the description of a rant. IF you are a Ron Paul supporter, as stated before; you sure have a strange approach. I mean, if I stumbled upon your Blog, I’d surely be looking to jump on the RP bandwagon, wouldn’t you?????

  15. I sure thought it was an attack piece. The first thing I thought when I read the headline is “how the hell is $2 mil an ‘epic failure’?”. Ron Paul has raised close more than any Repub candidate, all the while getting his contributions from the “little people”. Also, why do you call anyone who is emotionally for Ron Paul “ranters”? Have you no idea what is at stake here? Ahhhh…I get it! You are one of those Ron Paul “supporters” who actually supports the establishment. I’m clear on it now! Shhhh….don’t worry, your secret is safe.

  16. This commentary is biased and suppressive of the truth, the truth being that Ron Paul is NOT a rascist and is the ONLY candidate with the ‘guts’ to stand up to the Federal Reserve and the IRS. He is the ONLY strict supporter of the Constitution, therefore,which is why he is being smeared.
    End of story. GO RON PAUL!!!!!

  17. Donnie – People sometimes need a reality check to remind them what is really at stake. Someone has to say this or else we will suffer from groupthink and self-delusion

  18. lifeinmotion,

    Maybe you should take this as a sign you didn’t get your point across in this particular post. Regardless of your intentions it’s what people take away from the message that really matters.

    Cliche of the day: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  19. Lifeinmotion, I appreciate your comments. I think you are a genuine Ron Paul supporter. If you sound negative, I think that’s understandable. We all had such great hopes for the MLK money bomb. While it could have been better, raising 1.85 million in 24 hours certainly was NOT a failure!! I donated quite a bit on that day, and I still feel like I’m not seeing the results. I’m still waiting to see a Ron Paul commercial here in Florida. It’s hard not to get discouraged, but we do have to stay positive. We have truth on our side, and more people are joining our cause of freedom everyday. We are in this together, and we will NOT QUIT!

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