What a Day for Ron Paul and his campaign!

I understand that many people had strong reactions to my views on why the Martin Luther King Jr. Money Bomb was nowhere near the success experienced on November 5th and the Tea Party. As I have mentioned before, I feel that 1.85 million is still not enough to get enough media presence and campaign staff needed to have a solid performance on Super Tuesday and White supremacists/racists/nationalists will continue to be a liability to Dr. Paul as the stakes are increasingly higher.

Some people were sane enough to read through the earlier blog and provided counterpoints to my views on the MLK money bomb. While it is true that 1.85 million is quite an achievement when it was raised from private citizens, it is still an indication of the drop in support since New Hampshire and it is a relative failure compared to past money bombs.

Having a bell curve for a money bomb trend is not good when Super Tuesday is in 2 weeks. Again, 1.85 million is simply not enough to gather a Ron Paul presence in 20 states in America when up against the corporate media and Mitt Romney’s infinite family fortunes. Dr. Paul needs much much more than a paltry 1.85 million if he is going to win.

Sometimes constructive criticism is needed to remind people what is truly at stake and someone has to say it or else we will all fail from groupthink. Ron Paul is always the lone voice in all GOP debates taking a stand and making his case with detailed explanations that often go against the delusions of his peers. I feel that highlighting these potential problems will only better the campaign for future onslaughts and to keep the goals in perspective as we all head into Super Tuesday.

I heard a rumour that online Giuliani supporters originally posed as Ron Paul supporters and did nothing but harass supporters of other candidates online in order to tarnish Dr. Paul‘s reputation. This would be an explanation on why these so-called Internet Paultards are unreasonable and thuggish like online and offline Giuliani supporters. Perhaps Giuliani’s sad attempt to damage Ron Paul by having supporters troll in his name has worked too well, since it has encouraged bad behaviour which has worked against his campaign and sometimes promoted infighting when other Ron Paul supporters break with conventional thought.

If these rumours are true, then Rudy Giuliani’s supporters have truly created a monster that has led to blowback for the 2008 Primary Elections. Ron Paul supporters who still adhere to such bad behaviour are only benefiting Rudy Giuliani and the corporate media at the doctor’s expense. They are also alienating other Ron Paul supporters as well with their thuggish harassment on the Internet.

On another note, Fred Thompson has called it quits and will be returning to “Law & Order” once the Writers Guild of America sorts out their disputes. I have the feeling Fred quit because he simply ran out of cash, which is what Huckabee and Giuliani seems to be struggling with against Romney’s war chest, McCain’s media coverage and Paul‘s enduring resources. If Paul is to even knock both Giuliani and Huckabee off the table, then Ron Paul needs much more than the paltry 1.85 million that was raised on Dr. King’s day.

Come on people we can do better than that! https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/


4 thoughts on “What a Day for Ron Paul and his campaign!

  1. Um, how much have Huck, or McCain, or Romney, or Giuliani ever raised in one day, from average American citizens, not from corporate donors, PACS, and bundlers?

    The “paltry” $1.85 mill still bests those war-goons, except for Romney who is self funded, who are laying off campaign staff, and having the remaining staff work without pay.

    And, Paul has much more than that “paltry” $1.85 mill (the Huckster would do anything to raise that much money in one day) to go into Super Tuesday. As he practices what he preaches, The good Dr. spends frugally, and still has quite a bit of the of the money left from the past two money bombs, from the previous quarter.

    So far, Ron Paul has raised over $3.3 mill this quarter? What have the war-goons raised?

  2. That’s much better! Ron Paul’s daily donation totals will rise after these other candidates (Giuliani, Huckabee) fall from the race. The MSM will have no choice but to focus more on Ron Paul and he will get equal talking time in the remaining debates. When Ron Paul debates Mitt Romney and John McCain alone, he will prove without a doubt who is the more capable and knowledgable candidate. McCain MIGHT be able to hold his own and hold the supporters he has, but Romney stands no chance. Go Ron Paul! Woo-hoo!

  3. I still stand by my assertion that 1.85 million is not enough for Super Tuesday. If you had read you would have understood the explanation and why a bell curve trend is dangerous at this stage of the campaign

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